''Teaching little kids in Geoje Island!!!!!!!It is very prestigious kids program in Korea and they are looking for a teacher who is good at with younger kids. '''s a kids hogwan and with hours like that when would you see this beautiful island?

Man, I wish people would give more information in regards to the actual jobs instead of trying to steroid it up with distractions. I mean what do apples and fashion have to do with teaching in Daegu?  nothing.

Stand-Up Comedy Night at Crossroads in PNU


Friday, March 5, 2010 - 22:00

It is that time of the month again!  The first Friday of every month The Ha Ha Hole throws out laughs starting at 10:00pm inside the record spinning groove spot that is Crossroads in PNU.  All performers welcome.  Come to make folks laugh, have a laugh, or both.  You can take the mic and tell a knock knock joke, pull lint out of a strangers belly button and knit a sweater, perform some good old fashioned stand-up, or recreate what you did this week that everyone at work tells you is so funny.  Newcomers welcome and encouraged!


Bob Dylan and other upcoming concerts in Korea

Was just checking out who is playing in Korea this year and was pleasantly surprised to see Bob Dylan was on March 31.

Other artists include (love them or loathe them!)

Chicago  - Feb 23

Backstreet Boys - Feb 24

Basement Jaxx (DJ Set) - Feb 27

Jeff Beck - March 20

Brian McKnight - April 1

Tom Jones - April 2-3

Kings of Convenience - April 4

Swell Season (couple from movie Once) April 7

Pat Methney - June 2-4

All of the above are in Seoul (of course)

Come on Koreabridge!!!

Part-time posting of 25,000w? Come on guys you are supplying the drugs to an addict who feeds off of foreigners. At least let us comment on the ads. You are aiding and abetting; it's that simple. People wouldn't be getting cheated if you didn't allow these ads.

Who with an F visa would entertain with idiot?


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