STI testing in Daejeon

Yesterday I got a text from a person that I had been sexual with saying that they tested positive for some infection, they didn't tell me what, just a vague answer, they told me that I should get tested for peace of mind too.....

Does anyone know where I can get a STI test done in Daejeon?


Daejeon Art Mart @ Cantina


Friday, June 22, 2012 - 22:00

Daejeon Art Mart” focuses on bringing attention to new art being made in Daejeon and around the Korean peninsula!

대전 아트 마트! "대전 아트 마트는"대전과 한국의 한반도 주변에 만들어지고 새로운 예술에 대한 관심을 데려오에 초점을 맞춘 새로운 멀티미디어 이벤트 시리즈입니다!

****Featuring new artwork from:

Dominique Sarah Benton Williams resides in Incheon and is originally from South Africa. She does a lot of cartoony stuff with bizarre images of animals and people. She also does some photography and collaborates with her husband. See her feature on “Daejeon Rock City” for more information!


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Comedy Night & Open Stage/Karaoke!! @ Daejeon Cantina


Repeats every month on the third Thursday until Sat Sep 01 2012.
Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 21:00

Cantina Open Stage continues on the 3rd Thursday of every month with a focus on comedy! Seoul comedian Albert Escobedo makes his first foray into Daejeon's waters (or lack therof). 

Local comedians-in-waiting and others will also do their thing. 

All non-comedic performers welcomed and to be unshunned by those doing comedy: 

*Air guitar
*Spoken Word
*Poetry, etc. 

Tons o' instruments for performers!

Feature hosts: Billy Pilgrim and TBA 


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