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Busan Guide for Visitors


This guide was prepared by Busan City employees who are participating in the Busan Metropolitan City Intensive English Language Program.   



1. Korean Restaurants

1-1. Dongnae Samgyetang (동래삼계탕) ~1p

1-2. Gukje Milmyeon (국제밀면) ~2p

1-3. Dongnae Halmae Pajeon (동래할매파전) ~3p

1-4. Hannyang Jokbal (한양족발) ~4p

1-5. Suminine Korean Seafood BBQ (수민이네) ~5p

1-6. Gipeongol Hwangto Maru (기 픈골 황토마루) ~6p

2. Non-Korean Restaurants

2-1. Merciel ~7p

2-2. My Ku ~7p

2-3. Mugen ~8p

2-4. Namaste ~8p

2-5. Kenchan Curry ~9p

2-6. Warehouse ~10p

2-7. Chicken-Head ~10p

2-8. Shinheong Chinese restaurant ~11p

3. Attractions

3-1. Busan Cinema Center ~12p

3-2. Haeundae Beach ~12p

3-3. Jagalchi Market ~13p

3-4. Nurimaru APEC House ~14p

3-5. Taejongdae ~14p

4. Museums and Galleries

4-1. Busan Museum ~16p

4-2. Bokcheon Museum ~16p

4-3. National Maritime Museum ~17p

4-4. BEXCO Exhibition Halls ~18p

4-5. Busan Cultural Center Exhibition Halls ~19p

4-6. Busan Museum of Art ~20p

5. Shopping

5-1. Lotte Department Store(Busan Main Branch) ~21p

5-2. Lotte Department Store(Gwangbok Branch) ~21p

5-3. Shinsegae Department Store ~22p

5-4. Jayu Wholesale Market ~23p

5-5. The International Market ~23p

5-6. Gwanganli Art Market ~24p

5-7. Lotte Premium Outlet(Gimhae branch) ~24p

5-8. The Fashion Town Outlet ~25p

6. Festivals

6-1. Joseon Tongsinsa Festival ~26p

6-2. Busan Port Festival ~27p

6-3. Busan Sea Festival ~28p

6-4. Busan International Film Festival ~29p

6-5. Busan Fireworks Festival ~30p

6-6. G★STAR 2013 Global Game Exhibition ~31p

6-7. Busan Christmas Tree Festival ~32p


1. Korean Restaurants


1-1. Dongnae Samgyetang (동 래삼계탕)

 Introduction - Summer’s best stamina, healthy food

To cool off during the sweltering summer, Korean traditionally eat nutritious, healthy food. Located near Dongnae District Office, this famous Busan restaurant has been serving up samgyetang(chicken ginseng soup) for more than three decades. The place is famous for its broth, and there are only two types of samgyetang on the menu. These are made with fresh, homegrown ingredients. Brewed for as long as 24 hours, the restaurant's chicken stock is rich in flavor and nutrition.

Gungjung samgyetang(Imperial Medicinal Samgyetang) uses seven medicinal herbs such as antler, milk vetch root, angelica root, pine nut, chestnut, Chinese matrimony vine and jujube. Side dishes include kkakdugi(cubed radish kimchi) watery kimchi, chicken intestine, plain noodles, green chili and garlic. Samgyetang is served with a small bottle of Insamju(ginseng liquor), and the aroma alone is intoxicating. Noodles can be added to the broth.


Closed : Every 2nd, 3rd, 4th Monday (Except June to August)

Operating Hours : 11:30-21:00

Menu&Price(unit : won)

Samgyetang (Chicken ginseng soup): 13,000

Gungjung Samgyetang (Chicken ginseng soup with 7 herbs): 15,000

Parking Facility Available

Reservations Accepted ☎+82-51-555-2464(Korean)

Directions : bokcheon-dong Dongnae-gu 319-1, Busan

• Dongnae Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 2.

• Go straight for 316m, then turn left onto Myeongnyun-ro 112 beon-gil.

• Go straight for 90m, then turn right to arrive at Dongnae Samgyetang on the left.

Map : http://emap.visitkorea.or.kr/mapurl/46473080-12672640




1-2. Gukje Milmyeon (국 제밀면)


Gukje Milmyeon is a Korean restaurant only specializing in wheat noodle dishes. It’s really famous for local people so if you there in the meal time you may have to wait in line. In case you lost your appetite in hot weather, just visit this place. Stweet-and-sour cold noodle will absolutely stimulate your taste again.

Milmyeon is best served with three elements; soft and elastic noodles, sweet, sour and spicy seasoning, and cold and simple meat broth. It is a dish topped with half of a boiled egg and sliced boiled pork meat on the chewy, starchy noodles. With a thin coat of ice on the boiled bones soup with oriental herbs such as licorice, spraying pepper and vinegar; and be eaten with radish shreds dish. The dish is a summer delicacy with a sour, sweet and spicy taste.

Operating Hours 10:00-21:30 (Open all year round)

Menu&price (unit:won)

Mul milmyeon(noodles made with wheat flour in broth): S 5,000 / L 6,000

Bibim milmyeon (spicy noodles made with wheat flour): S 5,000 / L 6,000

Parking Facility Available

Reservations Available ☎ +82-51-501-5507 (Korean)\

Directions : 23-6, Jungang-daero 1235beon-gil, Yeonje-gu, Busan

Busan National University of Education Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 5.

•Go 130m (2 blocks) along Jungangdaero 1219beon-gil Road,

and turn right at the corner.

•Go 90m forward to arrive at Gukje Milmyeon on the right.

Map http://emap.visitkorea.or.kr/mapurl/46468840-12669790



1-3. Dongnae Halmae Pajeon (동 래할매파전)

Introduction - A nutritious flat cake with seafood and scallion

Dongnae Halmae Pajeon(flat cake with seafood and scallion) has been Busan’s foremost restaurant for 70 years, run by the fourth generation of the same family.

In it are 10 or more different ingredients. Scallion, dropwort, clam, sea mussel, oyster, shrimp, clam meat, beef and egg are its main ingredients, plus glutinous rice or non-glutinous rice powder, vegetable tallow, anchovy and kelp for the soup. Fresh scallions and seafood are put on top a large, there is a squid and an egg is poured on top to complete the chef d’oeuvre: Dongnae pajeon. This is a must-try delicacy. Just one look at Dongnae pajeon and your mouth will water. Visually, it combines blue, yellow, white, black and red in a harmonious way, representing the five elements that govern the universe's energy. To have a proper experience, it is important to have makgeolli(A traditional alcoholic beverage in Korea, made of rice) along with the pajeon. It has a milky, opaque color and a low alcohol content of 6%-7%.


Closed : Every Monday, Seollal (Lunar New Year), Chuseok

Operating Hours : 12:00-22:00


Dongnae Pajeon (pancake with onions, seafood, & beef): 20,000-30,000

Beoseot Pajeon (pancake with mushrooms & onions): 18,000-25,000

Parking Facility Available

Reservations Accepted ☎ +82-51-552-0791~2(Korean)

Directions : bokcheon-dong Dongnae-gu 367-2, Busan

Dongnae Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 2, Cross the street and turn right at the corner.

• Pass the rear entrance of Mega Mart. Located in front of Dongnae District Office.

Map : http://emap.visitkorea.or.kr/mapurl/46473080-12672640

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1-4. Hannyang Jokbal (한 양족발)


Hannyang Jokbal, located on Nampodong Food Street, is a Jokbal (steamed pigs’ feet) ‘Matjip’ (a term that refers to the most delicious restaurants in a certain area). Hanyang Jokbal is one of the most famous restaurants on the street, which is well known for jokbal.

Jokbal is a dish made of pig's feet boiled with herbal medicine ingredients such as cinnamon bark. Although it may seem rather odd to foreigners, Koreans enjoy this dish for its chewy texture.

The most famous dish at the restaurant is ‘Nangchae Jokbal’. This cold pigs’ feet dish is a specialty of Nampodong Food Street, but is hard to find in other parts of Korea. The combination of steamed pig feet, fresh cucumber, and jellyfish mixed with mustard sauce is a must-try food for visitors to Busan.


Operating Hours : 10:00-22:00 (Open all year round)

Menu & Price (unit:won)

Nangchae Jokbal (cold jokbal) : L 35,000/ M 30,000 / S 25,000

Jokbal (steamed pigs' feet) : L 35,000/ M 30,000 / S 25,000

Parking Facility Available

Reservations Accepted ☎ +82-51-246-3039(Korean)

Directions 35, Bupyeong-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Busan-si

•Jagalchi Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 5.

•Turn right and follow along Gudeok-ro 84 beon Gil.

•After 2 blocks you'll come upon the restaurant.

Map http://emap.visitkorea.or.kr/mapurl/46450483-12634752

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1-5. Suminine Korean Seafood BBQ (수민이네)

Introduction - New form of Korean BBQ that is all about the seafood!

Near Haeundae beach, there is a little fish town called chungsapo(tiny harbor). The restaurant is literally across the street from the sea and you can have various Korean seafood barbecue at a bungalow. In the center of the table there is a charcoal grill for the barbecue, and order a mixed grill of seashells and eel.

You cook them on the grill in seashells. When they are nice and browned you put them in the tin foil pan with butter, spices, onions, and this summer sweet Korean sauce. They are so fresh and you can have the best flavor and texture ever.

Next come the eel. It is served with a big plate of eel cut in small pieces and a plate with lettuce and sesame leaves for the wrapping.

The eel cook very fast and enjoy it with spicy sauce and wrapped in the vegetables leaves. The side dishes include kimchi, onions in soy sauce, boiled silk bugs (pondegi), seaweed soup, sea snails, pickled vegetables, fresh vegetables (carrot, green pepper) and sea food pancake.


Operating Hours : Open Throughout The Year, 12:00-7:00

Menu&Price(unit : won)

Seafood BBQ(a mixed grill of seashells) : S 30,000 / L 40,000

EEL BBQ (fillet of eels with hot sauce) : S 30,000 / L 40,000

Little octopus and other seafood : 30,000 / Maeuntang(hot fish stew) : 25,000

Parking Facility Available

Reservations Accepted ☎+82-51-701-7661(Korean)

Directions : Jung-2dong 595-4, haeundae-gu, Busan

• Jangsan Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 3.

• Take the town shuttle bus "Haeundaegu2" at the Hwamokdepart station.

• Get off the "Satusuper" bus stop and go straight for 400m down, it is on your right.

• OR, Take a taxi at Jangsan Station.(It is easier and it coasts 3,500 won)

Map : http://goo.gl/maps/cdk3B



1-6. Gipeongol Hwangto Maru (기픈골 황토마루)


If you want to enjoy both delicious barbecue and nature with a traditional-style house together, Gipeongol Hwangto Maru is the best place to go. You can call it kind of a small village rather than a restaurant. Even though it’s located in a deep vally, this place has a long wait time on weekends.

Specializing in high-quality beef, pork and duck, Gipeongol Hwangto Maru offers special service. The well trained staff will prepare fire-show while he cooks the meet on the 10cm thick stone plate. You and your family can have a welcome and pleasant dining experience.

Before or After dinning, you can take a rest in the Hwangtobang (the room made of red clay) for free. You’ll be thrilled with an authentic atmosphere decorated with traditional Korean architecture and gardens. If possible, why don’t you visit this place on weekdays? It’s recommended to arrive around 10 o’clock and take a rest in the Hwangtobang before lunch. You can also relieve stress while strolling around the village.

Operating Hours : 11:00-22:00

Menu & Price (unit:won)

Jangjak modm(combine of beef,pork,spiny lobster /600g) : 64,000

Hwangtodon modm(combine of pork,seafood / 700g) : 54,000

Beef sirloin Steak(high quality beef sirloin /500g) : 80,000

Beef modm Special(high quality beef, seafood /550g) : 100,000

Parking Facility Available

Reservations Accepted ☎ +82-51-728-6320/7200 (Korean)

Directions 211, Byeongsan-ri, Jeonggwan-myeon, Gijang-gun

• Dongnae Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 3.

• Take the bus number 1008 → Take off "Hyungin evervill apt'

• Take a taxi to Gipeongol Hwangto Maru (about 5 min distance by taxi)

Map http://www.hmaru.co.kr/service3.html (Korean)

Related Link www.hmaru.co.kr (only Korean)




2. Non-Korean Restaurants


2-1. Merciel


There is another France in Dalmaji Hill, Busan.

Chef Yoon has worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris for 12 years .

He cooks differentiated dishes with his own cooking philosophy, and tries to harmonize them with nature.

MERCIEL has two different types of eating places ; Fine dining restaurant and Brasserie.

