DIY Deck Tiles-NEW!

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I live on a roof-top house and I purchased A LOT of DIY Deck Tiles! My thought was to create a space off the concrete in the shade, however, as I learned about my roof space; I learned....I didn't need them!

Yikes! I have 3 boxes of them! I only opened one and looked at the instructions. Super easy click system.

Perfect for balcony area!

Each box has 42 tiles and are dark brown in color. Each tile is 30cm x 30cm x 1.9cm (W*L*H)

See pictures!

I paid 237,000 KRW.. I am open to offers...:-)

Ever Home Easy Deck Tile D.I.Y. Toys Flooring Materials 36P+6P Total42P Prefabricated Wood Flooring


Send me an email if interested! Thanks!

[email protected]