Family-owned Uzbeki restaurant in Gimhae's "shinae" multicultural section. Located on the second floor, 6, 335beon-gil, Bunseong-ro

Phone: 055-333-5071

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Yoga in Jangyu


I've recently moved to Jangyu (beside Gimhae) where I'm working as an English teacher. I'm interested in taking up yoga here. Does anyone know of English-speaking or foreigner-friendly yoga classes in the area? Any help is much appreciated :)

We want you(soccer)

We are starting a soccer team in Gimhae

Some of us are English teacher at schools in Gimhae,

so you don't have to worry about the communication between us

And also love making new friends and drinking, too

don't need to be good at soccer, just join and have fun together

If you're interested, please mail me at [email protected]

where and when we play will be discussed together

the more people you bring, the better

Gimhae to Gangwon party

Hi All

I'm new in Gimhae, Jangyu...and would appreciate some transport info etc.

There is very little English info in my dong.

Does anyone know the easiest way to travel from Gimhae, Jangyu to Gangwon do province, Gapyeong Station?

Also Do you know schedules for these busses/trains... I work till 9pm and was considering travelling through the night, or getting up seriously early. I want to go to an event and want to obviously party longer...

I’m very new, so detail welcome...







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