Low-Cost TOEIC Webinar (UCLA English BA Graduate in LA, CA, US)

Hi there!

I am a straight-A student from the US who has lots of experience helping Korean pupils do WELL on the TOEIC exam.  I have custom material for you to use.  UCLA English graduate (#1 public university in the US based on multiple sources, incl US News & World Report).

You will not regret hiring me as I am fairly-priced and I can send you all the recordings of our sessions if interested.

30000 won per hour (individual) and 20000 won per hour (group lessons -- 4 or fewer people).

WhatsApp: +15033427214.



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Who do Koreans Celebrate Christmas with?


We are about to begin one of the happiest seasons of the year, celebrated almost worldwide, Christmas also known as Sung Tan Jul, is solely recognized as a national holiday in South Korea in comparison with the rest of Asian countries. It is not as traditional and popular as Seollal or Chuseok, but Koreans will take the day off to unwind with their loved ones, even though not many Koreans are motivated to return home for it.


Are you hiding your Korean dialect? | Street Interview

I interviewed native Korean speakers in Seoul (연남동), and asked them if they speak any Korean dialects – and if so, to say something in that dialect. Here are all of their fun dialect expressions!

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how to say i like you in korean like natives

head-over-heels in love but don’t want to through the love bomb yet?

 Try saying “I like you in Korean” to make an impact on your crush.

The phrase 사랑해 (saranghae) is the most common way to say I like you in Korean. But there are other ways to say it that can be more specific, personal, or even cute.



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