ARKPop Podcast - Episode 48 – Boys Behaving Badly


Early episode this week.

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JYJ’s Jaejoong to co-star in new drama, “Time Slip Dr. Jin” which seems to be related to Japanese drama JIN.
Goo Hara was involved in a laughable case of translating misinformation regarding her contract ending.
Leader of Hallyu super group KARA, Park Gyuri underwent vocal chord surgery earlier this week.
JQT, a band that formerly had their sights on a US invasion has disbanded with three of the members to join a new group.
G-Dragon breaks his ="">silence on his marijuana incident.

Comebacks/Debuts/New Releases

Big Bang – ALIVE
John Park


Miss A releases new album “Touch”
Tony An & SMASH to 
2AM to continue their involvement with Hitman Bang with their next comeback

The Chinese Media is reporting a rumor that former Super Junior member Hankyung may be gettingmarried soon.

Free Talk:

Block B, flagbearing group of Brand New Stardom found themselves embroiled in controversy this week after their usual misbehavior in interviews crossed the line. The boys were in Thailand for a charity concert to benefit the victims of the Thai floods and they acted in a disrespectful manner unbecoming of junior idols & foreign representatives. Zico made comments that made light of the situation there and when the Korean media grabbed hold of it, the whole thing mutated out of anyone’s control. We believe that was done was rude and disrespectful, and they deserve to be disciplined. There are many disturbing rumors circulating, that there was a suicide petition circulated that contributed to youngest member PO being hospitalized for a stress-induced breakdown, to that this petition was faked by the agency to garner sympathy. Whatever the cause, we hope they will reflect on their actions and come back a more respectful group.

The original video uploaded by RYT9

Brand New Stardom’s statement on the controversy.
A summary of the events that led up to this shitstorm.

The final apology video uploaded by Brand New Stardom

Opening Song: miss A – Rock N Rule

Closing Song: Big Bang – ALIVE

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