Where To Get Skin Care, Hair Makeover & Beauty Services in Seoul

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allowto_freedownload_goods_862Have you ever wondered where the Korean celebrities and TV stars go to get their gorgeous camera-ready looks? allowto_freedownload_goods_857Here are some great things that you can do to get the Korean beauty look when you visit Seoul. Of course, let’s leave out the big plastic surgery. :p

1. Makeup Experience & Hair Makeover at Jenny House

jennyhouse(primo)A07 jennyhouse(primo)A05

Here’s Jenny House, a premium beauty salon where many famous celebrities visit to get their hair & make-up done! Guess which celebrities visit this beauty salon?

jennyhouse-hairstyle2 jennyhouse-hairstyle3 jennyhouse-hairstyle6

Han Ji Min, Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji Won, MBLAQ, Jay Park, Son Ye Jin, Kim Sarang, Lee Da Hye, T-Ara, Lee Min Jung, Kim Hee Sun, Moon Chae Won, Song Ji Hyo, Ailee, B.A.P and many more! ;)

4층 VIP메이크업룸(김현숙 원장님 방) (3)At Jenny House, you can enjoy special make-up experience and get the latest trendy make-up from a professional make-up artist! For directions and more details, click here. :)professional-makeupYou will be able to learn some tricks that will make your face glow and shine with a beautiful makeup. To make a reservation, click here.

Check out makeup options that Jenny House offers:

  • Option 1. Everyday Makeup: Clean and simple, yet gorgeous makeup look
  • Option 2. Point Makeup: Edgy and stylish makeup look
  • Option 3. Special Day Look: Makeup service for a special day to make you look perfect
2층 헤어존 3층 헤어존 (3) 1층 야외정원 (2) 4층 VIP메이크업룸(김현숙 원장님 방) (2) 4층 VIP메이크업룸(김현숙 원장님 방) 1층 웨이팅홀

Jenny House also offers hair makeover for both women and men. There are several celebrities’ hair looks that you can choose to get your hair done. Try the most elegant Park Shin Hye’s perm & milk brown coloring or the trendiest Lee Sung Kyung’s Rainbow Ombre Coloring (from the Korean drama “It’s OK, That’s Love”). Reservation is available here.

kpop-man-styleOnce you choose the style you want to try, the star’s very own hair designers for the suggested style will work with you to offer the most appropriate service, styling and treatment to achieve the satisfying look. The talent and experience of Jenny House stylists will ensure you the perfect do! For more details, click here.

Check out the hair styles that Jenny House offers for ladies! :D

  • Option 1. Park Shin-hye Style (from “The Heirs”, “Pinocchio”)
    New Born Refresh Perm + Milk Brown Coloring
  • Option 2. Han Jimin Style (from “Hyde, Jekyll, Me”)
    Volume Setting Perm + Tangerine Rose Coloring
  • Option 3. Uee Style (from “High Society”)
    Cashmere Treatment + Olive Brown Coloring
  • Option 4. Song Jihyo Style (from “Emergency Couple”)
    Body Perm + Purple Rose Coloring
  • Option 5. Lee Seonggyeong Style (from “It’s OK, That’s Love”)
    Rainbow Ombre coloring

jennyhouse-man-hairstyle2For men, it’s a great chance to get the stylish hair done as well, such as Lee Jong Suk’s Lo-boy cut & Dark Brown coloring and one of the most common and yet fancy K-pop Boy Group style- Two-block cut & Blonde coloring. Want to change your hairstyle at Jenny House? Booking is available here.

Check out the options that Jenny House offers for men!

  • Option 1. Lee Jong-suk Style (from “I Hear Your Voice” )
    Lo-boy Cut + Dark Brown Coloring
  • Option 2. Kim Ji-hoon Style (from “Jang Bo-ri is Here”)
    London Boy Cut + Metallic Brown Coloring
  • Option 3. Kpop Boy Group Style
    Two-block Cut + Blonde Coloring

