Animal Rescue Korea

ARK is a growing network of animal lovers throughout South Korea who:

  • find homes for homeless pets
  • foster needy animals
  • volunteer at local Korean shelters
  • fund-raise to cover rescue expenses
  • share advice in the forums

ARK does not have:

  • an animal shelter of its own
  • an office or office hours
  • official non-profit status

This is a grassroots endeavour. Get involved today and help save lives!

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ATEK (Association for Teachers of English in Korea)

The Association for Teachers of English in Korea is a new organization for teachers of English in Korea and their supporters.
Our goal is to provide English instructors with a voice. Our mission is to:
advance English education as an art, science and profession;
advocate for and represent members to all levels of stakeholders in English education;
improve the living and working conditions of members;
improve the usefulness of English teachers through high standards of ethics and conduct and provision of advice related to the same;
increase and spread best practices in education through meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions, publications, and online forums;
and provide a community where English teachers can come together in a spirit of mutual collaboration to advance their common goals.

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need info on container shipping Pusan to Seattle/Vancouver!!!!!!!

 Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!  

I'm part of a travelling project called EARTHCIRCUIT that is travelling in 2 trucks overland from London across Russia and Siberia to Vlavidvostock and then on by ferry to South Korea. Arriving in South Korea this coming September. 

From there we want to ship our 2 vehicles over to either Vancouver or Seattle.

Has anyone got any information on container shipping from Busan (Pusan)????  

What do you guys think of Yeosu?

 Hey everyone! My name is Stefan and I'm a Canadian that's been offered a public teaching position in Yeosu - the site for the World Expo 2012. I was just wondering if anyone had been there and what you thought of it.

As well, my recruiter asked me a curious question: How will you know what to eat if you've never been to Korea before? (I told him I'd have to test out a few Korean restaurants before I come) but I'm wondering how do you expats know whether you'll like the food that you're ordering? Is it simply a trial and error thing?

25th of English Grammar in Use Events


Repeats every month until Sat Jul 31 2010.
Saturday, May 1, 2010 - 12:00


Cambridge University Press is delighted to announce that wer are hosting English Grammar in Use 25th Anniversary Events. Trusted by over 30 million learners the world over, the in Use Series offers the biggest and best range of support for learning English. We look forward to your participation and wish you the best of luck!

 Event 1. Global Grammar Competition

-The Global Online Grammar Competition will be open to all students(16 years old and up)

-Running Time: April 1 ~ June 30, 2010


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Women in Korea Webcast #1


Sunday, May 2, 2010 - 21:00
The launch of a new Koreabridge webcast. 'Women in Korea' will be a live, interactive discussion each week with a diverse group of women talking about Life in Korea from their various perspectives. Sundays @ 9pm Tune in to the video stream and text chat room at


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Lee Bum Suk is a Waste of Our Time!

[Mod Note: Since this deals more with moderation policy than the topic of where it was originally posted, it has been moved into its own forum topic.] It is far past time to start ignoring the ignorant rants of Lee Bum Suk! He is either a "troll" or someone who is so closed-minded as to really have no business being here. An Internet "troll" is someone who posts with opposing and often offensive or obscene opinions in order to incite other posters to argure with inflammatory views and get everyone riled up. They get off on pushing people's buttons just to do it- very immature!


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