MERCIEL fine dining restaurant only serves full course lunch / dinner. For special occasions, they provide high quality of service, foods and a marvelous view at the same time

MERCIEL Brasserie is a casual and nice French bistro. You can enjoy a modern & classic style of French cuisine and also drink beer and cocktails at the bar. Enjoying a meal with wonderful panoramic views will provide unforgettable memories.

Why not visit MERCIEL where the sea (MER) approaches to the sky (CIEL)?

You will experience more than you can imagine.


Type/Specialty Menu

: French / Steak, Course


: Dalmaji-gil 65th 154, Jungdong, Haeundaegu, Busan, Korea


: 051-747-9845

Opening Hours



: 1F Restaurant / Tue~Sun / Dinner

: 2F Brasserie / everyday

/ Mon~Sat 11:00~02:00 AM / Sun 11:00~22:00



1F Restaurant – Courses,

2F Brasserie – Tartar, Steak, Salad


2-2. My Ku


MY KU is a modern Chinese restaurant located at Gwangalli Beach, near MinLak law-fish center.

It offers amazing foods with incredible views of the Diamond Bridge and

the beach. “KU” is a new Chinese word which means ‘cool’.

This Chinese fusion restaurant serves a wide variety of traditional and fusion Chinese dishes at reasonable prices, especially considering its exclusivity and quality.

On the menu there are various types of a la carte items and set menus. Also it has a ballroom for 70 people, so the restaurant is appropriate for various special occasions and social gatherings. There are 5 rooms and 150 people can eat at the same time. With both modern and classic interior, beautiful views, low prices and high quality fusion

Chinese food, MY KU captures guests’ hearts. Let’s go to Gwangalli Beach and get fancy this time



Type/Specialty Menu

: Chinese / Sweet&sour Pork



: Ocean Bridge bd. 42, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, 278beon-gilSuyeong-gu, Busan, Korea


: 051-761-4888

Opening Hours

: 11:30~22:00



Sweet&sour Pork, Seafood Fried Rice,

Black Bean Noodle


2-3. Mugen


MUGEN is an authentic Japanese restaurant located at the end of Dalmaji Hill,

near SongJeong Beach.

It serves various types of Bentos(lunch box) and Japanese courses in cozy tatami rooms and on a terrace.

It’s the first Japanese Bento restaurant in Korea.

You can choose from Bento(lunch box), course dishes and others, all of which are served at reasonable prices.

The premium handmade bentos and Japanese courses are handled with skill and precision.

Food is always prepared in small quantities to ensure that it is kept fresh.

There are 330 square meters of restaurant space and lots of parking spaces.

It’s a popular restaurant among Japanese food lovers because of the excellent taste and quality service.

MUGEN is a wonderful place to experience the Bento food culture with really outstanding views and a comfortable atmosphere to dine with your family or friends.



Type/Specialty Menu

: Japanese / Bento, Gojen Course


: 227, Dalmaji-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea


: 051-747-6843

Opening Hours

: 11:30~22:30



: Gojen Course, Fresh Salmon Sashimi

Bento(lunch box), Ramen



2-4. Namaste


NAMASTE is very cozy Indian restaurant which specializes in very rich and creamy Indian dishes

as well as delicious nan and other breads.

Some of the most popular food items include marinated tandoori chicken, nan, fresh tomatoes

with cream and chicken makhani made of tender chicken, cheese and curry.

If you’re new to Indian cuisine and aren’t used to such strong flavors, curry dishes and tandoori prawns are a flavorful yet mild way to step into the world of Indian cuisine. Curry dishes are especially good when eaten with ‘nan’, traditional Indian bread.

The restaurant uses 100% natural spices to create a healthy and authentic flavor prepared by cooks from India and Nepal. NAMASTE has an Indian style interior and plays Indian music to produce a more genuine experience.

It’s a great place to go if you want to try some authentic Indian dishes. The dishes are made of carefully selected ingredients and served by friendly Indian staff.



Type/Specialty Menu

: Indian / Tandoori Chicken, Curry



: 7, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro 265beon-gil,

Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea


: 051-746-1946, 070-8282-6645

Opening Hours

: 11:30~23:00


: Tandoori Chicken, Beef curry, Fried Rice


2-5. Kenchan Curry


Kenchan Curry, run by an old Japanese couple, specializes in Japanese-style curry.

They have stuck to real Japanese style dishes for a couple of decades and it has fascinated many

people. The restaurant is a favorite for all ages, from young to elderly regulars.

You can easily find this place from exit 13 of Jungang Station. It is located on the right side of the station.

Kenchan Curry offers a wide range of currieswith prawn, pork,croquettesetc.

The restaurant is famous forcrispy on the outsidebut tender on the inside donkatsu (Japanese pork cutlet).

The secret is in aging thick slices of seasoned pork fillet several days making the meat tender.

The slices are then coated with egg batter and breadcrumbs, and fried in hot oilfor a few minutes.

It is always served with fresh salad, tasty mayonnaise and miso soup. I am sure you’ll love it.



Type/Specialty Menu

Japanese / Donkatsu with curry


: 26, Daecheong-ro 135beon-gil, Jun-gu, Busan, Korea


: 051-461-0092

Opening Hours

11:30~20:00 (Closed Sundays, Holidays)


: Donkkaseu with curry(Pork Cutlet with curry),  Kenchan Curry


2-6. Warehouse


Located in Daecheong-ro, in the center of Nampo-dong,

Warehouse has quickly established itself as aleading Italian restaurant in Busan.

The interior has been renovated from an old office to vintage warehouse.

They pride themselves on modern and popular seasonal dishes.

This restaurant uses fresh ingredients and local produce in order to keep up the high quality of food

The menu is Italian, with a various kinds of choices. : salads, pastas, steak, risottos and several main dishes.

The pork steak with a combination of warm tender steak and fresh crunched salad with a handful chips is highly

recommendable. Also if you are intrigued by a fusion style, a bolgogi salad consisting of Korean barbeque and Western style salad will be a perfect choice for you.



Type/Specialty Menu

Italian /Pork steak with salad


: 34-1,Daecheong-ro, Jun-gu,Busan, Korea


: 051-256-7678

Opening Hours

10:30~11:30 (Break time: 16:00~17:00)


: Pork Steak with salad, Oyster pasta,  Bulgogi salad



2-7. Chicken-Head


Are you looking for a local pub where you can hang out with friends and have Chimaek with beer?

Chicken-Head will be a perfect match for your curiosity.

It is located in the middle of Nampo-Dong and fronts the back door of the Nampo bookstore.

From the name of it(funny and unusal), you can get a clue about you can eat in this place.

The owner invented many creative menu with chicken and a ccampuning chicken is the most loved dish.

It is fried chicken with sweet chilly Chinese style sauce. If you are not keen on spicy food, there are lots of alternatives with soy sauce, garlic or so on.

Also a chicken with cool draft maekju(beer)called “Chimaek is a glorious combination. It will blow off your steam from amundane routine. That’s why this place is enjoyed by hundreds of Koreans every weekend.



Type/Specialty Menu

Fried chicken&Pub / Ccampung chicken(a fried chicken with sweet chilly sauce)


: 8-2 Nampo-gil, Jun-gu,Busan, Korea


: 051-246-0400

Opening Hours

7days, 16:00~02:00


: Ccampung chicken, Fried chicken with soy sauce


2-8. Shinheong Chinese restaurant


Shingheong Chinese restaurant is located only walking distance away from Jagalchi Station.

The signboard of it is engraved with red Chinese letters, “shingheong” which means to flourish newly.

Owned by the Chinese-Korean family for nearly 30 years and passed down to the son, it’s one of the best restaurants in Busan. This place specializes in Shacheon jjamppong, a chewy noodle served in spicy broth. The restaurant continues to use only fresh seafood from Jagalchi Market and stock made of chicken bones. So the flavor of Shacheon jjamppong is always deep and savory. And Tangsuyuk has been the best choice for foreigners because it is not spicy but sweet and sour

Beijing style pork in a light and crispy batter. On the menu are hundred types of a la carte items and set menus, so the restaurant is appropriate for various special occasions and gatherings.



Type/Specialty Menu

Chinese / Shacheonjjamppong(Red spicy noodle)


: 4-15,Saebyeoksijang-gilSeo-gu,Busan, Korea


: 051-254-0980

Opening Hours

7days, 11:30~20:00


Shacheonjjamppong(Red Spicy Noodle), Ccampung shrimp(shrimp with sweet chilly sauce)



3. Attractions


3-1. Busan Cinema Center

Busan Cinema Center is an official venue of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) - one of the most popular film festivals in Asia - and has become a symbol of the festival itself. The Center is also said to be the first culture complex worldwide to combine movie theaters and a performing arts center in one building.

From an architectural perspective, the center is a historic work that embodies the theories of deconstructivism while exhibiting a sense of formative beauty. The center’s ‘Big Roof’ is the largest roof in the world (2.6 times larger than a soccer field) and comes complete with 42,600 LED lights, which help create an unforgettable scene along with Suyeong River and Naru Park.


• Inquiries: +82-51-780-6000

• Address : 120, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea

• Transportation : [subway] Centum City Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 6. walk 500m.

[Bus] 5-1, 36, 39, 40, 63, 115, 139, 141, 155, 181, 307, 1001, 1002

• Homepage : www.dureraum.org (Korean, English)



3-2. Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach is the most famous beach in Korea. At the Beach there is a Folk Square where you can enjoy traditional games such as neoldduigi (seesaw jumping), Korean wrestling, tuho(arrow throwing), tug-of-war and yutnori. There are also Busan Aquarium, Beach Culture Center and Beach Library.

The Beach is famous for the various cultural events and festivals held throughout the year. The swimming season culminates for four months from June 1st to September 30st of the year. The beach, which is 1.5km long and 30~50m wide with a total area of 58,400㎡, can accommodate some 120,000 vacationers.


• Inquiries : +82-51-749-5700~1 (Korean)

• Address : The whole area of 620-3, U1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea

• Transportation : [subway] Haeundae Station (Busan subway line 2) Exit 3 or 5, walk 600m.

[Bus] 5-1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9-1, 11, 15, 26, 30, 41, 61, 70, 86, 87, 103, 113, 134, 139

• Homepage : sunnfun.haeundae.go.kr (Korean)


3-3. Jagalchi Market

The Jagalchi Market is Korea's largest seafood market. After the Korean War the market solidified itself as a fish market. This market is a representative traditional market of Busan and is famous throughout the country and where you can see the lifestyle of the indigenous Busan natives. The market sells a full range of marine products including fresh catches of fish and good quality dried fish at excellent prices. If you visit you can eat fresh raw fish right at the market.

Most of the people who sell fish are women, so the women who sell here are called 'Jagalchi Ajumma,' 'ajumma' meaning middle-aged or married women and in the market you hear the merchants shout “Oiso, boiso, saiso!” (meaning “Come, look and buy!”) in the typical Busan dialect.

Every year in October the Jagalchi Cultural Tourism Festival is held.

• Inquiries : +82-51-713-8000 (Korean)

• Address : B37-1, Nampodong 4-ga, Jung-gu, Busan, Korea

• Transportation : [subway] Jagalchi Station (Busan subway line 1), Exit 10, walk for 5min.

[Bus] 8, 17, 26, 27, 35, 134, 302, 306, 309

• Homepage : www.jagalchimarket.or.kr (Korean)




3-4. Nurimaru APEC House

Located on Dongbaekseom Island, which is noted for its beautiful, natural landscape accented by dense camellia and pine trees, Nurimaru APEC House has been used as a memorial hall and a prestigious international conference hall since the APEC summit meeting. Nurimaru, a 3-story building, is a modernistic expression of “jeongja,” a pavilion in traditional Korean architectural style. Its roof shape symbolizes the ridgeline of Dongbaekseom Island. Its interior design is a visual display of Korea’s creative traditional culture.

The terrace, which has a Korean wooden floor concept, towers over Oryukdo Island, Gwangan Bridge and Dallmaji Hill. Located near Haeundae Beach, it not only offers a spectacular view of the beach, but also has the appearance of a reputable international conference hall featuring both modern and natural beauty.

• Location : 116, Dongbaek-ro, Haeundae-gu

• Contact : 82-51-744-3140

• directions : Metro Line 2, Dongbaek Station. (Exit 1)→ Busan Westin-Chosun Hotel→ Dongbaek Park

• Hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed : First Monday of Every month)

• Admission : Free

• Homepage : www.busan.go.kr(Korean, English)



3-5. Taejongdae

Taejongdae Resort Park in Busan is a natural park located at the southern most tip of Yeongdo-gu. There are plenty of things to do and it is the perfect location for family day trips or with friends. At the very most southern tip of the Taejongdae there is an observatory along with coastal walking trails along the rocky cliff face and a light house. Through-out the island you find a temple, a gun shooting range, walking trails, hot springs, boat cruises, museums and plenty of restaurants offering very fresh fish. Taejongdae Park Busan offers some stunning views of the ocean from the cliffs. On a clear day you can see a Japanese Island called Daema Island.

