ARKPop Podcast Episode 23 – Distractions


In this episode I refuse to stop playing Borderlands and poor Noelle has to edit around it.

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  • Weekly Ban update -
      • TVXQ – “Before U Go”
      • Kim Hyun Joong – “Please”
      • Homme – “Still Eating Well”
      • DJ DOC – “Tonight”
  • KBS to hold a free concert with rumored superstars in attendance in New York’s Randall’s Island Park
  • Debuts/Comebacks/New Releases
    • Bang Yong Gook ft. Yang Yoseob (B2ST) – “I Remember”
    • Dal Shabet – “Bling Bling”
    • Mighty Mouth – “Racing Queen”
    • Koyote – “If You Don’t Like It Now”
    • SNSD confirmed to return in September
    • Brown Eyed Girls still rumored to return in September
    • New Girl Group “Swing Girls” debuting with “D-Cup Concept”
  • Takaoka Sousuke apologizes for his tweets
  • SISTAR’s Bora injures herself somehow, again.

Free Talk
The “Devaluation of idols” – What is wrong with being an idol? How are idols perceived by their peers in the entertainment industry and the public in general. Brought on by a recent Jaejoong interview in which he says he wants to be an idol forever.  Noelle had to fill her JYJ quota somehow.

Kpop Crystal Ball-

We gaze into the mysterious not-so-distant future to determine which members of popular idol groups will continue on to have prominent careers in the entertainment industry after their groups disband and which will fade into the background (or oblivion).  First up on the docket, we tackle Super Junior, and we have no idea if we even managed to point out all of the members.

Artist Spotlight-


We talked about this underground Fluxus artist before but never gave them the spotlight, so we decided to let Noelle take it away.  As always, “Dramatic and Cinematic” is her favorite album by the group.

Founded by Kang Hyun Min, Lee Jae Hak and Jisun, the female vocalist Jisun departed in 2007 due to “creative differences”, however, that didn’t stop the other two members from continuing to create music.  They reformed as Loveholics and employed a rotating lineup of featured vocalists.


Butterfly as Loveholics

Miracle Blue as Loveholics


Want You Here

The Following Titles are Google Translated



Sunday, Partly Cloudy


Epik High ft. Jisun – Paris

Epik High ft. Jisun – One (Jung Ryeo Won is the actress in the video)

Opening Song: Sistar – SO COOL

Insert Songs:
Seo In Guk – Shake It Up
Super Junior – Marry U
Super Junior – Mr. Simple
Super Junior – It’s You
Super Junior – No Other
Loveholic – Separation is Not Separation
Loveholic – One Love

Closing Song: Kim Jaejoong – I’ll Protect You

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