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Guruface: Earn Income With Freelance Online Teaching Jobs

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Essay Consulting Offered. 에세이 컨설팅 해드립니다.


에세이 컨설팅이  무엇인가? 라고 생각 하시는 부모님과 학생들에게 짤막하게 설명을 드리고 이번 학기의 계획을 소개해 드리고자 합니다.


짤막하게 설명을 드리자면 에세이 컨설팅은 학생들에게 글로써 효율 적인 소통을 할 수 있게끔, 또한 자신들이 표현하고 싶은 글로 목표를 이루는 프로그램으로 학생들의 글 쓰는 실력을 키우고자 합니다.


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American Academy Vietnam

Dear Prospective Teachers,

Are you interested in relocating to Vietnam ? American Academy is currently recruiting teachers for the FTPD (public schools) of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and other locations

Guarantee 10-20 hours per week

Location: public schools, Ho Chi Minh City

Start date: September and continuing through  the 2014- 2015 school year

Hourly rate: negotiable/ Salary: $1,250/80hrs/month  1,600$ to 1,800$ for 120 hours

Class size: 30-50 students

Type of students: primary, secondary and high school students

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Ethos Englsh Study in Philippines with American Teachers

"Enjoy a highly qualified On-Line English Study that is provided at competitive price by experienced American teachers in Philippines!!“(Ethos-Korea: On-Line English School)



=Head Office Of Ethos(Cebu, Philippines):

=Self-Introduction Videos Of Ethos Teachers:

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COREM Language Institute

We are looking for a full time teacher.

Location: Busan Geumjeonggo Janjeondong.  near Busan University

Wroking Hour: From 9: 40~7:00

Class time: 40 minutes class, 160 classes /month.

Lunch will be provided.

Health Insurance and Pension will be provided.

Contact number: 051-512-0500

ATTN: Sandy Park

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Concordia Int'l University Online TESOL (+TEC) 180 Hours


Internationally Recognized On-line TESOL Program

You can complete it

within a short time,at the lowest cost and efficiently!

You are just  a click away from us.

University Job Consulting Service in Korea provided for Concordia Alumni - Native Speaker of English (Professional Assistance)

* Concordia International College / University *

Credit: 6

About 12 Hours Per Module - 180 Hours ( Incl. Assignment )

* You may complete it within a shorter time.    

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Jay Recruiting Agency



Are you still looking for a job?

If yes, when can you start?

If not, when do you finish your current contract?

So we can update our database and find you a job here in South Korea.



Best way to be placed: call me on skype or my cell

 skype ID is telljay

cell 010 7229 0579

email me  your updated resume and photos to [email protected]



Academy in Gumi, Gyungsang Province ( Near Daegu )

Starting Date: ASAP

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ESL Consultants Cebu

Cebu's only ESL Consultants.
[email protected]

Student Testing System
Handbook & Policy Booklets
Teacher Orientation Kits
Curriculum Packages

Would you ever imagine that your testing system
could attract more students?
Find out how, give us a call !

Student Visas
BIZ Permits, SEC filing, Mayor Permit

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French private lessons


Diplômée de la Sorbonne à Paris d'un master FLE (Français langue étrangère) , et de nationalité française, je propose des cours particuliers de français pour tous les niveaux, de A1 (débutant) à B2 (confirmé). 
Pour tout renseignement complémentaire, vous pouvez me joindre par téléphoneau 010-6672-0611 ou par mail: [email protected]

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