• Location : 257, Jeonmang-ro, Yeongdo-gu

• Contact : 82-51-405-2004

• directions : Metro Line 1 Busan Station (Exit 7) → Bus 88, 101 → Taejongdae Terminus

• Hours : 04:00 ~ 24:00

• Admission : Free

• Homepage : www.taejongdae.bisco.or.kr (korean only)


4. Museums and Galleries

4-1. Busan Museum

Since Busan Museum opened in 1978, it has been the representative historical museum in Busan area, which has detached and specialized museum including Bokcheon Museum, Dongsam-dong Shell Midden(shell heap), Modern History Museum and Provisional Capital Memorial Hall. The remains collected and exhibited in the museum are important materials that show the character of history and culture of Busan from the prehistoric times to the present age. In addition to this, they are not only the evidences that shows us who we are but also the treasures that create the wisdom, revealing to us the path that we will proceed. Its owned remains are about 22,000 items and 1,300 remains of them are permanently displayed. Glimpse the entire history of Busan from the prehistoric age to the Chosun Dynasty in Exhibition hall 1 and from the Japanese colonial period to the Korean War in Exhibition Hall 2. This museum offers cultural and educational programs to make the visit more exciting, such as the exhibition of palanquins in a Separate Hall.


Location : #63 UN pyeonghwa-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, Korea

Tel. : +82-51-610-7111

Directions : Subway. Line 2 Daeyeon Station(Exit 3 or 5) proceed 700m towards Busan Museum

Web Site : museum.busan.go.kr

The front View of Busan Museum


The inside of Busan Museum


4-2. Bokcheon Museum

Bokcheon Museum opened on October 5, 1996 to introduce to the spectators the superiority and importance of korean traditional cultures. This museum, erected next to Dongnae Bokcheondong Gobungun(ancient tombs). This museum prepared the outdoor exhibition place inside the tombs and shows the inside of the tomb at the time of excavation. Bokcheondong Gobungun Tombs date from the 4th ~ 6th century and they are representative ancient tombs from the Three Kingdom Period. From those tombs, mare than 12,000 pieces of relics were excavated, including various forms of Gaya earthenware, iron weapons, armors, helmets, branch bells, gilt-bronze crown, necklaces, etc. So they are the perfect place to experience the life of the past, observing the displayed artifacts of the Three Kingdoms Preiod excavated from the tombs.

Location : #63 bokcheon-ro, Dongnae-gu, Busan, Korea

Tel. : +82-51-550-0311

Directions : Subway. Line 1 Dongnae Station(Exit 1) → take Bus No.6 → get off at the Bokcheon Museum stop→go straight 50m

Web Site : bcmuseum.busan.go.kr

The whole view of Bokcheon Museum


Bokcheondong Gobungun next to Bokcheon Museum


4-3. National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum opened last year and it is Korea’s first comprehensive maritime museum. This Museum will give momentum to the development of maritime tourism and maritime culture by displaying various interesting items and information in order to learn about Korea’s maritime history, and the development of science and industry in Korea. It will become a landmark of Busan, a world-class maritime city. Entering the exhibition hall, visitors are overwhelmed by the splendor of the ‘Joseon Missional Ship’ which is the largest replica in Korea - half the size of the actual ship. The ‘Joseon Missional Ship’ carried a diplomatic mission to Japan during the Joseon Dynasty, and was a beautifully and magnificently constructed ship. The museum is Equipped with 8 permanent exhibition halls and 1 special exhibition hall, Children’s Museum, Maritime Library, Sunrise Ground(outside stage), water friendly experiencing space, 4D theater, etc. Museum displays more than 12,000 relics of 3,999 species.

Location : #301-45 haeyang-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan.Korea

Tel. : +82-51-309-1900

Directions : Subway. Line 1 Nampo Station(Exit 6)→Take a Bus bound for Yeongdo Bridge

Web Site : www.nmm.go.kr

The view of National Maritime Museum


The inside of the Museum(Aquarium)


4-4. BEXCO Exhibition Halls

Busan Exhibition and Convention Center is the perfect venue for international conferences and exhibitions. Exhibition halls are three times the size of an official soccer stadium and have display space to install approximately 1,800 booths. In each exhibition hall, visitors can see and experience the fantastic artworks by great artists or designs using state-of-the-art technology. MICE industry indicates service sector that is divided into four classes: meeting, incentives, convention and exhibition. Such high value-added industries as MICE sector has greater economic ripple effect, so Busan city government posted that MICE industry is one of the four core strategic industry. Nations of the world are in a competitive scramble for nurturing the MICE industry, our city has invested in the infrastructure and made an effort to bring more conferences here. Then again, Busan ranked as the forth most popular internatonal convention city in Asia for two consecutive years, 2011 and 2012 under standards set by the UIA(Union of International Associations) and ranked as the fifteenth most popular internatonal convention city in the world.



Location : #55 APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 612-704, Korea

Inquiry : Tel. +82-51-740-7300,

E-mail. [email protected]

Directions : Subway. Line 2 to Centum City Station(Exit 1)

Bus. The 5,5-1,31,31-1,40,63,100,100-1,139,140,141,142,200-1 and 302 bus lines

Web Site : http://www.bexco.co.kr/english/main/main.jsp


4-5. Busan Cultural Center Exhibition Halls

Busan Cultural Center is the most comprehensive venue for arts and cultural events in Busan, equipped with theaters suitable for the performing arts including music, dance and plays as well as exhibition halls. Exhibition galleries consist of Grand Gallery covering 1,296 square meters and Medium Gallery covering 756 square meters. The Galleries provide users with great environment for all kind of exhibition such as fine arts, engravings, calligraphy, sculpture and photography. 7 art groups such as Busan Philharmonic Orchestra, Busan Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra, Busan Metropolitan Dance Company, Busan Metropolitan Chorus, Busan Metropolitan Theatre Company, Busan Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and Busan Metropolitan Boys and Girls Chorus are run by Busan Cultural Center. They are consolidating their position as Korea's leading art group by putting enormous effort into continuous development. So they have been loved for beautiful ensemble and harmony. Additionally, supported by the city government, the price of admission is free or low so that many more people can see exhibitions and performances of high quality.



Locattion : #1 UN Pyeonghwa-ro 76 Beon-gil, Nam-gu, Busan 608-811, Korea

Inquiry : Tel. +82-51-625-8130

Direction : Subway. Line 2 to Daeyeon Station(Exit 3 or 5), 10 min walk to UN intersection or take shuttle bus(Daeyeon Station Exit 5 → Busan Cultural Center)

Bus. The 51,68,134 and 138 bus lines

Web Site : http://culture.busan.go.kr/english/main/


4-6. Busan Museum of Art

Busan Museum of Art is the art complex devoted especially to collecting and exhibiting diversified modern and contemporary arts. The 3-story(2 underground) museum operated by Busan city government consists of exhibition halls, archives, a children’s art gallery, a library, a research facility and an outdoor sculpture park. Busan Museum of Art focuses with its collecting art, ecspecially, excellent works that affected Korean modern art's flow and works by foreign artists that are gaining international fame through the ways that they have a significant impact on trends in contemporary art. To secure transparency and expertise, in accordance with the procedures established by Ordinances on Operation of Busan Museum of Art of Busan Metropolitan Government, all of the evidence has been considered carefully in collecting art. In addition to academic lectures, Busan Museum of Art operates art classes for citizens and talk programs with artist. Aside from assisting and sustaining an interest in art, the purpose of open art education is that can share the art culture together.



Location : #58 APEC-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan 612-894, Korea

Inquiry : Tel. +82-51-744-2602

Direction : Subway. Line 2 to Busan Museum of Art Station(Exit 5)

Bus. The 5,5-1,31,36,39,40,63,100,100-1,115,115-1,139,141,155,200-1 and 307 bus lines

Web Site : http://art.busan.go.kr/english/main/indext.jsp


5. Shopping

5-1. Lotte Department Store(Busan Main Branch)


The Busan main branch of Lotte Department Store is located at Seomyoen Station, on the bustling streets of Seomyeon. Its complex includes a hotel, so keen shoppers can stay right next door to the store. Lotte manages various fast-fashion retailors like Uniqlo and Zara. The department store also includes Lotte cinema, restaurants, an art gallery as well as the wide range of selection of luxury merchandise available. It is also fun to find event halls which are located on almost every floor and provide items with great discount. Also there is a duty free shop on the 8th floor so it is a perfect place for visitors to buy luxury goods with reasonable prices. Especially cosmetics in the duty free shop are famous for their cheap prices.

* Location: 503-15 Bujeong-dong, Busnajin-gu, Busan Metropolitan City

* Business Hour: Mon~Thu 10:30am ~ 8:00pm, Fri~Sun, holiday : 10:30am ~ 9:00pm

* Transportation: Seomyeon Station (Busnan Subway line 1 or 2)

* Webpage: www.lotteshopping.com (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


5-2. Lotte Department Store(Gwangbok Branch)


The Gwangbok branch of Lotte Department Store is located at Nampodong Station. It is combined with two buildings, Main Store and Aqua Mall. In Main Store there is wide range of selection like Busan main branch, and the Aqua Mall also has many shops and restaurants. Especially in the Aqua Mall, the world’s largest indoor musical water fountain which was registered in the Guiness World Book of Records is operated every hour for 10 minutes. Additionally, the rooftop park, which is the largest in Korea, offers a great view of the entire city of Busan. Also Gwangbok-dong Cutural & Fashion Street is just in front of the department store, so people can enjoy outside shopping and other activities.


* Location: Jungang-daero Jung-gu, Busan Metropolitan City

* Business Hour: Main Store - Mon~ Thu 10:30am ~ 8:00pm, Fri~Sun, holiday : 10:30am ~ 9:00pm

Aqua Mall – 10:30am ~ 10:00pm

* Transportation: Nampodong Station (Busnan Subway line 1)

* Webpage: www.lotteshopping.com (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)


5-3. Shinsegae Department Store

The Centum City branch of the Shinsegae Department Store, which opened in March of 2009 in the Haeundae-gu district, is Korea’s largest department store and twice the size of most department stores in Seoul. It was also registered in the Guiness World Book of Records as the largest shopping complex in the world. The department store covers 18 floors and two-third of the building is devoted to shopping. Visitors can also enjoy numerous entertainment options in the complex such as spas, indoor ice-staking rink, a movie theater, gallery, sport center and more. It is also famous with a variety of selections of delicious food on the B1 floor, and there is also a large discount store called Fresh Market on the same floor. The Centum City branch has been receiving much deserved attention as the ultimate one-stop destination for leisure and shopping.

* Location: 35, Senteomnam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan Metropolitan City

* Business Hour: Mon~Thu 10:30am ~ 8:00pm, Fri~Sun, holiday : 10:30am ~ 9:00pm

(B1 floor only – 10:30am ~ 10:00pm)

* Transportation: Centum City Station (Busnan Subway line 2)

* Webpage: centumcity.shinsegae.com (Korean, English, Japanese)

5-4. Jayu Wholesale Market


The Jayu Wholesale Market is located in Beomil-dong area where many market places are concentrated. It has been well known for its low prices and high qualities products so many wholesale dealers flow in and out every day. There is a variety of selections such as clothing, shoes, flowers and interior materials. The most popular items here are lots of fresh flowers, artificial flowers and interior materials which please the eyes(located on the 3rd floor). Also, there are more wholesale markets such as Pyeongwha or Jin Wholesale Market near Jayu Market, and Hyundae Department store is just across the street. Moreover, Gold Theme Street, where many jewelry stores are clustered is just in front of the Jayu market, so it is a perfect place to get cheap items within a walking distance.


* Location: 830-24 Beomil2-dong, Dong-gu, Busan Metropolitan City

* Business Hour: Mon~Sat 7:00am ~ 6:00pm

* Transportation: Beomildong Station (Busnan Subway line 1), Exit 8

* Webpage: www.busanjayu.com (Korean)


5-5. The International Market


The International Market is located across the street from Jagalchi Market and is Busan’s largest marketplace. It is connected with various smaller markets such as Bupyeong Market and Kangtong Market. So it is convenient for you to visit several other markets as well when you visit this market. Everything you need can probably be found at the International Market. The Market is divided into sections such as Bag Alley, Shoe Alley and more. As the Market’s name suggests, it sells a wide selection of imported food and various other imported goods. The atmosphere of this market is very lively and energetic and people can easily see vendors who are eager to sell their products. You can also enjoy haggling over the price, which is considered a typical culture of purchase at markets.


