ARKPop Podast - Episode 55 – Reunion Life


Belated News for Everyone!

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Kyujong off to the army.
We guessed right about G-Dragon’s second album release date.
Gongchan’s kidney surgery.
2NE1′s “I am the Best” added to Dance Central 3.
F.CUZ’s comeback delayed.
Pre-implosion discussion of T-Ara’s self-destruction.

Don’t ever bring your work business to Twitter. Ever.

Nichkhun’s car accident that no one cares about anymore because of T-ara’s incident.

AOA – Elvis

IU & FIESTAR – Sea of Moonlight

NS Yoonji – I got You

B2ST – Beautiful Night

Opening Song: Epik High – My Ghetto
Insert Songs: Epik High – Sensitive Thug (skit)
One ft. Jisun
Umbrella ft. Younha
Let it Rain ft. Nell
Excuses ft. MYK
Closing Song: Epik High – FAQ

And as a bonus, stare closely at a superstar’s debut to get a glimpse of the young Epik High members.

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