ARKPodcast Episode 17 - We Want You to Forget About (their) Love and (just enjoy) Their Singing


Episode 17 – We Want You to Forget About (their) Love and (just enjoy) Their Singing

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Happy 4th of July to those in the States! While we complain about the weather in our neck of the woods, we hope that you guys are enjoying lovely weather. Since DameDrfoxyBrown is enjoying LA for AnimeCon, I take over in posting this week’s episode.


  • 2PM charts at #35 in the Social 50 Billboard Chart an they are in good company with the likes of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Michael Jackson. Social 50 is the ranking of the most active artists in the world’s leading social network sites. View the the chart here.
  • Wonder Girls to perform as South Korea’s representative in the 2011 Special Olympics in Greece and will also be part of the closing ceremony. They are also tasked to perform the U.S. National Anthem and a new unreleased song at a Mets game on August 26.
  • Girl group JQT kicks off their worldwide promotions with Vietnam being their first stop. Ever ambitious, they have set out their sights in the US and Europe (UK and Germany) with American producer Melvin Brown in for the ride. We hope they succeed, so good luck girls!
  • W&Whale releases new single called “Girl Acrobat” ahead of their comeback as they are set to comeback with a new mini album called Circusss (not sure how many “s” there’s supposed to be). The teaser for “Break It Down” off the mini album has since been released.
  • We forgot to include Block B in last week’s comebacks, so we are including them this week. Anyway, the group is back with their album called “New Kids on the Block”. The album has three new songs and the group has also released the MV for “Tell Them” which isn’t the MV for Halo that they teased us with.
  • T-ara comes back to our stream of consciousness with “Roly Poly” and since my attention span is really short, I give you the choice to watch the shorter dance version or the drama version, which is about 12 and a half minutes long.
    Drama Version

    Dance Version
  • CJSH the Grace to come back from being shelved by SM Entertainment after 4 years! Glad to know that they haven’t really faded to obscurity. This is one comeback to look forward to, since 4 years is like forever in Kpop.
  • “A Bitter Day” by Hyuna feat. G.Na and Junhyung (from B2ST) is released. A breakup song, apparently, but nevertheless it’s quite good. On a related note, Hyuna’s mini-album dropped today and we will talk about it in the next episiode.
  • HITT (Here Is The Top) from music mogul Sony Music to debut, I’m not sure if they’re good-looking since the photo they released looks heavily styled. Oh, and their MV teaser is out!
  • Pledis to debut male group later in the year, number of members and concept are not finalized as of yet, but there are currently 4 members.
  • UEE’s un-aired drama “Birdie Buddy” won’t be airing anytime soon as TVN has passed up the show, yet again. Goodbye TV broadcast, hello production hell.
  • YG to re-release GD&TOP’s 1st mini-album due to claims on the bunny logo by Playboy. They have since replaced the logo with a reddish (I now agree that it is red) heart. YG basically admitted that they didn’t ask permission to use the logo.
  • The biggest news in Kpop lala-land this week is Goo Hara from Kara and Junhyung from B2ST are dating! Both DSP and Cube announced that they have been dating for about a month, but hey, we never know how long they’ve really been dating since they said that Junhyung has been helpful when Kara was having an emotional upheaval. Hit rewind very quickly, if you please… Goo Hara’s “emotional upheaval” with KARA started late last year and has ended more than a month ago. We deal with various conspiracy theories while talking about the lovely couple.

This week’s freetalk came about due to this poll. About 100 idols were polled on the following categories: Best Hit Track, Most Impressive Performance, Rookie, Vocal Talent, Most Addictive Song, Most Popular Choreography, and the Most Amazing Music Video. The results are kinda surprising, but it seems like idols like IU a lot. We also find out that we like TVXQ’s “Before You Go” more than “Keep Your Head Down” and almost picked them in every category.

Our artist spotlight for this week is on 8eight, a trio from Big Hit Entertainment with Baek Chan, Lee Hyun and the only female Joo Hee. The group is unique because they weren’t manufactured in the sense that they actually won a contest on MBC called “Show Survival” back in 2007 and debuted with the song “Forget About Love and Sing”. They debuted with the song They have 3 full length albums and a couple of mini-albums under their belt. We are in agreement that this group have very good vocals and we wish that they are more popular than they currently are.

Forget About Love and Sing

Let Me Go (feat. Cho PD)

Goodbye My Love

Without A Heart

Availability Period/Expiry Date

Covering Those Lips


Opening Song: Mighty Mouth feat. Soya – Lalala

Insert Songs:
Navi – Diary
8eight – Goodbye My Love
8eight – Without A Heart

Closing Song: Eluphant – Lullaby

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