* Location: Sinchang-dong 4-ga, Jung-gu, Busan Metropolitan City

* Business Hours: 9am ~ 8pm

* Main products: Apparel, shoes, bags, food, industrial products, various living essentials, etc.

* Transportation: Subway (Nampodong station/exit#1), Bus( 40, 135, 186, 86, 126, 15)


5-6. Gwanganli Art Market


Gwanganli Art Market is operated by independent artists specialized in handcrafts. There are various handcrafts to choose from including necklaces, bracelets, rings, stamps, aromatic candles, etc. Because the products are not mass produced goods, this place will meet your desire to get something rare and unique. In many cases, the people manning the stalls are the people responsible for crafting the goods on sale. This can be very useful if you want to make any special requests or would like to arrange for something to be custom-made. There are individual stands in a row and you can experience in person at some of the stands such as silk screening and stamping. As it starts late in the afternoon, people can enjoy a romantic summer atmosphere with background of the diamond bridge while they are shopping.

* Location : Gwanganli (in front of Suyeong culture center, Homers hotel)

* Business Hour : 4-10pm(Weekend)

* main product : Handicraft and hand-made accessories

* Transportation: Subway (Gwangan station/exit#3,5), Bus( 41, 49, 83, 83-1, 38, 42, 108)

5-7. Lotte Premium Outlet(Gimhae branch)


The Gimhae branch of Lotte Premium Outlets stocks 20 luxury brand names, including Burberry and S.T. Dupont as well as lots of refined and stylish Korean brands. People can enjoy fancy and luxurious atmosphere due to its modern style of architecture. There are a large variety of goods from outdoor wear to household items. As 5-days workweek has been settled and the family-centered leisure culture is spreading, the number of people who visit outlet for shopping is increasing. The outlet also contains various convenience facilities such as kid’s park, theater and a large scale food court, allowing shoppers to spend a whole day picking up great bargains. And customer’s rest places are provided to ensure even more relaxing and convenient shopping experience.



Sinmun-ri, Jangyu-myeon, Gimhae city /+82-55-900-2500

* Business Hour: 11am-9pm

* main product: 20 luxury brand goods and 110 domestic brand goods

* Transportation : Car, The shuttle bus between Lotte Hotel and Outlet(inquiry 051 810 1000)

* Webpage: http://gimhae.lotteoutlets.com/gh_English/introduction/introduction.html


5-8. The Fashion Town Outlet


The Fashion Town Outlet is located in the commercial area in front of Busan National University. This place hasn’t been purposely developed but spontaneously generated according to demand. It is composed of famous domestic and foreign brand shops such as Calvin Klein, Levis, Michaa, etc. As this place always gives between 20% and 80% discount, people can buy high quality goods at a reasonable price. Just like other university town, there are various road stands and individual shops selling clothes and accessories as well. And there are also theater, restaurants and coffee shops nearby so that people can stay longer while they are at it. Due to its convenience and diversity, various shoppers from teenagers to workers visit and spend their time there.



* Business Hour: 11am-9pm

* Specialty: Apparel, accessories

* Transportation: Subway(Busan national university station exit#3), Bus(8, 16, 29, 49, 80, 121)


6. Festivals

6-1. Joseon Tongsinsa Festival

Joseon Tongsinsa was a diplomatic mission that the kings of Joseon dynasty officially sent to the Shogun of Japan. They were delegated 12 times in total between 1607 and 1811. Beyond 400 years this festival reenacts the departure of the diplomatic mission as part of this cultural exchange project to promote a spirit of peace and goodwill. The Joseon Tongshinsa parade was warmly welcomed by Edo Makbu including senior envoy, a vice envoy, Jongsaqwan, doctors, painters, secretary, band and etc. Furthermore, a long journey was undertaked by parade members. The scale of labor for the parade was incredible, and the expense was for preparation and guard was huge, too.

Date : May 3(Fri)~5(Sun), 2013

Venue : Yongdusan Park, Gwangbokro Street

Host : Busan Cultural Foundation Tel. +82-51-631-0858

Website : www.tongshinsa.com



6-2. Busan Port Festival

The festival will recreate the Port of Busan into a huge theme park where one can see and feel the beauty of the harbor.

Events such as the Busan Port Tour, where visitors can get on a boat to view the North Port, marine leisure sports experience, and viewing the large naval vessels of the Navy and Coast Guard are just some of the must-see events.

The Busan Port Parade, where one can see firsthand the dynamic dance and music of the city, is also a attractive event. The Busan International hip hop Festival’s preliminaries will also be held on the premises to enliven the mood during the festival. Other events include a vessel voyage simulation experience.

Date : May 31(Fri)~June 2(Sun), 2013

Venue : International Cruise Terminal, Port of Busan

Host : The Organizing Committee for Busan Culture & Tourism Festival Tel. +82-51-501-6051

Website : www.busanportfestival.kr



6-3. Busan Sea Festival

Korea’s biggest summer celebration, the Busan Sea Festival promises a wide range of spectacular activities to see and enjoy with the slogan “Into the Sea of Festival” in 2013. The Busan International Rock Festival will be opened at Samrak Park with 28 bands from five countries participating in a summer music explosion. The Eighth Busan International Magic Festival is another compulsive viewing event with about 100 magicians from 12 countries. There will be a passionate “Summer Night of Salsa” at the Haeundae Beach event plaza.

This year’s festival also offers an abundance of experience events. Participants can play with water pistols and water-bomb each other on the street in the Water Carnival and then take a look at the Bikini Festival on the sand.


Date : August 1(Thu)~9(Fri), 2013

Venue : Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Songdo Beach,

Dadaepo Beach, Samrak Riverside Park, Suyeong Marina, etc.

Host : The Organizing Committee for Busan Culture & Tourism Festival Tel. +82-51-501-6051

Website : www.seafestival.co.kr


6-4. Busan International Film Festival

The world-famous film festival, bringing together famous film professionals from all over the world to engage in cross-cultural communication through films. Every year when autumn comes, Busan dives into the sea of movies, it is famous for bring some of the top directors, actors and movies from Asia to Korea, we can meet cinephiles the world at world premiere works attended by world-famous actors, directors and producers. This year will be held for the 18th time, it will be shown 305 films, 75 countries, which will take place at the Busan Cinema Center at Haeundae. The programs are the opening and closing films, Midnight Passion, Hand Printing, Open Talk, Meet the Guest.

Dates : October 3(Thu)~12(Sat), 2013

Venue : Busan Cinema Center, movie theaters in Haeundae

Host : BIFF HILL, Busan Cinema Center, Tel. 82-51-688-3010

Website : http://www.biff.kr/structure/eng/default.asp


6-5. Busan Fireworks Festival

Watch the night sky and Busan's coastline explode into light at the

multimedia fireworks extravaganza that will take your breath away. It lights up the beautiful night sky every autumn is celebrating its 9th anniversary this year. As one of the main a breathtaking fireworks display set against the stunning backdrop of Gwangalli bay. For the first time ever, this year will be held at Busan Aisa Main stadium as well as at Gwangalli Beach. Thousands of fireworks will light up the sky over Gwangan Bridge and provide one of the most awe inspiring views in Korea. Numerous visitors not only from the country but also China and Japan make their way to the city to watch the beautiful explosions over the glistening water.

Date : October 25(Fri)~26(Sat), 2013

Venue : 10. 25(Fri) : K-Pop concert (Busan Asiad Main Stadium) 19:00 ~ 22:00

10. 26(Sat) : Busan Fireworks Show (Gwangalli Beach) 20:00

Host : Organization Committee for Busan Culture&Tourism Festival Tel. 82-51-501-6051

Web Site : http://festival.busan.kr/ENG/Fireworks/01.asp


6-6. G★STAR 2013 Global Game Exhibition

Since its launch in 2005, G-star has played a critical role in developing the korean game Industry and raising awarness about game culture. This year 450 companies from 35 countries will prepare for 2,500 booths, the largest scale ever and there are more things to see and enjoy, more size events. This year's edition of G★Star will present online games as well as a variety of physical interactive games, including arcade, console and board games, making the event an exciting festival not only for game enthusiasts but for all visitors. Busan City will develop G-Star into one of Buan’s famous luxury culture and industry festivals on the same level as BIFF and the Buans Firewroks Festival.

Dates : November 14(Thu)~17(Sun), 2013

Venue : BEXCO

Host : Korea Association of game industry Tel. 82-51-600-6712

Web Site : http://www.gstar.or.kr/gstar2012/outline.asp

6-7. Busan Christmas Tree Festival

The festival will start with the tree lighting ceremony and opening ceremony on Gwangbokro stage. A 1.16-kilometer street is decorated with beautiful LED light bulbs, divided in three sections A,B,C setting up trees with different theme stories. During the festival period there will be dance, rock band, hip-hop and magic performance prepared for the visitors to enjoy. Especially there will be a “Christmas Eve” performance as well as festive events and cake cutting on Christmas Day. Charity donations are an integral part of this festival. Parts of the venue will be embellished in the Christmas theme with photo zone, making the streets of Busan to create a spirit of warmth and happiness among the citizens.

Date : November 30(Sat),2013~January 5(Sun),2014 (37 days)

Venue : Gwangbokro Street in Jung-gu District

Host : Busan Christmas tree fetival Committee Tel. +82-51-256-1225

Website : www.bctf.kr

Busan Guide for Visitors

Facebook Groups related to Korea (Updated)

Facebook groups related to Korea
If you have any additions to make, please comment below with the name and URL of the group.

Nationwide     Busan     Daegu     Daejeon     Gwangju  
 Gyeongju     Incheon    Jeju     Seoul     Ulsan    Other Areas












Other Areas

Facebook Groups related to Korea (Updated)

Immigration Office in Korea

Republished from



immigration office KoreaEvery foreigner living in Korea will need to make at least one trip to an immigration office in Korea. This trip can be very stressful and time consuming. With the maps and information we provide it should make your trip a little bit easier.

If you wish to visit an immigration office in Korea for the first time to register and get your alien registration card or a visa, you must first find out which immigration office to visit. You can’t go to just any immigration office. You must visit the immigration office that governs your jurisdiction. For example, if you live in Dongdaemun-gu you must visit the Sejongno immigration office at Anguk station and not the immigration office at Omokgyo Station.

How do I know which office is in my jurisdiction? 
Well if you already have your alien registration card it will say it on the bottom right corner e.g Seoul Immigration Office. If you are not sure which immigration office to visit we will help you. Click on the immigration office below that is in your province. There could be a few in your province. When you click on the page you will see which jurisdiction that office covers. Check out the immigration offices in your province until you see your jurisdiction.

Below is list of the immigration offices in Korea. Each page provides a map, a picture, an address and a phone number of that immigration office. With this information you will never get lost again or spend ages trying to figure out how to get to the immigration offices in Korea.

Seoul Immigration Office Omokgyo
Seoul Immigration Office Anguk (Sejongno Branch)

Incheon Immigration Office

Suwon Immigration Office
Yangju Immigration Office

Chuncheon Immigration Office Gangwon
Chuncheon Immigration Office Donghae Branch
Chuncheon Immigration Office Sokcho Branch

Daejeon Immigration Office

Daejeon Immigration Office Daesan Branch

Cheongju Immigration Office

Daegu Immigration Office Pohang Branch
Daegu Immigration Office

Daegu Immigration Office

Busan Immigration Office Ulsan Branch Office

Jeonju Immigration Office
Jeonju Immigration Office Gunsan

Busan Immigration Office

Gwangju Immigration Office

Changwon Immigration Office
Changwon Immigration Office Geoje Branch
Changwon Immigration Office Sacheon Branch
Changwon Immigration Office Tongyeong Branch

Gwangju Immigration Office
Gwangju Immigration Office Mokpo Branch
Yeosu Immigration Office
Yeosu Immigration Office Gwangyang Branch

Jeju Immigration Office

MegaGuide to Busan Food & Drink


MegaGuide to Busan Food & Drink

The line between places to eat, caffeinate, & imbibe is pretty blurry.  As such, we've created the megaguide below.  We are constantly updating this with the help of the Busan Food Facebook Group and Koreabridge community.  Please comment below to let us know names, locations, & info about any closings, additions, and/or changes. Users can also create listings for places that don't already have one by clicking 'create/business listing'. 


