CPU parts + GPU + 27" Monitor (i7 3770k, GTX 980ti, Ram, Cooler etc.)

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Hello I recently built a new system so I'm parting out my old parts and selling them here. All items are used but in very good working condition. Prices are low to move!

-CPU, Ram, Motherboard, and Cooler, I'm selling these 4 as a bundle. I wont separate these. All combined 250,000

1. CPU- Intel i7 3770k

2. Motherboard - Gigabyte z77m d3h

3. Ram - Samsung 12800 DDR3 16gb (8gb x2)

4. Cooler - Noctua NHC-14 (dual fan configuration)

-GPU - MSI Gaming GTX 980ti. With the recently GPU shortage, this is the only one I can't reduce too low, though its priced cheaper than anything on Ebay and especially in Korea. 300,000


-Monitor - LG IPS277L 27Inch IPS monitor. Nice and big monitor, excellent color accuracy, no dead pixels, no BL bleed, no issues, clean. Asking 150,000k.


If you have any questions please let me know. I'm location in Busan. People who inquire quickly, I will deliver them to you. TIA!