The White House at night

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Still have something to write up about my last days in Florida, but now I'm in Washington, D.C. with my mom and cousins. We checked into our hotel yesterday around 3pm and after resting for a while hit the streets to see what we could see.

It feels good to be back in an urban setting. Although Florida is very beautiful, warm and cozy I think I missed the concrete jungle that a city provides.

While heading to the White House we walked pass an Occupy camp location. There weren't that many folks there and I think the tents were empty. It has something to do with an eviction notice. But there was a small gathering of people.

So far I am liking this city, which seems to have a buzz to it of political-ness and East coast seriousness. The architecture is a great site to see, too.

Seeing the White House in person was an interesting experience. It looked a lot smaller than I had imagined, but still felt like a mighty symbol of this country. I also felt excited just standing there and thinking about the current people inside and all the folks who passed through it before.

We made our way around the White House, which you can't exactly do. I noticed a lot of street paths were blockaded and your walking path was more or less designed. We passed by the Dwight Eisenhower building which was an awesome sight.

As we came to an intersection the traffic was stopped all around us by police, even the sidewalk was guarded. A few minutes later a motorcade of SUVs with deep tinted black windows went by, and we all wondered if it was Obama inside. Certainly gave us all a great memorable experience.

Today I am going out and seeing it all in the sunshine. I am already impressed with this city, as it appears very clean and lovely. Of course I've just been in a small section of it so far. :)


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