ARKPop Podcast#27 – A Girl can Dream


Episode 27 meets us on a high after finding ourselves linked to for a blog recommendation. YAY! We’re almost famous. Ahem, anyway, this week there was a lot of non-news released, but we power through it all anyway to get to our somewhat surprisingly in depth free talk, a bit more silly and fun than normal.

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Unfortunately this weekend I have been out almost the entire day, so you get the lazy version of the notes. Hopefully if I get time I’ll be back to edit this.

  • News
    • YGE earns more than SME during the period January 1-June 30,2011
    • KBS’ free concert moves from New York to New Jersey
    • Big Hit established a producer academy
    • MBLAQ’s trip to Brazil is a part of “Cover Dance Festival K-POP Roadshow” a new TV show promoting Hallyu worldwide, (SHINee has already appeared in Russia) and will involve idols as judges.
    • Tiger JK & T are Korea’s representatives for “The Creator’s Project”, where a designer is paired with an artist to create a music video.
    • Snacky Chan revives his Dynasty Muzik record Label
    • Cherry Filter creates Rocat Punch record label for indie bands and plans to interface with the public.
  • Comebacks\Debuts\New Releases
    • JYJ releases “Get Out”, their album does bananas in preorders, and they got to perform on TV at the closing ceremonies of the 2011 IAAF World Track & Field Championships in Daegu, South Korea. Also, they’re going on tour in Europe.
    • KARA releases STEP
    • Comeback rumors for G-Dragon quashed for now.
    • Secret to release followup album
    • Brown Eyed Girls to return (finally) on September 23rd
    • T-ara to release mini-album
    • ChoPD to release a new album, tracklisting here
    • ESQ, a Canadian group to debut in Korea. Members include a caucasian.
    • MYNAME (Hwanhee’s boyband) to debut soon.
    • B1A4 releases teaser for Beautiful Target
    • Simon Dominic releases Hero
    • Jay Park releases Demon
  • Lawsuit News:
    •  B2ST wins lawsuit against Ministry of Gender Equality and Family about the banning of the song “On Rainy Days”
    • KMP Holdings (amalgamation of record labels) to join the banning committee.
    • Han Ye Seul and Tae Jin Ah to give their testimonies about the Korean entertainment industry for a government inquiry. [We go off track here]
  • Rumor Debunked
    • B2ST’s Yong Junhyung & KARA’s Goo Hara have not broken up.

Free Talk


The Great Idol Steal

For this Noelle and I imagine that we are executives of a record label and we draft from the current crop of idols those that we would use to create our dream idol groups. For the sake of suspense, I’ll leave out the details of our picks, but in addition to filling out the rosters of seven each, we picked a producer each and one choreographer total. We also drew up a list of rules and contract specifics. Of course, this is for an idol world, but we had fun with it, and we owe ourselves a fun free talk every now and then, inspired by JYP & YG’s statements on what idols they’d take from each other’s companies.  Feel free to do the exercise yourself and email us with your own picks and your rationale for why you grabbed each member.

Kpop Crystal Ball


Debuted in 2008 and having already suffered the loss of one member, former leader Jay Park, this group has gone through a lot to currently being one of the most popular boybands in the market. They’ve even debuted in Japan and had one of their songs as the ending theme for anime “Ao no Exorcist” (Blue Exorcist). From Chansung to Junsu we detail where we think each member will end up after 2PM becomes a part of their pasts.

10 out of 10

Only You

Again & Again


Take off (Ao no Exorcist End Theme 1)

Hands Up

Opening Song: Aziatix – Be With You (Rock Mix)

Insert Songs:
JYJ – Get Out
2PM – Electricity
2PM – Again & Again
2PM – Only You (Acoustic Mix)
2PM – Give It to ME

Closing Song: Zia – I Hope It’s You (with K-Will)

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