Garyeong Mountain bridge

As I hiked up Garyeongsan, I kept thinking how tiring it was and how badly I wanted to get back down to enjoy a nice glass of cold beverage, I observed numerous grandmothers and children walking higher and higher. This gave me the motivation to keep going to the top. On the way there, I saw this gorgeous canopy of leaves over this bridge, it reminded me of a distant rainforest, not a Korean location. Sometimes the strangest forces of motivation lead us to discover pretty cool places in this country. 

Surrounded by fall

While living in the city, sometimes it is hard to get out and enjoy the nature in the mountains or by the lake. Luckily, the citizens of Daejeon can enjoy City Hall park, full of trees and their beautiful foliage. This park is just as picturesque in the winter as it is in the summer, fall and spring - a true gem if you ask me!

Last minute touchup

This photograph was taken prior to the 2014 Daejeon Zombie Charity Run. Even though there were make up artists available, this zombie prepared in advance and did some last minute fixings at the bathroom near the event. She and a dozen of other zombies raced to snag tags from participants who gathered from all parts of Korea to race and race money for a local dog shelter "Paws." 

While scary, this photograph reminds us that even zombies care about how they look before they go out!

Language Exchange In Daejeon


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