Busan Station 
City Hall

* Yangsan

General Reviews *  Vegetarian Restaurants  *    Food Discussions *  Other Guides 

Types of food sections coming soon


View Busan Guide Map in a larger map


Busan Station/Texas Street

City Hall

  • 이 랴이랴 - Beef BBQ - 13,000-16,000 (for 1-2 people)



  • Japanese - 20,000 (2 people food & drink)
  • Melbourne Brunch Restaurant - Brunch - 10,000

Dusil Station


  • The Center of Beans - Coffee & Bingsu - 5,000 
  • Green Hanoi - Vietnamese Shabu Shabu - 12,000



  • Manheejee Coffee - Guseo - Brunch/Western - 8,000-15,000  Map
    Koreabridge  ManheejeeCafe


  • Bong G - takeout bar, wine punch by the bag, map
    Busan Awesome  Bong G – Wine cocktails to go on Gwangalli Beach 
  • Beach Bikini - bar/restaurant map 
  • Beached - bar/restaurant, vegemite available,  map
     Facebook Group 
  • Beer Check Hof
      Busan Awesome  Beer Check Hof: Gwanganli Beach 
  • Butcher's Burgers - Burgers - 10,000-15,000  map  Facebook Group
  • Caffe Primo - Brunch - 4,000-11,000
      Koreabridge Caffe Primo
  • Cusco - Restaurant, Spit fired Chicken Map
  • Brunch Cafe Ean - 8,000-10,000 map
    Daegweol Ssampbap 대궐쌈밥 Brunch Cafe Ean 
  • Daegweol Ssampbap 대궐쌈밥 map
      Koreabridge  Daegweol Ssampbap 대궐쌈밥
  • East Village Cafe - Coffee Shop, free Wifi, nice
  • Fam Island Sushi Buffet - 25~35,000   map
  • Four Season Raw Fish - Restaurant, Korean Style raw fish (and live octopus) map
  • Galmegi Brewing - Homemade Pizza & Brewery - 10,000-14,000
    Koreabridge Galmegi Brewing Company    website

  • Guess Who? Family Restaurant -  Restaurant, Buffet, Map
  • Hauljjim - 남천동 동해바다 해물탕 - Namcheon - Seafood/Korean stew - 15,000 (for lots of seafood)
  • Hoa Bin - Vietnamese Restaurant, map 
  • HQ Bar  - bar/lounge serving home-cooked bar food, map  Facebook Group
    Koreabridge HQ Bar 
  • IRANG - Brunch - 7,500-12,000 map
  • Korean Natural Food Restaurant - Restaurant, Traditional/Vegetarian, map
    Koreabridge Korean Natural Food Restaurant 
  • Papa's Brunch - restaurant,  map
       Papa's Brunch - Breakfast, Italian, Chocolate 
  • Pasta e Vino - restaurant, Italian, map
       Busan Awesome  Italian on the Beach 

  • Saigon “Pho”-  Restaurant, Vietnamese Map 
  • Sharky's - Western & Tex Mex - 10,000-26,000,  map    Facebook Group
  • Table49 - Western - 8,000-20,000  map       Facebook Group
  • Koreabridge Table 49 Bistro Pub
  • Tremare - Restaurant, Italian, map
  • Busan Awesome Tremare Italian Restaurant 
  • Tres Bon French Cuisine
  • 설 빙 aka "Seol Bing" - Fantastic Bingsu - 9,000]
  • 이 랴이랴 - Beef BBQ - 13,000-16,000 (for 1-2 people)



Centum City

  • An Chae - Traditional Korean - 8,000
  • Arun Thai - Thai -  8,000-13,000  map
  • Cafe de Cine - Restaurant, Italian, 5th Floor Shinsege Dept. Store  map
  • Dos Tacos - Burritos - 7,000-11,000  map
    Koreabridge Dos Tacos  
  • Restaurant inside Spa Land - Korean - 8,000-15,000  map
  • Johnny Rockets - Burgers & Sandwiches - 11,500  map


  • House on a Hill - Restaurant, Swiss chalet style, map
  • Morning Glory - restaurant/bar, steak pizza varied menu, (seen in the movie 'My sassy girl')  map
  • Starface - Bar (with food),
    Busan Awesome  Starface Dalmaji Hill 



  • Almost Famous - bar, map   Facebook Group

Mandeok (near Deokcheon)

  • Kooni - Quirky Western - 8,000


  • Korean Natural Food Restaurant - Restaurant, , map  
    Traditional/Vegetarian (reservation one day prior required for vegetarian option)
    Koreabridge Korean Natural Food Restaurant
  • Namcheon - Patbingsu (fresh traditional ingredients) - 2,500


PNU (Pusan National University)

Saha (near Hadan)

  • Geojang Totem House - Amazing roasted duck inside of a pumpkin, side dishes, etc. - 55,000 (4 people)



  • Beom Tae Yehnal Son JjaJang - Chinese (Black noodles, Dumplings, Pork) - 15,000 (2 people)
  • Bibcock - Mexican food - 8,000 -15,000
  • Burgerful - Burgers - 7,000
  • Caffe Star King - coffee shop, map
    Busan Awesome Caffe Star King
  • Chic and Beer Plus - Macaroni & Cheese, Chicken Strips - 7,000-10,500
  • Chir Chir - Chicken - 39,000 (3 people with beers)
  • Dajeon (다전) Restaurant and Teahouse - Vegan/Vegetarian Korean - 5,000-11,000  map
     Koreabridge Dajeon Tea House & Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Gyeongju Gukbap -  Restaurant, Pork Soup, map
     Busan Awesome A tale of two restaurants: Pork soup restaurants in Seomyeon (Gyeongju Gukbap)
  • Florians’s - Restaurant, Italian Buffet, W20,000  map
  • Hans Brew House  - brew pub, serving meals, map
    Foreigner with Chopsticks Hans Brew House
  • Hamkyung Myeon-Ok - Cold noodle restaurant,  map
  • Hokkan - Bar/Restaurant, Japanese, website, map
    Koreabridge Hokkan Japanese Bar/Restaurant
  • King Beer Mart - bar, map
     Busan Awesome King Beer Mart – Seomyeon
  • Kraan - 1 meter long skewers of pork (29,000), or beef (39,000) and veggies (2-4 people)
  • Jaws Jjimdak - Chicken platter with noodles, sauce, cheese, toekkbokki, etc. - 25,000 for 4 people (1,000 discount for posting on social media) 
  • Johnson's Diner - Burgers, etc. -  8,000-10,000
  • Makeoli Salon - restaurant/bar, traditional Korean, map
    Foreigner with Chopsticks Makeoli Salon, Seomyeon
  • Maris Angel - Sushi buffet - 16,000
  • Metal City - Club, map Facebook Group
  • Monglit Wine Bar - Bar map
    Busan Awesome Monglit wine bar, Seomyeon
  • Pan Asia 팬아시아 서면점 - Thai fusion restaurant - 10,000
  • Sake Dining Bar - Japanese Bar/Restaurant
    Busan Awesome  Sake Dining Bar, Seomyeon
  • Sorrento - Restaurant, Italian 
  • Savoy - Fish & Chips - 9,000  map
    Busan Awesome Savoy Seomyeon   Savoy Fish & Chips
  • Uncle Tomato
    Busan Awesome  Uncle Tomato Italian Restaurant, Seomyeon
  • Well Being Namsan Vegetarian Buffet - map  
  • Yaman - Jamaican - 8,000-15,000  Facebook Group
  • Yellow Chicken - Fried Chicken - 15,000 (3 people)
  • Zooza
    Foreigner with Chopsticks Zooza, Seomyeon
  • 4 번 출구 or "Exit 4" - Fried Noodles - 19,000 (4 people, probably filling for 3)
  • 콩 밭에 - Korean-momma-that-you-don't-know's home cooking - 7000
  • 팔 색삼겹살 - set menu BBQ (삼겹살) -  30,000 (2 people)
  • 홍 소족발 (Hong So Jok Bal) - Pig's Feet - 35, 000 for large size (4 people) cheaper/smaller available


  • High Bistro - Burgers - 5,000-10,000
  • Bella Luna - Songjung - Handmade Chocolate - 5,000-10,000




 Vegetarian Restaurants & Information

General Reviews/Multiple Locations

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MegaGuide to Busan Food & Drink (Renovations Underway)

Korean Vegetarian Restaurants & Resources

From: http://cafe.naver.com/ululul.cafe?iframe_url=/ArticleRead.nhn%3Farticleid=20850&

Vegetarian Restaurants outside of Seoul & Gyeonggi

Google Translations: Arabic Chinese English Hindi Japanese

Busan   Daegu   Daejeon   Gangwondo  Gwangju   Gyeongbuk   Jeju   Ulsan

업데이트는 수시로 하므로 스크랩하시는 분은 날짜 확인하셔서 바꾸어 주세요 - 출처표기요 *

업데이트할 때 새로 올린 업소의 경우 1~3달정도 빨강머리기호가 붙은 후 무지개색으로 점점 옅어집니다.

아래 소개해드린 채식식당들, 모두 완전채식(vegan)만 하는 곳은 아닙니다.

메 뉴와 재료 중에 우유, 달걀, 젓갈, 혹은 생선까지도 쓰는 곳도 있습니다.

식 당이름옆에 대략적인 표기를 하였지만 업주가 바뀌거나 업주의 신념이 바뀌어 변 경될 수 있기 때문에

가 실 때 다시 확인해 보시기 바랍니다.

특 히 토요일 휴무하는 곳은 SDA교인분들이 운영하는 곳이 많은데 안식일을 위해

금 요일 저녁영업부터 하지 않는 경우가 많습니다.

그 리고 식당의 사정에 따라

영업시간과 가격 등의 변동사항이 있을 수 있으므로

멀 리 찾아가실 땐 미 리 전화확인 하시기 바 랍니다.

그 리고 최근 세계적인 채식문화운동의 일환으로 러빙헛 채식전문점이 속속 생겨나고 있습니다.

러빙헛은 대형뷔페도 있지만 대부분 소규모형태로 간편한 메뉴를 취급하고 있습니다.

러빙헛은 비 건완전채식을 바탕으로 저렴한 가격으로 맛깔스런 메뉴를 제공하고 있습니다.

전 국 러빙헛 정보 여 길 클릭

전국채식식당 지도

여 길 클릭

& lt;부산>

부산의 김미자 채식뷔페 051-626-3478 010-5515-8984 채식전문

부산 남구 대연3동 427-27 부경대학교 정문 맞은편 1인당 11,000원

부 산의 남 중해 중국집 채식지원

부산 역앞 차이나타운에 위치 7인이상 이용시 채식 코스요리 가능

● 부산의 웰빙 남새부페 051-802-2101 채식전문

부 산 부산진구 부전동 397-44 점심 10,000원 저녁 13,000원 토요일은 휴무

부 산의 다전 051-808-6363 채식지원

전통 차와 채식식사, 콩까스, 콩스테이크, 콩불고기, 김밥, 라면 등

서면 1번가 마리포사 4거리 와바건물 4층 http://blog.naver.com/j30737

● 부산 보수동 동 화반점 051-243-0198 채식지원(일부메뉴)

일 반 중국집이지만 채식메뉴로 짜장.짬뽕.탕수 가능함

● 부산 보수동 브 런치카페 P.S GREEN 010-3556-0118 채식지원

커피 와 브런치 메뉴. 부산 동아대 부민캠퍼스 인근,

지 하철 토성동역 영락교회사거리 보수청과시장 2층

● 부산의 러 빙헛 서면점 051-808-7718 (비건채식)

부산 부산진구 부전동 197-1번지 연중무휴

부산의 러빙헛 부산대점 051-518-0115 (비건채식)

부 산대학교 옆 부산시 금정구 장전동 418-1

부 산의 러빙헛 해운대점 051-747-2979 (비건채식)

해운대역 5번 출구 해운대스펀지 오른쪽 골목 국민은행 옆 쇼핑몰부근 31번 종점가는 쪽 2층 노란 간판

11시~ 22시(일요일 2시오픈) 매월 마지막주 월요일 휴무. 채식파스타, 루꼴라띠아피자 맛볼 수 있는 곳

부 산의 러 빙헛 동래점 051-557-5858, 010-7305-7779 (비건채식)

부산 동래구 명륜동 350-1 동래구청앞

부 산의 러빙헛 금곡점 051-363-6635 (비건채식)

부 산 북구 금곡동 66-6

● 부 산의 러 빙헛 명륜점 (햄 버거 전문점) 051-556-8777 (비건채식)

부 산 동래구 명륜동 700-97 명 륜동 지하철역 4번 출구

● 부 산의 러빙헛 헤어라떼 대신동점 051-248-6166 (비건채식)

