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Due to Hurricane Irene affecting Puerto Rico, Turks & Caicos, The Bahamas and later the Northeastern United States, this episode was delayed considerably.  Yes, I don’t live in all of those places, but my Internet was down for 3 days after power returned to my neighborhood.  My family and I are fine, but there are a lot that are suffering in the wake of the first Hurricane this season.

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As this recording ended my birthday sort of started, and I’m posting when it’s technically still my birthday. So as a gift to myself, here’s Epik High’s Happy Birthday to Me

Due to the delay we have a lot of news to go over.

  • Real News
    • Daesung is found “Not Guilty” due to lack of evidence. YG reiteratesthat he will not be promoting the rest of 2011.
    • SMTown in New York is confirmed, and will be held in Madison Square Garden, no less.
    • Billboard Korea’s K-Pop Hot 100 chart is launched and SISTAR’s “So Cool” tops the first week.
    • Rain’s “Busan Woman” is accused of plagiarising Rafael Saadiq’s “Detroit Girl”
      Busan Woman

      Detroit Girl
    • SNSD’s Sooyoung was in a car accident where she fractured her sacrum, but don’t worry guys it’s totally not serious and she’ll just rest and miss SMTown LIVE in Tokyo and SNSD’s Taiwanese leg of their concert. In case you’re curious THIS is your sacrum.
    • Super Junior’s “Bonamana” is plagiarized by a Moroccan group.

      Tiraline – Matal Maghribi
    • Last month Younha sued her agency, Lion Media for termination of her contract, and last week, they sued right back, to the tune of one million dollars.
    • 2NE1 completed their first concert series, Nolza.
    • Boom is discharged from the army and will return to Strong Heart.
    • When one man leaves another enters, in a little under a day, Kim Heechul of Super Junior will enlist in the army for public service.
    • Shindong acknowledged that he got double eyelid surgery
  • Debuts/Comebacks/New Releases
    • Super Junior – Superman
    • Stellar released Rocket Girl and had their debut stages
    • Wei Chen released Run Away ft. Lee Joon & Thunder (MBLAQ)
    • The Diva Project (Lena Park, Lee Young Hyun of Big Mama, Sohyang) – Mermaid
    • Verbal Jint – You Look Happy
    •  Crispi Crunch – Thumbs Up (This video is hilarious)
    • Leessang releases Asura Balbalta, their 7th album.
      Turn off the TV
    • U-KiSS releases Someday
    • Wonder Girls to return in November with Korean album.
    • KARA to comeback on September 6th
    • April Kiss to debut as a “female” 2PM
    • BB Boys – We will be Okay ft. G.NA
  • Best News:
    • City Hunter co-stars Lee Minho and Park Minyoung are confirmed to be dating. Trust us.

Free Talk:

This ended up being quite lengthy as we jumped from one topic to the next concerning the recent anti-hallyu protests outside of Fuji TV.  This event certainly was influenced at least in part by Sousuke Takaoka’s recent twitter rant directed at those behind Hallyu and Fuji TV in particular.  Some Japanese neo-nationalists seemed to have snuck into the protest and used the moment to chant insults against specific Kpop artists as well as hail the emperor. We’ve wondered for sometime if there would be a backlash at the truckload of Korean idols suddenly “invading” Japan, and it seems as though there is something growing slowly under the surface. Is it a matter of racism, nationalism, historical tensions or something else entirely?

Opening Song: G.Na – Banana

Insert Song: Davichi – Love, My Love

Closing Song: Diva Project – Mermaid (R&B Ver.)

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