ARKPodcast Episode 14 – Graduation Time

If you haven’t heard the news yet, the past two days have been a sort of “I can’t believe this has happened and the impact hasn’t hit me yet” kind of fog. Bekah (Baby Girl in the middle of that banner pic), one of the founding members of After School, and the former maknae has left the group, the second member to “Graduate”. This episode is dedicated to her and her time as a member.

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  • Block B now has a facebook account to go with their boss Cho PD’s and histumblr account, so Brand New Stardom is definitely capitalizing on social media and connecting with International fans through the use of them.
  • In related news, they released their teaser Halo, off of their upcoming Mini Album: New Kids on the Block (B)
  • MBC is going to broadcast “SMTown Live in Paris” & a SMTown Hallyu Special,  because everybody is so proud.
  • JYJ’s going to hold an encore concert in Gwangju to really cap off their tour.
  • Shin Hyesung (vocal of Shinhwa) releases his fourth album “The Road Not Taken”
  • LED Apple accused of the double whammy of plagiarism and hand syncing. Their responses to the > plagiarism and lack of talent are both quite interesting and strong-willed, which yields them bonus points in my book.
  • Lee Minho has an accident while filming City Hunter, but it’s all good and he’s still sexy so don’t worry.
  • 2PM releases their video teaser for Hands Up, and hooray, happy, clubbing 2PM, this I can get behind (or in front, or between really, whatever).
  • The autopsy for Daesung’s car accident will be released later than expected, but the police have concluded that there was no previous hit and run accident and the motorcyclist was intoxicated.
  • GDragon is going to release a follow-up solo album
  • 2NE1 to release their next single on 6/24 and to do full promotions for it (whatever that means)
  • TVN to create a new music show called (creatively enough) “Show Show Show” and it doesn’t appear to be idol focused, boasting a diverse lineup
  • The Hype Nation Trailer is out and it’s meh, but if you dig that sort of dance porn, here you go
  • 015B release comeback teaser featuring 4minute & Beast’s Yong Junhyung
  • 8Eight Releases teaser featuring Noh JiHoon, who is signed to Cube, not David Oh, who is signed to Big Hit Entertainment, both from MBC’s “Birth of A Great Star”
  • Speaking of David Oh, he and Kwon Sae Ri joined We Got Married as of 6/18, and I’m sure fans of the respective couples are thrilled to have their time cut down even further.
  • Uee of After School is to release some sort of mystery solo project and her Birdie Buddy drama finally got picked up for airing.
  • A bit of Happy news before the sad news that hijacked everything, Hyoyeon was proven to be one of the most widely loved members of SNSD at the Paris show, which made my heart grow two full sizes. Proof:

We’re doing things out of order because of the sudden news that hit us on the day of recording, which of course is revealed at the very top of this post. Our Artist Spotlight suddenly became After School instead of whoever it was we were planning on using. They debuted in January 2009 with a five member lineup, aiming to be the Korean version of the Pussycat Dolls. Their lineup was Park Gahee/Kahi, Kim Jungah, Yoo Soyoung, Lee Jooyeon, and Rebecca (Bekah) Kim. Within three months Pledis added Kim Yoojin/Uee (Diva) and the rotationary system was born. Soyoung was the first casualty of this system and they successively added Raina and Nana (Because of You), Lizzy (Bang) and E-Young (Shampoo). This Artist Spotlight is both a review of their releases so far and our tribute to Bekah upon her departure. We hope you do well in everything you pursue from here on.

Interestingly enough, after we called the rumors of a second sub-unit Bullshit (ugh Orange Caramel) Pledis has some rumblings of actually forming that unit, take this with a grain of salt.

Son Dambi + Park Gahee + Kim Jungah pre-After School debut on SBS’ Gayo Daejun


Playgirlz + Ah Live

Bad Guy (Audio)


Dream Girl (where the wheels fell off)

Because of You

When I Fall

Let’s Do It


Let’s Step Up


Namie Amuro Collaboration

[PV] 安室奈美恵 feat. AFTERSCHOOL_m.a.k.e. i.t… by wonderful-life1989

Leader Kahi’s solo debut

And the inexplicably popular Sub-unit, Orange Caramel

Free Talk

Point one we felt we had to address was the continued bashing of Telisha Shaw/Telisu on twitter, tumblr, facebook and God knows where else that is driven by good old fashioned racism. Since it seemed we did not come across strongly enough the first time: Grow up, and cut that shit out. You don’t know her, and it is completely unfair to judge her based solely on her race, which despite your protests to the contrary is exactly what some of ya’ll are doing. It’s disgusting and vile, and you should be ashamed to call yourselves fans of her co-workers, let alone fellow human beings.

She seems like quite a lovely and strong woman, and despite our jealousy we’ll give you a nudge in the direction of some interviews she’s done with Asia Pacific Arts and Asian Pop Addicts (Glorious and funny and almost 3 hours long). Follow your dreams (or don’t follow your dreams, lead them).

The actual meat of the Free Talk, point two, is motivated by a BBC article and accompanying video released this week following both the Dream Concert and SMTown in Paris.

The reporter, Lucy Williamson raised some interesting points despite a few messups, primarily the fact that as Hallyu continues to advance into the Western World (slowly as it is) it can ill-afford to have bright light shining on its unscrupulous business practices. It will have to clean itself up and the process must become more transparent if they are to continue to export culture outside of Asia.

Opening Song: After School – Diva

Insert Songs:
After School – Bang! (2011 New Recording)
After School – AH
After School – When I Fall (2011 New Recording)
After School – Because of You (2011 New Recording)
Namie Amuro – make it happen (feat. After School)
Telisha Shaw/Telisu – Our Secret

Closing Song: After School – Play Ur Love

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