ARKPop Podcast Episode#28


A great man (or woman) once said “Age ain’t nothing but a number, you just as old as you feel” and we’re taking that theme and running with it for our free talk, as well as bringing you up to date with all of the happenings this week and (re)introducing you to a Korean HipHop Legend.

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  • International News
    • YG Entertainment is praised by international recording star Ludacris, who names them as the forefront of the
      Hallyu wave and later signs a memorandum of understanding with the company. In case you don’t know Ludacris, his debut song
    • Popular MBC variety program “I am A Singer” to hold concerts inAustralia
  • Enlistments
    • Rain reportedly will enlist in October
    • Kim Joon of T-MAX to enlist in September.
    • Yunhak, leader of CCM’s Supernova to enlist in October
  • Debuts/Comebacks/New Releases
    • FNC Music to debut the “Female Version of CN Blue”
    • Super Junior to release a new repackage of Mr. Simple, AcHA
    • Sung Shi Kyung’s new album “The First” releases
    • SG Wannabe’s digital single “How to Love” releases
    • Former YG Artist Soulstar’s comeback album to be titled Rebirth.

      Some Soulstar covers

    • Huh Gak releases new mini-album
    • B1A4 releases mini-album “It B1A4″
    • Brown Eyed Girls release digital single Hot Shot, the (short) MV is here
    • Tiger JK & T(Asha) to have their comebacks this fall.
    • JYJ’s “In Heaven” album releases
  • K-Drama news

Free Talk


This week’s free talk is inspired by a Seoulbeats editorial “How Old is Too Old in Kpop?” We address the need for the idol to mature as an artist and move away from the sort of insipid pop they were making into their teenage years into something more artistic, as well as for the audience to accept them for what they’ve grown into. We personally don’t think there should be an age limit on artistry, as long as one is physically able and has the desire, no person ought to be able to stand in their way.
Uhm Jung Hwa (1969)

Lee Hyori (1979)

When their powers combine

Recent Debuts at an “advanced” age.

Dalmatian (features Inati (1981) Dayday (1983) and Dari (1984) and they debuted in 2010 at ages 29, 27 and 26 or Korean 30, 28 and 26, Dari was recently enlisted in the army)

After School (features Gahee (1980) and Jung Ah (1983) and they debuted in 2009 at ages 29 and 26 or Korean 30 and 27)

Brown Eyed Girls (features JeA, Narsha & Miryo (all 1981, but they lied about it initially) debuted in 2006 at age 25 and Korean 26)

2NE1 (features Dara & Park Bom (both 1984), debuted in 2009 at age 25 and Korean 26)

Bom Appears with a recently debuted Big Bang here in 2006 at age 22

Artist Spotlight – Drunken Tiger
Formed in 1999 by Tiger JK and DJ Shine, this group went on to revolutionize the Korean Pop music sound by bringing authentic hip hop to an industry that was clogged with sugary pop and repetitious ballads.  These men who wouldn’t dance on stage or make fools of themselves made a statement with their lyrics, sometimes to the point of their songs being banned from radio airplay.  DJ Shine departed from the group in 2005, but Tiger JK continued to release albums alongside his many compatriots that he’d become associated with over the years. This group is legendary and I probably did a horrible job at doing them justice.

Album 1: “Year of the Tiger”

I Want You

Album 2: “The Great Rebirth”

Great Rebirth

Album 3: “The Legend of…”

Is Ack Hezay?

Good Life

Album 4: “Foundation”

Because I’m a Man


Album 5: “One is a Lonely Word”

Convenience Store

Liquor Shots

Album 6: “1945 Liberation”

Isolated Ones, Left Foot Forward

Album 7: “Sky is the Limit”

8:45 Heaven

I Hate Myself

Album 8: “Feel gHood Muzik”


Doo Doo Doo Wop Ba Ba Lu

The Movement Crew performing “Movement IV” from Bizzy’s album for Mnet’s Street sound

Opening Song: B1A4 – Beautiful Target
Insert Songs:
Rainbow – A (Japanese Ver.)
Drunken Tiger – True Romance (feat. T)
Drunken Tiger – Return of the Tiger
Drunken Tiger – I Want You (Sweet Talk) (Club Mix)
Drunken Tiger – 8:45 Heaven
Drunken Tiger – Monster (English Ver.) (Feat. Rakim, Rakka of Dilated People, Roscoe Umali, & T)
Drunken Tiger – Doo Doo Wop Ba Ba Lu (English Ver.) (Feat. Styliztik Jones & Roscoe Umali)

Closing Song: JYJ – The Boy’s Letter

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