ARKP - Episode #13 - Secrets


This past week in Kpop has been both interesting and controversial and as a result we have a lot to say.

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We kick it off as usual, with news.

  • Drama Poseidon is canceled after various interruptions to filming, withdrawing of actors and broadcasting support by SBS.
  • SME Opens official facebook page
  • Lotte Duty Free CF “So I’m Loving You” is released.
  • MBLAQ’s G.O. to release a digital single personally written and composed by him.
  • N-Train’s debut gets discussed since we missed out on mentioning it last week.

    The following is the MR Removed version of their first performance.
  • Secret Releases the MV for Starlight Moonlight
  • Kim Hyun Joong releases his MV for Please
  • 2NE1 performs Lonely for the First and Last Time on SBS Inkigayo and also claims the Mutizen
  • Daesung’s Car Accident

Artist Showcase Report:

2NE1 had their first major showcase outside of Korea this past Saturday in Manila and our co-host Noelle was lucky enough to attend.  She didn’t oversleep this time. For those of us who weren’t able to be there and experience it for ourselves she relates what it was like.

Free Talk: This is not What the Internet is For.

Just in the past few days alone, there has been a lot of Internet related Shenanigans related to JYJ member Kim Junsu.

The first is the cyber bullying of his twin brother Kim Junho by those that claim to be a fan of Junsu.  We reported a while back about Junho’s signing with Avex for the beginning of his Japanese career.  Some fans felt personally slighted by his decision to sign with a company that has been seen as harming his brother and accused him of being a traitor and other things on twitter and the end result was that he closed his account.

The second is related to the song we posted on Friday.  This is the part where we discuss everything (that we know of) that’s been going on in fandom surrounding JYJ’s backup dancer Telisha Shaw.

Opening Song: CL & Minzy – Please Don’t Go
Insert Songs:
2NE1 – Can’t Nobody (Eng Ver.)
2NE1 – Lonely
2NE1 – I Don’t Care
JYJ – Empty
JYJ (feat. Kanye West and Malik Yusef) -Ayyy Girl
Telisha Shaw – Our Secret
JYJ – Nine
Closing Song: IU – Hold My Hand

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