ARKPop Podast #19 - Goodbye Lion


If you don’t listen to this one you’ll miss my greatest confession. I am a terrible podcaster.

Episode 19


  • After School was officially broken down into subgroups After School Blue and After School Red.

  • Bekah released her official farewell song “Take Me to the Place”
  • Secret now has an official Facebook fanpage.
  • JYP is accused once more of plagiarism.

Comebacks/Debuts/New Releases

  • MBLAQ returns with “Mona Lisa”
  • Brave Brothers releases “Break Up” Featuring Electro Boyz (1kyne & Maboos) and Lee KiGwang (B2ST)
  • Yeizon releases their fourth track “I” or “In Music” featuring former SM idol Isak. Stream it 3000 times for the release of the single for download
  • Homme teases us half to death with their comeback.

  • Miss A releases four teasers for their comeback MV “Goodbye Baby”. I pretend not to care.
  • UKISS and KARA both to have returns in September, alongside as rumour would have it: The Wonder Girls & SNSD. Ought to be a fun back to school week for the lot of you.

Serious News:

  • Hwayobi confesses to bulimia and depression and recommends you seek help if you find yourself in her shoes.
  • Song JiHyo joins CJES as their first actress.
  • Younha is seen in court and we all learn of her attempt at terminating her contract with Lion Media.
  • The rumours of an Oldboy English remake resurface, this time with Spike Lee attached.

No Freetalk this week due to us going over time, but we will give you a great featured artist. This week’s feature is W(here the world Ends) & Whale. Composed of the three members of W: Bae Yongjun, Han Jaewon and Kim Sanghoon and female vocalist Whale (Park Eunkyung) they are a part of famous indie label Fluxus. RPG shine was their major hit and prior to this their second album “Random Tasks” was their last major release back in 2009. Their debut album was Hardboiled.

RPG Shine

High School Sensation

Born to Rock

Break It Down


Morning Star

MC Mong – Horror Show ft. Whale

Jokwon & Whale – Dunk Shot


Featuring 2PM


The Build Up – Kings of Convenience

Opening Song: Miss A – Breathe

Insert Songs:
Neon Bunny – Long-D
W&Whale – Break it Down
W&Whale – Moon Rise
W&Whale – Stardust

Closing Song: Bekah – Take me to the place

Thanks for listening to episode 19 even though my titles don’t make any sense. You can find us on twitter as @ARKpopPodcast, like us on Facebook or shoot us an email or ten for us to read over at [email protected]

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