Where to Shoot! Anapji

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You have all seen this same photo around and it may have put a few of you off from going there. It may have prompted some of you to go there. The fact of the matter is that Anapji Pond in Gyeongju is a beautiful place to visit when the weather is nice.

While the blossoms may have fallen, it is still a great time to head out to Gyeongju and relax in this popular site. The best time to visit, in order to get the “standard Anapji shot” is just after the sun touches down during the blue hour. However, this is the exact time that people go to shoot and trust me, you will no be alone, nor will your shots be original. Should that keep you from going? Hell, no! Go out and mingle. Find a new angle or go at a different time.

For the most part, visitors shuffle past along the paths at a fairly quick speed, so it is best to stake your claim on a spot that is out of the way enough that people won’t bump into you and you are not blocking the way. The earlier you get there, the larger the chance of getting in the right spot for that typical shot. I would advise you to set up early, get a few snaps and move on. Walk around the area and find some different angles and views. Give your spot to the next photographer standing in line.


Other than that, this is a great experiment in finding new angles to popular sites. Something that breathes new life into attractions that are overshot shot due to their beauty. Dylan Goldby has the perfect idea in his post about this famous place. He gives some great advice for not getting that “standard shot”


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