We Got Married: Park SoHyun & Kim WonJun Episode 1

Like we mentioned in a previous episode, we were really looking forward to this couple, subbed or unsubbed. To our shared surprise, the subs for episode 1 surfaced on the Internet within 48 hours of airing.  So of course we will not keep our elation to ourselves.  Many, many thanks to the subber, and I hope you will remain motivated to continue to translate this interesting couple’s cuts. They’re quite different than the couples cast recently as Sohyun is 40 and Wonjun is 38, and they’ve been friends for 18 years, so we’re definitely looking forward to how this turns out.

If you’re looking for this episode, seeing as the below is now removed from youtube check here.

Part 1

Part 2

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Credit to the uploader WeezingKoffing