ARKPop#18 – Gracefully, Maturely, Classily Yours, is That Okay?

The first episode after I’ve returned from my epic(ly normal) vacation marks the return of Cheon Sang Ji Hee the Grace to mainstream Kpop. Only time will tell how well they’re received.

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Opening Song: HyunA – Bubble Pop!

Concert News:

After School Update:

  • Subunits to be designated as Red and Blue to promote simultaneously and because Pledis is jerking us around with who will be in which group, I don’t care enough to link the news about it.
  • Birdie Buddy to air perhaps in the next decade, maybe on tvN, maybe somewhere else. Let us know if it does.

Japan News:

Fabulous News:

  • SBS to hold auditions for an idol group under their new (expensive) show“K-pop Star” with JYPE, SME & YGE to help in auditing the auditions (whatever that means) to begin airing on July 12th.

Comebacks/Debuts/New Releases:

  • Oh hey, Super Junior’s Kim Kibum will be back, doing something, acting maybe?
  • CSJH the Grace returns as a subunit with Sunday & Dana, not quite the full group return, but something is definitely better than nothing.
  • HITT debuts
  • MBLAQ’s G.O releases “Even in My Dreams”
  • Miss A to return by the end of July (don’t you dare jerk me around)
  • HyunA returns with her much talked about, much criticized (in English anyway) Bubble Pop promotions

Random JYJ news:

  • They bought and refitted a studio to suit their purposes.
  • Jaejoong bought an expensive Condo or something (for all I know Noelle is making this up)

Free Talk:

This week we’re taking a look at the Gaon chart for the first half of 2011, which is widely known as Korea’s attempt at creating a similar unarguable chart as Billboard or Japan’s Oricon. We don’t know much about the points system for the digital singles, but it is a good way for the International fan to see how different our tastes appear to be from the popular Korean taste.

Artist Spotlight:

Cheon Sang Ji Hee the Grace debuted in 2005 as the “female” DBSK, but really as a very talented female acapella group. It was composed of former solo singer Dana, former Isak & Jiyeon member Lina, Sunday, and ballet dancer, Stephanie. The group had one Korean album in 2007 named One More Time Ok? along with a few Korean singles. They also entered the Japanese market on the heels of their “older brothers” Dong Bang Shin Ki and became known as Tenjochiki. Their last major album release in Japan was in 2009 before they seemingly withdrew from that market as well.

After Stephanie became injured things became quiet on the news front, and then after recovery Stephanie took up ballet seriously again and is now performing as a dancer, while we get Dana and Sunday performing the first duties to bring the group back.

My Everything


Dancing in the Rain

The Club

Just For One Day

And as a bonus, here’s pre-CSJH Dana the Grace with Diamond ft. pre-DBSK Yunho

Insert Songs:
Jung Yong Hwa – You’ve Fallen For Me
CSJH The Grace – Boomerang
CSJH The Grace feat. Kim Jaejoong – Just For One Day (Japanese Ver.)
CSJH The Grace – Faith

Closing Song: G.O – Even In My Dreams

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