부 산 서구 동대신동3가 14-1 리버스 5차 연중 무휴

헤 어샵과 비스트로까페가 함께있는 샵인샵 http://cafe.naver.com/ululul/80027

부산의 에코토피아 051-628-2802 채식카페

유기농식사, 유기농아이스크림, 공정무역차 등 홈피

10시~ 21시, 월요일 휴무

부산 수영구 남천1동 16-19 남천역 1번 출구 부산은행 골목 인디고 서원 옆

● 부산의 풀 내음 전통음식 051-508-3020 채식지원

부산 금정구 청룡동 202-4 한정식, 거의 채식인데 생선도 나오기도 함

2 인분 기본 1인분을 시키면 추가 요금, 부산의 유명한 맛집 중 하나

● 부 산의 커 피전문점 피 베리 051-523-1519 채식지원

안락 현대아파트 후문에서 충렬고, 혜화여고 방향 100m

● 부산의 행 복한 찻집 051-802-9509

부산 부산진구 부전2동 168-141 http://cafe.naver.com/ululul/80248

● 부 산역 채식도시락 전문점 정 림 051-070-4155-9655

부 산역 3층 입구 http://cafe.naver.com/ululul/77721

● 락 쉬미 수제스팀도넛 카페 051-703-7001 (비건도넛)

부산 해운대구 좌동 1492번지 KCC스위첸 아파트 상가동 112호


<대 전>

대 전 러빙헛 신탄진점 042-934-6647 (비 건채식)

대 전 대덕구 석봉동 415-19

유 기농콩나물밥, 유기농쌈밥, 콩까스, 들깨칼국수, 냉맛국수

● 대전 풀 향기 채식뷔페 042-488-2336 =채식전문(락토오보)

롯데 백화점 맞은편 대전광역시 서구 탄방동 54-19

1 인당 9천원, 매주 일요일 휴무

● 대전 태 화장중화요리 042-222-2407 채식지원(주문메뉴 청구채식가능)

대 전 동구 정동 36-32 대전역 부근 인쇄소골목 정동사거리

● 대전 태 원 042-488-8838 채 식지원(주문메뉴 청구채식가능) 전 화주문 가능

대 전 서구 둔산2동 1242 둔산동 국민연금공단에서 보라매삼거리방향 도로좌측편 흥남면옥 옆

● 대전 참 사랑두부 042-863-5417 채식지원(일부메뉴)

대전 유성구 전 민동336-1

마 르쉐라 웰빙부페 042-826-8411 채식전문

대 전 유성구 반석동 640-3 뉴타운프라자빌딩 905호

http://www.marchera.com 오 신채 없는 채식식단, 1인당 9,000원

칼 만사 (칼국수를 만드는 사람들) 둔산점, 오류점(일부 채식지원)

메 뉴중 흰칼국수를 주문할 수 있음(채식) 5,000원

둔 산점 042 -477-8254 대전 서구 둔산1동 1396 검찰청정문쪽

오 류점 042 -536-3234 대전 중구 오류동 177-4 작은빛님의 우리밀로 만듦

인디 Indy 인 도음식 042-471-7052 일부메뉴 채식지원

대 전 서구 둔산동 1369 넥서스밸리 B동 102호 둔산 빕스 맞은 편,가 격대 19,000원 정도

점심영업이 끝나는 오후 3시부터 오후 5시 30분까지 문을 닫았다가 밤 10시까지 저녁 영업

대전에 Indy 테크노쪽에 롯데마트 옆에도 분점이 있음

● 대전 자연채 042-936-8858 채식전문

대 전 유성구 관평동 1246 관평중학교 내려서 기업은행쪽 골목으로 쭉가면 오른쪽

테 크노벨리 롯데마트 입구 지나 다사랑치킨 지나서 그 다음 작은 사거리에서 오른쪽 골목에 보임

● 대전 베네치아 042-484-2088 채식지원

채 식물냉면, 채식비빔냉면 주문가능(배달전문점임-둔산,월평,갈마지역에선 배달 됨)

대 전 서구 둔산동 둔산여고 후문쪽

● 대전 무 지개회관 042-488-5600 채식지원

돌 솥밥 주문가능(계란이 나오니까 미리 이야기하고 찌개에 육수대신 채식으로 부탁요)

대 전 서구 둔산 1332 갤러리아타임월드 건너편 국민은행 뒷길

● 대전 귀빈돌솥밥 042-488-3340 채식지원

돌 솥밥 주문시 고기, 계란 등 동물성 빼달라면 채식으로 드실 수 있음

대 전 서구 만년동 349

● 대전 감 자바위골 04-283-1311 010 -9334-6151(일부채식)

콩 국수, 팥칼국수, 감자전 주문 가능 대전 중구 문창동 355-12 문창시장

대 전 팔도청 국장 042-472-0073 둔 산1동 1433번지(시청부근)

청 국장 단품메뉴. 우렁이, 생선 등 동물성 빼고 주문요청. 돌솥밥에 묵은지가 일품. 가격 6,000원

월 평동 042-476-5010 계룡건설동쪽길건너편 골목안

도 청점 042-223-0010 선화동 228-5 등에 체인점.

대 전 가남지 (동남아퓨전음식) 042)861-7557 채식지원(일부메뉴만)

볶 음쌀국수, 파인애플볶음밥, 마파두부를 채식으로 주문가능. 주문시 채식으로 요청, 차와 반찬은 셀프

대전 유성구 도룡동 395-1번지 연구단지 4거리 대덕초등학교쪽 모퉁이 건물 2층

점심 11:30~3:00, 저녁 5:00~9:00, 토요일은 종일, 일요일은 휴무

<충남. 충북>

충 남 당진의 미 당 070-8755-5567 한정식집(채식지원)

충 남 당진군 합덕면 석우리 48-4

전통한정식, 채식으로 주문 가능, 화학조미료 쓰지 않는 곳

● 충남 천안 안채웰빙채식뷔페 041-567-5879 채식전문(일부락토채식)

천 안시 안서동 141 천안톨게이트에서 호서대방향, 호서대입구 지나서 연중 무휴 1인당 만원

● 충남 아산의 러 빙헛 온양점 041-549-1638 (비건채식)

아 산시 온양동 1406 (온양시청옆) 셋째 일요일 휴무

매주 월요일 점심은 뷔페식 5,000원

● 충남 아산의 러 빙헛 아산점 041-544-2237 (비건채식)

아 산시 영인면 아산리 44-7 (나드리 주유소) 수요일 휴무
평택호 관광단지, 영인사 자연휴양림 근처

충 북 괴산의 능금뜰 043-834-1188 010-5553-6394 채식전문(가정집)

충북 괴산군 연풍면 신풍리 절골입구 노란집, 두부찌개탕, 버섯비빔밥, 차

채식가정식 주문가능, 꼭 미리 전화 예약후 가야함.

● 충북 영동의 러빙헛 별티점 070-8221-7778 (비건카페= 음료, 쿠키, 케익 등)

충북 영동군 구촌리 383-9 수요일 휴무

● 충북 영동의 러 빙헛 영동점 043-743-7597 (비 건채식)

충 북 영동군 영동읍 계산리 691-1 효성약국 2층 일 요일 휴무

충 북 제천의 러 빙헛 제천점 043-647-5349 채식전문

제천 시 청전동 855번지 http://cafe.naver.com/ululul/80178 1,3째 일요일 휴무

청전,고암,장락,중앙,모산동 배달 가능 (2인분 이상만 가능) 배달시 1,000원 추가

충 북 청주 맥향 가마솥 보리밥뷔페 043-211-2003 채 식지원(일부메뉴)

청 주시 상당구 사천동 413-3 사천동 조흥은행에서 무심천쪽 동아2차아파트 입구 신협 건물에 위치

저렴한 가격에 채식할만한 메뉴 많은 보리밥뷔페. 채소로 식단 자가제조 가능 4,000원

<전 주. 전북>

● 전북 전주의 풀 꽃세상 채식뷔페 063-221-3355 =채식전문(피자등 일부락토채식)

전 주시 완산구 중인동 75-5 해성 고등학교 부근 70여가지 채식메뉴

평 일: 어른 16,500원, 아동 11,000원, 주말: 어른 18,700원, 아동 13,200원

● 전북 전주의 자 연에 채식뷔페 063-255-8462 비건채식

전주 시 서신동 지리산 빌딩 뒤편(전주시 완산구 서신동 806번지) 휴무일 매주 일요일!

(점 심 12시~2시30분, 저녁 6시~9시) 점심은 1인당 10,000원 10세이하 6천원.

화학 조미료를 쓰지 않으며, 양자파동원리로 식품재료 정화, 선솔죽염을 모든 요리에 소금양념으로 활용


● 전북 전주의 러 빙헛 삼천점 063-229-6656 (비건채식)

전 주시 완산구 삼천동 1가 691-4 첫째,셋째 일요일 휴무

● 전북 전주의 러 빙헛 서신점 063-274-7025 (비건채식)

전주 시 완산구 서신동 295-24 단체도시락 주문 가능

전 북 전주의 러빙헛 전주점 063-271-7122 (비 건채식)

전 주시 완산구 서신동 812-2 일요일 휴무

● 전북 전주의 러 빙헛 조은점 063-255-5589 (비건채식)

전 주시 완산구 서신동 801-11 일요일 휴무

(평일) 오전 10:00~오후 9:00 (토요일) 오전 10:00~오후 1:00

● 전북 전주의 러 빙헛 진북점 010-9407-2026 (비건채식)

전주 시 덕진구 진북동 1151-13 일요일 휴무

커피찐빵, 호박찐빵, 쑥찐빵, 일반찐빵 등 비건찐빵을 직접 만들어 주문 받음

● 전북 전주의 러 빙헛 평화점 063-226-7388 (비건채식)

전주 시 완산구 평화동 2가 893-1 첫째,셋째 일요일 휴무

런치타임 할인 20% 매일 12시~ 3시 (3가지 메뉴)

● 전북 전주의 러 빙헛 효자점 063 224-8929 (비건채식)

전주 시 완산구 효자동 1가 660-1 한강APT 상가동 104호

점 심 11:30~3:00, 저녁 5:00~9:00

전북 전주의 상덕카레 063-288-0824 채식카페

전 주시 완산구 풍남동3가 67-18

채식카레 전문점이고, 오전 11시부터 오후 3시까지만 영업.

저녁엔 10인 이상 방문 시 예약하면 가능. 메뉴는 딱 두 가지, 매운 맛과 부드러운 맛

● 전북 전주의 에 버그린채식뷔페 063-252-0822 =채식전문(일부락토오보)

전주 시 덕진구 송천동1가459-3 굿마트앞 점심 6천원, 저녁 8천원

채 식 아닌것도 있다하므로 채식여부 확인 필요함

● 전북 전주의 늘 푸른채식뷔페

전주시 완산구 중화산동2가 중산초등학교 옆 1인 9,000원

● 전북 남원의 가 마고을(소식가능) 063-633-6966 =일부메뉴

즉 석 가마솥밥(콩나물, 버섯, 영양), 우동류, 버섯전골, 돌솥 비빔밥. 역전 직진 도로에서 광한루 방향

● 전북 남원의 귀 거래사 063-636-8093 =채식전문

전북 남원 실상사 맞은편, 100% 채식과 야생차

● 전북 군산의 칼 국수를 만드는사람들 063-465-1179

군산시 미룡동 876-1 메 뉴중 흰칼국수 가능

<광 주. 전남>

광주의 러빙헛 문흥점 062-265-5727 (비건채식)

광 주 북구 문흥2동 1002-1번지

● 광주의 문 수동자연채 062-374-8899, 011-644-6205 채 식전문(일부락토오보채식)

광 주 서구 금호동 금호1동 동사무소앞

채 식피자와 버섯지짐에 치즈 사용, 일부빵에 달걀 사용, 해당메뉴 문의요.

● 광주의 살 림채식뷔페 062-675-3653 =채식전문

광주 남구 진월동 499-33 채식피자의 치즈제외 하고는 비건채식

● 광주의 수자타채식뷔페 062-222-1145 (사찰음식, 튀김류 달걀반죽)

광주 동구 운림동 470번지 동적골 입구, 증심사 입구 학운초등학교 바로옆

● 광주의 시 골생활 건강식당 062-652-4744 =채식전문(일부락토오보)

광 주 남구 주월동 371-41(백운동 모자병원 맞은편 위생병원지하) 채식건강촌

● 광주의 솥귀헌 한식집 062-672-0075 (채식전문)

광주 남구 진월동 161-4 금 요일 저녁부터 토요일은 휴무
영양호박밥이 주 메뉴이고, 비빔국수 등 3가지 정도 메뉴만 운영
밑반찬 등 모두 채식이고 메뉴판 닷컴에서 광주 추천맛집으로 꼽은 곳이기도 함.

