ARKPop Episode 29 - How Dare Those People?


That sound you hear is that of thousands of new Brown Eyed Girls fans being born, also if you listen closely at the end of this episode, we bring you a new voice, a special one that you’ll likely come to love.

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  • Pledis holds West Coast Auditions
  • Rain plans to enlist on October 11th
  • U-KISS producer for NEVERLAND, Ryan Jhun vents on Twitter following a win by KARA, his lack of ‘professionalism’ inviting outright hatred by KARA fans towards both him and (irrationally) U-KISS. The leader of U-KISS, Soohyun apologized for their hurt feelings and Ryan eventually released a letter of apology himself.
  • YG Entertainment News:
  • Legal News:
  • Comebacks/Debuts/New Releases:
    • JYJ – Get Out Music Video
    • Super Junior releases A-CHA repackage
    • Maybee releases new digital single “Goodbye Valentine”
    • Simon Dominic of Supreme Team releases “Stay Cool” MV ft. Zion T.
    • Soulstar releases comeback MV Intropella
    • Sung Hoon of Brown Eyed Soul releases his debut album
    • Jewelry S releases “Forget It”
    • SS501′s last former member Kim Kyujong releases teaser for “Turn me On”
    • None of the above matters because Brown Eyed Girls release their music video for “Sixth Sense” & turn September on its ear.

      Comeback Performances

  • Hospitalization News:
  • E-Daily had some industry professionals: Plastic Surgeons, Dancers & Vocal trainers rank the best lookingbest dancers and best vocalists in Kpop. We have a few issues with their choices, but mostly because we’re not aware of their criteria.
Free Talk:
This week we focus on the sudden appearance of Heart2Heart, an American boyband that seems to be heavily influenced by K-Pop. The joint production of Lance Bass of N*SYNC and David Lehre (Chad Future, the group’s producer and leader), they are set to debut, and International Kpop fans are not pleased. They see this group as a mockery of their precious genre instead of flattery, forgetting it seems, that Boybands got their start in the West, and even though Korea has continued the trend beyond its natural expiration date, everything in music is a cycle.

Their teaser for Facebook Official ft. Lance Bass

N*SYNC’s Music video for Pop

Our last segment is reminiscent of our Great Idol Steal segment where we invite on blogger McRoth of McRoth’s Residence to talk to us about his own picks for the Great Idol Steal and the conversation takes quite a few entertaining twists and turns.

Opening Song: Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense

Insert Songs:
Kim Bo Kyung – It Hurts
Super Junior – Oops!! (feat. f(x))

Closing Song: Sung Hoon (of Brown Eyed Soul) – Marry Me

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