ARKPop Podcast Special Music Episode 02 – Goodbye September, Hello October!


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Since I am currently recovering from what DameDrFoxyBrown calls the “devil flu” and while she’s away in Atlanta enjoying her vacation, this Special Music Episode contains no talk. Trust me, you really wouldn’t want to hear my croaky voice right now.

The songs in this special episode were all released late last month (which is technically just two days ago). These are all good songs which should get you through your morning commute and/or the rush hour at the end of a long and shitty day.

Enjoy this release and we will be back to our regular program next week!


01) TVXQ – I Think U Know
02) TVXQ – Thank you my girl
03) JYJ – In Heaven
04) Super Junior – A Day
05) Lyn and Na Yoon Kyon – CHU! POP! CHU!
06) Mr Children – Summer Dream (from Mr. Idol OST)
07) fatcat – Indifferent Love
08) MoGaZi – Dreaming is Beautiful
09) Humming Urban Stereo – D.D.D (feat. Instant Romantic Floor)
10) Tensi Love – Shine (Korean Ver.)
11) Sung Hoon (Brown Eyed Soul) – Fail In Love (feat. E-Sens of Supreme Team)
12) Kim Bo Kyung – Without U
13) Kim Kyu Jong – YESTERDAY
14) Ali – I’ll Be Damned
15) Soulstar – Right Now
16) TVXQ – Somebody to Love – 2011 Ver.

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