From KBC - Mark Minton "Helping the World Understand Modern Korea and its Place in Asia"


Produced bySteven Bammel and hosted by Tom Tucker.

June 17, 2011The Korea Business Interview Series

Mark Minton 
"Helping the World Understand Modern Korea and Korea’s Place in Asia"

Mark Minton is President of the Korea Society, and previously US Ambassador to Mongolia, as well as long-term diplomat in Korea and Japan.

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Understanding Korea and Koreans from the wider geopolitical context yields important insights into the newly confident nation we find today. Anyone doing business in this dynamic economy can expect to increase their effectiveness by learning about recent Korean history and its position in the region.

Mark Minton boasts of a long history in E. Asia, as a US diplomat in Japan and Korea, and later in Mongolia as US Ambassador. In this discussion with KBC host Tom Tucker, Ambassador Minton shares deep insights about modern Korea and doing business there.

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