Which Disney princess would make the best co-teacher?

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tumblr_nbyvp6UoQK1rmdodwo1_500Snow White – Her childlike innocence makes her perfect for working with elementary school kids. She gets them to whistle-while-they-work during even the most mundane of tasks, like tidying up the room or studying grammar. And if she can wrangle 7 dwarfs, you know she’s got to have mad classroom management skills. Just don’t let the kids try to give her any apples.


CinderellaCinderella – The classic co-teacher, she exudes honesty, a caring disposition, and a tireless work ethic, almost to the point where it’s intimidating to co-teach with her. And yet, you can’t help but pity her, as she’s had to put up with a lot in her career, mainly working with a wicked step-principal and step-teachers.



BelleBelle – If you’re teaching in a rural area, she’s the co-teacher for you! Belle knows how to make the most of any provincial life. Being an avid bookworm, she also understands the language inside and out. And, having grown up around her father’s inventions, she’s very creative and loves using new technology in the classroom.



orig-21201453Ariel – A bit of a rebel and very independent, she’s always wanted to be part of your English-speaking world. She’s got American gadgets and gizmos a plenty, and British whozits and whatzits galore. But despite her enthusiasm, her communication skills are a bit lacking. Poor unfortunate soul.




Jasmine – Although she’s very witty and intelligent, she’s also used to getting the royal treatment at school, so some might say she’s a bit spoiled. That being said, she’s very passionate and open-minded, so she’ll love learning about a whole new world of Western culture with you.



Sleeping BeautyAurora – Innocent yet confident, a day-dreamer but also stunningly gorgeous, she’s very easy to work with. After just one lesson, she’ll have you thinking, “I know you! I taught with you once upon a dream…” But like with Snow White, you have to keep an eye on her. She doesn’t do well with pointy, need-like objects.



Mulan – True, she isn’t Korean, but Mulan still has the most to offer you in the ways of Eastern culture education. She knows the pressures of family honor and what it’s like to perform under high expectations. As a result, she’s very determined and hard-working. She’ll get down to business and make a teacher out of you.


PocahontasPocahontas – She has wisdom beyond her years, so she’ll get your students painting with all the colors of the wind in no time. They’ll learn things they never knew they never knew. Pocahontas is also very accepting of other cultures, and she enjoys sharing her way of life with foreigners. Perhaps best of all, she’s very outdoorsy, so she knows all the good hiking spots.


Which Disney princess would you most like to have as your co-teacher? One of the above, or somone not listed? Feel free to respond in the comments section below! Have a MAGICAL day!

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