ARKPop Episode 31 - Career Suicide


With an awesome turnaround of just three days, we have returned to record this week’s actual episode. This one is focused on the big news of the week, G-Dragon, leader of Big Bang admitting to partaking of marijuana while partying in Japan, but before we get to that, there was somehow more news.

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  • Billboard K-Pop Masters concert set for Friday, November 25th 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Ticketing information is here along with the official website.
  • Han Chae Won discovered to have died of suicide two months ago.
  • Peter and YoungSky of One Way announce that they will team up asDETOUR while the group is on hiatus.
  • Debuts/Comebacks/New Releases:
    • Orange Caramel releases a teaser photo for Shanghai Romance, penned by Super Junior’s Heechul.
    • Tablo announces that he will release a single called “Airbag” inspired by the difficulties he had on October 14th.
    • Jay Park announces his second mini-album to release next month.
    • Simon Dominic releases SNL League Begins and begins his promotions.
    • N-Sonic debuts with Superboy.
    • Audio for rookie group M.Peror’s song “What are You?” releases
    • Jun K. aka Kim Junsu of 2PM releases his solo single “Alive”
    • Boyfriend releases “Don’t Touch My Girl”
  • Concert News:
  • Meanwhile in Japan:
    • Everybody wants a piece of KARA

Free Talk PSA

I’m sure everybody knows about the dangers of drugs, and I doubt this episode is the first you’ve heard of G-Dragon’s marijuana scandal.  The facts are that back in May he smoked weed at a nightclub (weed he claimed to have gotten from a stranger), he was tested for weed in his system in June and passed a urine test but later failed a hair sample test. Due to a lack of evidence, the fact that there was so little drugs in his system from the test result, his young age and the fact that he fully cooperated with the investigation his case was dismissed with a warning. Of course, like is typical, criticism has abounded in the aftermath of this case. The fandom seems to be split between those that will support him no matter what and people that are personally dead set against drugs. We discuss what we think is next for the leader for one of the biggest Korean boybands around.

Which leads directly to our next segment.

Kpop Crystal Ball – Big Bang
Be honest, 2011 hasn’t been a great year for the group. This year marked their return to the Korean scene as a group after 2 years and things could not have started off better. Their EP and repackage sold extremely well and both released singles were chart-toppers, but things began to go south after lead vocalist Kang Daesung was involved in a fatal car crash. As a preventative measure the group went on hiatus for the rest of the year and the others were to return to the stage with their solo efforts. According to rumor G-Dragon was to be the first back, whether solo or as a member of wildly successful duo GD&TOP, however, after his scandal in conservative, “drug-free” South Korea, that plan has been shelved for obvious reasons. Is it the five-year curse? Well, whether their breakup is next year or seven years from now, we discuss what we think is next for the boys post-Big Bang.

Artist Spotlight – 1TYM
These guys are the spiritual big brothers of Big Bang and the predecessor of the Hip-Pop-esque sound that is so prevalent nowadays in Kpop. The brainchild of YGE’s Yang Hyun Suk, they drove the several vocalist and several rappers forward, a combination we still see today in Kpop, 13 years after their debut. In 2006 however, member Oh Jinhwan enlisted in the military and the group has remained on hiatus ever since. However, members Teddy Park (leader), Song Baek Kyoung, Oh Jinhwan, and Im Taebin (Danny) left us with 5 group albums and one solo (Danny) album. Baek Kyoung was also a member of project group Moo Ga Dang with YG’s wife Lee Eun Joo, Prhyme and Kim Woo Geun. Western fans may be familiar with 1TYM’s song “Hot” from album 4 as it was featured in the “Pump it Up” game series.


Good Love

One Love




Make it Last


Without You


Do You Know Me?

How Many Times?

1TYM’s Last MBC Comeback


Reason I Close my Eyes

Moo Ga Dang

Nose Norabose


Opening Song: GD&TOP – OH YEAH (feat. Park Bom)

Insert Songs:
Big Bang Always (English Ver.)
Big Bang – Lies
Big Bang – Haru Haru
Big Bang – Let Me Hear Your Voice
1TYM – Hot (Feels so Hot)
1TYM – Ready or Not Yo! (feat. Jinu of Jinusean) (Eng Ver.)
1TYM – Without You
1TYM – One Love

Closing Song: Big Bang – Make Love (English ver.)

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