ARKPop Episode#30 - Blame the Fans

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  • KBS’ free KPOP Concert in NJ
  • Army News:
  • News we Missed:
    • No Min Woo and Nwang Jung Eum confirmed as cast for Full House 2
    • Park Shi Yeon to get Married in November.
    • Taeyang’s bro, Dong Hyun Bae debuts as an actor
    • Hangeng’s lawsuit with SM Ent. is over.
    • Tablo signs with YG Entertainment for his solo promotions and will release an album November 1st.
    • Hip-Hop Label Soul Company, known for Eluphant, Kebee, etc closes its doors.
    • JYJ’s “Pierrot” banned by KBS and incites controversy. The song is now to be submitted for a second review.
    • SNSD’s album release date pushed back to allow for English album to be released simultaneously.
  • Debuts/Comebacks/New Releases:
    • MIB from Jungle Ent. to debut. The first member to release his solo song is 5Zic. Cream’s solo to follow on the 11th.
    • Rudepaper’s “You’re not a Loser”
    • Kim Jang Hoon and Heechul’s Break-ups are so like me”
    • Kyujong of SS501′s releases”turn me on” and the MV for lead single “Yesterday”
    • Kan Mi Yeon’s releases “obsession” and lead single “Won’t Meet You”
    • TVXQ’s latest Japanese album, TONE, lead single “B. U. T./Beauty”
  • Meanwhile in Japan News:
    • Jang Geun Suk solo conert at the Tokyo Dome
    • Gummy releases “Sorry” ft. TOP in Japan
    • SE7EN to release album in japan and korea in Janaury
    • Best of Big Bang to be released in Japan on 11/23


Teddy Riley vs. WG fans

Teddy Riley is the producer for SNSD’s Upcoming song, The Boys & a few days ago, he got into a bit of a tiff with the Wonder Girls’ fans on Twitter after he criticized their inability to break into the US market so far. The culture difference led to him being widely criticized by their fans for not being nice and respectful and he countered with the fact that the music industry in the US is hyper competitive. However, an apology was eventually issued. I am a Wonder Girls fan myself as I’ve said repeatedly, but what actually upsets me is the fact that fans of Kpop think it’s okay to throw around insults based on race whenever someone states an opinion they disagree with, examples (here & have fun wading through these comments.)

We’ve mentioned his career accomplishments, but if you think it’s okay to throw out racial slurs against someone period just because their opinion clashes with yours, guess what, I hope you have fun when YOUR statements are used against your idols in their American promotions later.

Opening Song: TVXQ – B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)
Insert Songs:
Blackstreet – No Diggity
GD&TOP – Don’t Go Home

Closing Song: Rude Paper (Koonta & RD) – You Are Not Loser

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