● 광주의 자연주의 채식뷔페 062-681-5800 =채식전문(일부락토오보)

풍암 지구 풍암고후문 1인 11,000원

● 광주의 풀 내음 채식뷔페 062-384-1717 =채식전문(일부락토오보)

광 주 서구 쌍촌동 1242-1 광주 CBS방송국과 두리마트사이 골목위치

소 딜리셔스(So Delicious)카페 광주점 유기농비건아이스크림

광 주 서구 화정4동 807-9 http: //www.유기농베이커리.kr/index.htm

쌍촌일신아파트에서 염주체육관 가기전 사거리 출입국 사무소 건너편

● 전남 목포의 자 연생활채식뷔페 061-281-6663 =채식전문(락토채식)

목포 시 옥암동 1052

● 전남 목포 왈츠 061-282-3747 건강채식식당 =채식전문(락토채식)

목포시 신흥동 970-6 유 기농재료 위주로 사용한다고 함. 토요일 휴무

전 남 담양의 소 쇄원 채식뷔페 061-383-5255 =비건채식

전남 담양군 남면 지곡리 285-1

점심 11:30~3:00 , 저녁 5:30~9:00 연중 무휴

<대 구>

대구 지역은 다음 링크를 클릭 확인<☞대 구지역 채식가능한 곳>

● 대구 러빙헛 신매점 053-793-4451 (비건채식 )

대구 수성구 신매동 587-4 첫째,셋째 일요일 휴무

● 대구 러빙헛 교대점 053-622-7230 (비건채식 )

대구 남구 대명 2동 1794-7 첫 째,셋째 일요일 휴무

비건 피자 소개 -> http://cafe.naver.com/ululul/81477

● 대구 러 빙헛 로데오점 053-752-6480 (비건채식 )

대구 수성구 범어4동 96-1

커 피, 생과일주스, 스파게티, 버거, 까스 등 간단식사와 차

● 대구 러 빙헛 아힘사점 053-744-3373, 010-6656-3299 (비건채식)

대구 동구 신천4동 366-13 첫 째,셋째 일요일 휴무 소개글1 소개글2

얼큰 별미탕면, 들깨칼국수, 친환경 새싹채소 비빔밥 등

● 대구 알 베로 053-794-7176 채식지원

채식스파게티, 파스타 그라탕 등을 채식메뉴로 제공, 락토메뉴, 수성구 시지동 위치

● 대구 야생화가 있는풍경 053-983-8810, 017-502-4653 채식한정식

대구 동구 신무동 91 황성수박사님 추천식당 (예약제, 친환경 펜션도 운영)

대구 우리식당 053-982-8657 983-1495 채식지원

팔공산 갓바위 앞 길(대구 방향) 정문 옆 근처
갓바위 두부 (사찰용) 산채 비빔밥 추천

●대 구 유 기농한식뷔페 뜨락이플 053-784-3777 일부메뉴 채식지원

대 구 수성구 지산동 1275-10 수성sk리더스뷰(대우트럼프월드 옆 공사중 아파트) 맞은편

점 심 15,000원 저녁 20,000원 5세~초등생 7천원

대 구의 연 화정 054-975-9400

팔 공산 한티재방면 사찰음식, 산채한정식 15,000원

● 대구 중 화요리 일조룡 053-471-8554 채식지원

남 구 봉덕동 봉덕시장 근처 채식중화요리 메뉴 있음

짜 장, 짬뽕, 볶음밥 등, 깔끔하고 저자극적인 중화요리

● 대구 벨 로 이태리 053-625-4239 채식지원

채 식스파게티, 파스타, 그라탕을 채식메뉴로 제공, 추천

소 규모 식당이라 식사시간엔 자리가 없을 수 있음

달서구 신당동 1712-12 계명대학교 성서캠퍼스 정문 건너편의 로데오 거리에 있음

● 대구 벨 로 이태리 성서 계대점 053-583-4239 채 식파스타 추천

● 대구 콩 이야기 053-981-9773 채식지원

팔공산 파계사 아래 , 파계사 입구로 가는 도로에 있음

콩요리 전문점, 대부분의 메뉴가 채식메뉴이나 고기요리도 있으므로 채식으로 주문

● 대구 중 화요리 청우방 053-815-0798 =채식지원

경산 시 중방동 348 경산의 현대 밀레오레 근처 (경산시장 근처)

중화 요리- 채식 자장면, 짬봉, 마파두부, 채식김치 등 여러가지 요리를 주문할 수 있음

쟁반 짜장, 두부완자 추천 칼과 도마도 채식하시는 분들을 위해 따로 준비하고 있음

● 대구 미 성당 053-255-0742 채 식지원

남구 대명동 대구 원산지인 납짝만두를 맛있게 해주는 전문점

오로지 야채와 부추, 잡채만을 넣어서 만든 얇은 만두

ktx와 레일로드 잡지에 소개된 만두, 채식메뉴는 납짝만두 뿐

● 대구 마야 053-214-1916 (인 도&네팔요리 전문점) 채식지원

대 구시 북구 산격동 1327-7 2층 경북대 북문

대 구 연빈재 053 -632-6900 차, 건강음식 체험관

달 서구 본동 944-1번지 유빈문화원(부설)1층 http://blog.naver.com/tea_food


대구의 카페 꿈을 파는 사람 070-8200-2877 채 식커피

영남대학교 오렌지 골목, 일요일 휴무 네 이버카페 운영


경북 구미의 커피주전자 카페 054-475-4728, 011-683-4728

구미시 진평동 7-13번지 해오니아B동. 구미시립도서관 인동분관 옆. 월요일 휴무

치아바타 비건샌드위치, 카페메뉴 두유선택 가능 http://cafe.naver.com/ululul/81855

● 경북 경주의 유 화전통다원 054-741-3579 채식지원

경주 시 동천동 987-43

● 경북 경 주의 다 유 054-773-0686, 011-523-8866 채식지원

경 주시 천북면 물천리 1059-7보문단지 환화콘도 뒷길 아름다운 팬션, 세븐하프 팬션 가는 길목

채 과밥 정식, 콩고기 정식 각각 만(채식 확인 요함, 특히 국종류)

경 북 경주의 연 화바 루 054-774-5378 =채식전문(사찰음식)

경주 시 무열왕릉 시외방향 5분거리 도로변(전통사찰음식) 소개글

10,000 원 15,000원 코스 매월 둘째, 넷째 금요일 2회 쉼 소개글

● 경북 경주의 향 적원 054-775-0014 채식전문(사찰음식)

경주 시 불국사역 삼거리에서 불국사 방향으로 가다 보면 있음

사찰 음식, 주문식 일요일도 영업함 소 개글1 소개글2

경 북 경주의 쑥 부쟁이 054-748-3903 채식지원

채식 위주, 구절초코스 15,000원, 쑥부쟁이코스 20,000원

● 경북 문 경의 길 림성 054-571-5455 =채식지원(일부채식)

문경 시 농암면 종곡리 31-1 번지

중화 요리-한농버전(채식)으로 짜장과 짬뽕등을 주문할 수 있음

● 경북 상주의 사찰음식점 통 나무집 054-533-3313 채식전문

상주시 지천동 634

● 경북 상 주의 러 빙헛 상주점 054-536-9353 (비 건채식)

상 주시 남성동 9-2 국민은행 맞은편골목 50m

인근 가까운 곳은 배달 가능, 일요일 휴무

● 경북 안동 러 빙헛 동문점 054-841-9244 (비건채식)

안 동시 동문동 158-5 다양한 메뉴 3,000~15,000

경북 안 동 러빙헛 안동점 054-841-5393 (비건채식)
안동시 옥동 788-1 한맥빌딩 106호 이 마트 정문앞 토마토정형외과 1층

100% 셀프서비스, 밥,찬 무한리필, 단체도시락 주문가(일주일전 예약)

경 북 안동 현 미밥 채식 전문점 산야초 054-822-8558 채식전문

안동시 북문동 23-6 천연효소 사용 http://4o0e9b2o.blog.me/10098119745

안동 시청근처, 안동 시내에 한일외과 혹은 김종식 이비인후과 병원 앞에 위치

● 경북 포항의 어 가찻집 054-281-0065 채식전문

포항 시 남구 대이동 채식메뉴 13,000원

● 경북 포항의 요 산재 채식뷔페 054-278-3240 =채식전문

포항 시 남구 대잠동 469-17

점심 : 성인 15,000 6세- 초등 10,000 저녁 : 성인 20,000 6세 -초등 12,000

<강 원도>

● 강원도 춘천의 채 식사랑뷔페 033-252-2057 =비건채식

춘 천시 동면 만천리 329-13 (소식가능-양파일부 사용))

● 강원도 춘천의 러 빙헛 춘천점 033-241-3291 (비건 채식)

춘 천시 동면 지내리 685-12 둘째 일요일 휴무

강원도 원 주의 러빙헛 원주점 033-743-5393 (비건채식)

원주시 단계동 1100-5 원주 봉화택지 백간 공원 옆 첫 째,셋째 일요일 휴무

● 강원도 속초의 점 봉산 산채 마을 033-636-5947 =채식지원(일부메뉴)

점 봉산 한방 산채비빔밥, 산채정식, 버섯전골 및 산더덕구이 요리 등 판매

속초 시 노학동 668

강 원도 고성의 화 진포 막국수 033-686-8182 =채식지원(일부메뉴)

동 치미막국수전문점(주문하실 때 계란 등을 빼고 주문요청)


울산의 채 식사랑 소심 052-297-4844 ,017-872-2038 (채식전문)

울산 중구 복산2동 185-4 중구청앞 버스 정류장에 위치

채식 재료도 판매하며 채식정보 제공 http://cafe.naver.com/ululul/74914

● 울산의 러빙헛 달 동점 052-267-7173 (비 건채식)

채 식패스트푸드 등 저렴하고 다양한 주문식 채식요리

울 산 남구 달동 758-2 일요일 휴무

● 울산의 러 빙헛 울산대점 052-277-4870 (비건채식)

청 국장, 정식, 된장찌개, 비빔밥 등 주문식 채식요리

울 산 남구 무거2동 630-22 울산대학교 부근 일요일 휴무


경남 사천의 동 다솔 055-853-5279 (채식전문)

사천시 곤명면 추천리 595-3 동다솔(가든)

비빔밥정식. 된장찌개. 콩까스. 콩불고기. 버섯탕수. 춘권. 수제비. 도토리묵. 파전. 시골 동동주.

비빔밥이 별미(시골 참기름) 신라시대 고찰 다솔사 입구에 있으니 다솔사 구경겸 산행후 들리면 좋음

365일 영업하며 명절은 오후에만. 동절기10:00~19:00 하절기10:00~ 20:00

경남 양산의 잎새바람 055-386-5695 (산채정식 전문점)

양 산시 주진동 655 http://cafe.naver.com/ululul/81780

● 경남 양산의 사 찰음식전문점 바루 051-385-6688 채식지원(사찰음식)

양산 교육청 신청사앞 (모두 채식이 아닐 수 있습니다.)

● 경남 양산의 약 선음식전문점 죽림산방 055-374-3392 채식지원(일부채식)

양 산시 상북면 대석리 393 조류, 생선도 나오니 주문전 미리 문의요

영 산대 교수이자 초근목피 약선을 저술한 약선전문가인 권민경교수가 운영하는 식당

● 경남 진주 자 연으로 채식뷔페 055-762-5888 채식전문

칠암 동 문화예술회관 앞 다다미횟집 건물 3층 1인당 만원

진주 시 칠암동 503-7번지 금요일 저녁~토요일 휴무

● 경남 진주 또 오리 반점 055-746-1880 채식지원(청구소식가능)

진 주 봉곡로타리 서부 농협 앞

● 경남 진주 뚱 보곰탕 055-752-8300 채식지원(청구소식가능)

돌 솥 비비밥, 비빔밥, 냉면, 특별 메뉴는 전날 연락 후 가능

진 주 칠암동 강변로 강변사우나 앞에서 서쪽

● 경남 진주 러 빙헛 진 주점 055-748-9476 (비건채식)

진주시 신안동 440-2 일요일 휴무

● 경남 창원 화 련정 055-266-9120 (채식전문, 청구소식가능)

된 장뚝배기, 쌈밥, 들깨찜, 버섯전골 공휴일, 일요일 휴무 토요일 4시에 마감 전화문의

창 원시 중앙동 95-3 번지 삼일상가 앞 공성상가 2층 보민한의원 옆

● 경남 창녕의 도 리원 055-521-6116~7 채식지원

경남 창녕군 영산면 죽사 373-1 부곡.영산 IC에서->부곡하와이 방향 1km정도, 영산휴게소 부근

● 경남 하동의 채 식생활(구 낭만의동지) 055-884-5694

경 남 하동군 화개면 정금리 1111-1

식사 메뉴는 <비빔밥>, <된장찌개>, <콩까스>, <콩불구이>, <밀불구이정식>

특선 메뉴로 순 표고로만 만든 <버섯탕수>, <수제 군만두> 등


제주시 러빙헛 중앙점 064-759-6113 (비건채식)

카페 메뉴에 카페 분위기. 커피조청에 통밀빵 토스트가 무료

제주시 이도1동 1387-3 <나마스테 그린커피숍>이 <러빙헛 중앙점>으로 바뀐 곳

● 제주시 애월읍의 물 뫼골 064-713-5486 채식지원(사찰음식)

사 찰음식 전문가인 선재 스님으로부터 사사한 불교학 석사, 김치 젓갈등 채식문의

연 잎밥, 된장국수, 쉰다리차, 들개수제비, 보말죽 등 다양한 음식

제 주시 애월읍 수산리 795-1 http://cafe.naver.com/ululul/24973

제 주시 연 우네 064-712-5646 채식지원

찹쌀들깨옹심이, 야채비빔밥, 녹차들깨수제비 등, 김치젓갈 등 채식문의요

노형오거리 이마트에서 한라산방면 직진, 한라수목원입구 맞은편

제주시 노형동 571-2번지

● 제주시 밥 이보약 064-744-7782, 011-9458-7783 채식지원

선재스님께 배우신 분이 운영 야채비빔밥, 들깨수제비, 순두부

순두부는 모시조개 넣고 나오므로 채식한다고 미리 이야기할 것

● 제주시 나무 물꼬기 064-752-1163

제주시 일도2동 72-2번지 들깨수제비나 산채비빕밥 등

고풍스런 찻집 분위기로 예술가의 인테리어가 돋보이는 곳

● 제주시 인도음식점 바 그다드 064-757-8182 채식지원

제주시 이도2동 1188-16 베지터블메뉴 따로 있음

● 제주시 조천읍 낭뜰에 쉼팡 064-784-9292

제주시 조천읍 와흘리 122-3


기 존 목록에 있던 업소 중 폐업했거나 휴업 등 영업하지 않는 곳

● 경북 경산의 죽 비 010-6799-7297 채식전문(사찰음식) ========= 전화 안 받음

● 대구의 보 리수 (053) 421-7737, 011-9582-5393 =채식전문(사찰음식) === 전화 안 받음

● 대구의 솔 밭다원 053-425-7188 채식지원========= 전화 안 받음

● 경남 마산의 성 덕분식 055-248-4500 010-9392-5263 채식지원-- 폐업함

● 광주의 자 연생활 채식뷔페 본 점 (뉴스타트) 062-228-0485 =채식전문(일부락토오보)--없어짐

● 광주의 호 밀과 콩채 식뷔페 062-527-9885~6 채식지원(일부락토오보)--전화 안받음, 수리중

● 제주도 서귀포 찰 나레스토랑 064-738-1061 채식지원 -폐업 했음

● 제주도 서귀포의 행 복한 차실 064- 763-1267, 011-724-0458 채식지원- 운영하지 않음

● 충 북 청주의 이 야기나무 041-362 -1500 채식지원 -폐업함

● 경남 사천의 웰빙채식뷔페 055-852-7009 852-0645 010-3977-4050 채식전문- 문닫음

● 경 남 사천의 채식건강식당 -뉴스타트채 식뷔페 055-852-7009 -위와 동일한 곳 -문닫음

● 충북 영동의 러 빙헛 영동2점 043-744-3827 비건채식(출장뷔페전문) - 없어짐

● 광주의 풀 토랑 채식뷔페 062-962-8998 (일부채식) - 임시휴업

● 제주 러빙헛시청점 064-751-3335 채식전문(비건채식) - 이전한다고 함.

● 경북 구미의 바 루 054-475-3445=채식지원(사찰음식, 일부생선) -없어짐

● 전남 여수 산 들바람 061-681-5332 채식전문(락토채식) - 없어짐

● 울산의 하 늘피리점 052-261-1587 채 식전문(비건채식) - 폐업

● 경북 영주의 사찰음식점 부 석사 미가가든 054-633-7415 - 없어짐

Transportation Guide

Busan Port Boat Tours

From: http://www.busanpa.com/Service.do?id=engbpa_cy_ps_01


 The Purpose of Saenuri: Our Port Guide Ship

Our Port Guide Ship, Saenuri, allows visitors to enhance their understanding of the port operations and administration of Busan Port. Passengers on board can see first-hand the port facilities ofBusan Port, including the passenger terminal, general piers, and container terminals, and learn about our port facilities, our role as a transshipment hub, and our future development plans.

 History of the Saenuri, Port Guide Ship
Vessel name
The Saenuri
Total tons
56 tons
Horse power
Maximum speed
27 knot
Date built
June 1997
the number of boarding
72(4 crews, 68visitors)
 Boarding Introduction
Sailing course
Costal Passenger Terminal → International Passenger Terminal → Jasungdae Container Terminal → UamContainer Terminal → New Gamman Container Terminal → Gamman Container Terminal → Shinsundae Container Terminal → Jo Islands → Hanjin Heavy Industry → Costal Passenger Terminal
Target for boarding
Special target
Students in elementary schools in Busan
- vacation period (for about two months)
General target
At least 10 group visitors can be aboard; those who formally apply for boarding 
Boarding place
Hold of a ship in front of Sumir Park of the Coastal Passenger Terminal of Busan Port in Joongang-dong, or hold of a ship for Gujeh, Jangseungpo
How to get here
Subway (Line no. 1)
Walk to the BPA from the exit no. 2 of the “Joongahng-dong” subway station. It takes about five minutes. 
Bus line
Take bus no, 13, 507, 88-1, 11, 70, 101, and 109 to get off at the Coastal Passenger Terminal of Busan Port
phone number

Ferry Guide

Info here may be out of date. 
 For  the most current information, we suggest checking out http://www.visitkorea.or.kr/

Busan, the largest port city in Korea, is the marine transportation center of the south coastal area. There is a  Coastal Pier and an International Pier. Both are located in Junangdong and offer convenient, affordable, modern high speed ferry service to a variety of locales.

See Pier locations on the map below (ship icons)
Coastal Ferry Terminal (Jungangdong)   *  International Ferry Terminal

View Larger Map

  • At the domestic pier you can catch ferries every day to  Jeju island, Changsungpo, Goje Island Okpo, Kohyun, Haekumkang, Chungmu and Yeosu.  You can also enjoy a tour of Jeju island and  the many beautiful islands of Hallyosudo along the south coast.

  • Ships departing from the International Pier go to Hakata (Fukuoka) and Shimonoseki  in Japan, and to Yondai city in China. The operation of ships is subject to the weather and you have to confirm reservations at the information office before traveling. 

  • Phone numbers of ferry information center

    - Busan Information Center for Coastal Tours :16, 5ga, Chungang-dong Jung-gu,  : 469-0116, 469-0117 

  • -Ferry Companies

    - Dongyang Express Ferry Co. Ltd., Jeju City, Tel)463-0605
    - Gukje Dae-ho Development Co. Ltd., Jeju City, Tel)464-6601
    - Kukje Tongun Co. Ltd., Cheju-City, Tel)464-2228
    Semo Co. Ltd (Changsungpo, Gohyun, Sungpo, Okpo, Chungmu, Yosu, Saryangdo, Samchunpo, Namhae), Tel)469-3851
    - Sukyong-Haeun Co. Ltd., Changsungpo City, Tel)469-5994
    - Busan-Shimonoseki Ferry Co. Ltd., Shimonoskei City, Japan, Tel)463-3161
    - Koryo Ferry Co. Ltd., Fukuoka, Japan, Tel)466-7799
    - Hanguk Express, Ferry Co. Ltd., Fukuoka, Japan, Tel)465-6114
    - Chinsung Co. Ltd., Yunae, China, Tel)441-888

For more information, see Pusanweb's Visa Run Guide

  Schedule information (please call Ferry companies or travel agents to confirm)

From:  http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/GK/GK_EN_2_3_1.jsp

    Ferry Schedule

    ItineraryCompanyDeparturesTravel Time
    Busan ↔ FukuokaKorea FerryDaily 
    (closed once a month)
    Korea to Japan: 7hrs, 30min
    Japan to Korea: 5hrs, 30min
    Miraejet &
    JR Kyushu Ferry
    Daily2hrs, 55min
    Busan ↔ ShimonosekiPukwan FerryDaily12hrs-13hrs
    Busan ↔ IzuharaDaea Express ShippingMon, Fri, Sat *3hrs
    MirejetDaily (except Wednesdays)1hr, 40min
    Busan ↔ HitakatsuDaea Express ShippingWed, Sun1hr, 50min
    JR Kyushu FerryDaily1hr, 10min
    Busan ↔ OsakaPanstar Line Dot ComMon, Wed, Fri
    Sun, Tues, Thurs

    * Daea Express Shipping runs ferries every day during peak seasons.
    * Schedule subject to change without notice.

    Ferry Reservations

    In general, reservations can be made up to three months before the date of departure. Reservations can be made online or over the phone. When making your reservation, please provide your passport number, date of birth, and English name exactly as it appears on your passport. Reservations will only be considered complete if payment is made by the date specified by each respective ferry company.

    Foreign Language Services

    Korean and Japanese language service are available in the terminal, but language services (quality of services, language options, etc.) may vary by ferry. For translation assistance, please call the Korea Tourism Organization’s 1330 tt call center in Seoul (02-1330 from mobile phones in Korea, +82-2-1330 from overseas).

    CompanyKorea Ferry
    DetailsItineraryBusan – Fukuoka
    ReservationsIndividuals: reservations accepted up to 3 month scope="row"s before departure; Groups: up to 1 year before departure. 
    Phone reservations only.
    Required: Departure date/return date, English name as written on passport, telephone number, ferry room type 
    * Check-in: No later th scope="row"an 90min before departure. (Check-in time: 19:00-19:40)
    Contact No.Fukuoka: 092-262-22323
    Busan: +82-51-466-7799 / Seoul: +82-2-775-2323
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.koreaferry.co.kr (Korean)
    CompanyDaea Express Shipping
    DetailsItineraryBusan-Izuhara (Tsushima), Busan-Shitakatsu (Tsushima)
    ReservationsGroups of 10 or more should submit a list of passengers to th scope="row"e ferry company. Onsite ticketing is available for groups of 10 or less. 
    Reservations can be made up to one day before departure, pending seat availability.
    Contact No.Izuhara: 0920-52-3188 / Shitakatsu: 0920-86-2008
    Busan: +82-51-461-0901
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.daea.com (Korean)
    ReservationsReservations can be made up to 3 month scope="row"s in advance online or via phone (Japanese & English available).
    Required: English name as it appears on passport, passport number, date of birth scope="row"
    Payment is due with scope="row"in a week of departure (for reservations made 7 or more days in advance).
    Payment is due at time of reservation for reservations made with scope="row"in a week of departure (less th scope="row"an 7 days before departure date). 
    * During peak seasons & holidays, payment should be made at time of reservation regardless of how far in advance reservations are made. 
    Check-in must be completed no later th scope="row"an 1 hour before departure.
    Contact No.Fukuoka: 092-281-2315
    Busan: 1599-0255 / +82-51-247-0255 / +82-51-411-8200
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.kobee.co.kr (Korean)
    CompanyJR Kyushu Ferry
    DetailsItineraryBusan- Hitakatsu
    ReservationsReservations can be made up to 3 month scope="row"s in advance by phone.
    Required: English name as it appears on passport, date of birth scope="row", passport number
    Contact No.Hitakatsu: 0920-86-2210 / Busan: +82-51-469-0778
    Websitewww.jrbeetle.co.jp (Japanese)
    CompanyPukwan Ferry
    ReservationsReservations can be made by phone or fax. 
    Required: English name as it appears on passport 
    Group ticket prices apply to groups of 20 people or more.
    Tickets will be issued th scope="row"e day of departure.
    Contact No.Shimonoseki: 0832-24-3000
    Busan: +82-51-464-2700 / Seoul: +82-2-738-0055
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.pukwan.co.kr (Korean, Japanese)
    CompanyPanstar line dot com
    ReservationsReservations can be made up to th scope="row"ree month scope="row"s before departure by phone (English & Japanese available).
    Discounts for online reservations for roundtrip tickets only.
    One-way tickets must be purchased by phone.
    Required: English name as it appears on passport, passport number, date of birth scope="row"
    Tickets will be issued on th scope="row"e day of departure.
    Contact No.Osaka: 06-6267-9779
    Seoul: +82-2-756-4500
    Busan Ferry Terminal: +82-51-469-6131 / 1577-9996
    LanguagesKorean, English, Japanese
    Websitehttp://www.panstar.co.kr  (Korean, English, Japanese)

    Updated on November 2011