2. Derheal Dermatology Clinic – Experience Premium Korean Skincare Therapy!

derheal2 derheal3 derheal4

Well, if you want to get a high quality skincare treatment, you should visit the southern districts in Seoul– Apgujeong, Cheongdamdong, Sinsadong, which are known as the area for premium clinics. One of the clinics is Derheal Dermatology Clinic, a premium skincare clinic located in Apgujeong area. For directions and details, click here. So, while traveling in South Korea, if time allows, it’s highly recommended to visit the clinic and get facial treatment! You’ll definitely notice the glow on your face… :)

derheal1 They offer English counseling sessions and the professional staff provide best services to make you feel comfortable. Derheal Clinic is especially famous for its quality care and service. Experience the wonders of Korean premium skincare programs at Derheal! Reservation is available here.derheal5Each option is scientifically optimized to provide personalized care program for two hours of full skincare treatment. This is the rare chance to benefit from the very same advanced skincare service Korean celebrities enjoy. Seize the opportunity and enjoy the prestigious service and care by the friendly staff at Derheal Clinic!

Check out the options that Derheal Clinic offers:

  • Option 1. Whitening Package ($500)
    includes Whitening Laser Toning + Premium Weyergans Care (from Germany)
  • Option 2. Acne Treatment Package ($600)
    includes Allegro Laser (or PSM-Spicule facial, Acne Spiculing care) + Acne Treatment
  • Option 3. Anti-aging (skin) lifting package for skin elasticity ($1200)
    includes High Intensity Ultrasonic lifting laser + Premium Weyergans Care

3. Facial & Body Care at O Hui Spa

ohui-1Easily accessible from the pioneering location of Korean Wave in Garosugil, prestigious O Hui Nonhyeon Spa is a must visit for those interested in Korean cosmetics and beauty care! For directions, click here.

O HUI is a prestigious Korean cosmetic brand founded in 1987. Themed with a slogan “Same Age, Different Skin”, O HUI’s skin products are designed for today’s men and women between the ages of 25-35. Currently, the famous Korean actresses Shin Min-a and Kim Tae-hee are O Hui’s models! At this exclusive beauty salon for skin treatments with brands such as O HUI, THE History of whoo and SU: M37.

ohui ohui-3

FYI, this place is often visited by a K-pop idol Shinhawa’s Shin Hye-sung, and also on some occasions you might run into a famous K-drama actress!ohui-2This beauty salon has the outlook of a typical residential house, so just ring the intercom located at the entrance. It is recommended that you bring your own makeup kit if you wish to complete your makeup further after receiving the treatment. For more details, click here. ;)

Check out the options that O Hui Spa offers:

  • Option 1. Facial Care (60min): Cleansing – soft peeling – professional massage & regeneration treatment – regeneration facial pack – essence cream finish
  • Option 2. Facial + Body Care (back and shoulders) (80 min): Back and shoulder massage (dry & aroma massage) – cleansing – soft peeling – professional massage & regeneration treatment – regeneration facial pack – essence cream finish

4. Cheongkwanjang Spa G – Korean Red Ginseng Spa Treatments

spag-counter spag-head

Would you care for a unique and memorable spa experience? Then Cheongkwanjang Spa G is the right place to visit as it offers luxurious spa treatments using high quality Korean red ginseng for your troubled mind and body! :)spag-productsRun by the prestigious Korean ginseng brand Cheongkwanjang and owned by Korea Ginseng Corportation, Spa G provides a wonderful experience of a premium red ginseng therapy and massage which you cannot find elsewhere outside Korea. For details and directions, click here.spag-ginsengFYI, red ginseng is known to help you revitalize your mind and body as it nourishes your skin and makes you feel relaxed. Red ginseng fiber works as a gentle exfoliator leaving your skin soft and smooth.

spag-footspa2 spag-bed spag-jacuzzi spag-lobby

Since Cheonkwanjang offers single and couple rooms with built-in shower facilities and lockers, it’ll be able a very private and seclusive experience for you!


Check out the options that Cheongkwanjang Spa G offers!

  • Option 1. Facial Treatment (60min. $96)
    An intensive facial treatment using red ginseng for a youthful skin and reduction in complexion changes.
  • Option 2. Asian Core – Dry Body Treatment (60min. $96)
    A dry massage treatment to restore energy in your body using various traditional remedies and techniques developed throughout Asia.
  • Option 3. Holistic – Red Ginseng Essential Oil Body Treatment (60min. $96)
    An oil massage treatment using red ginseng essential oil and Swedish massage techniques to relieve tension from your muscles.
  • Option 4. Back & Foot Treatment (60min. $96)
    A relaxing massage treatment in the neck, shoulder and back as well as on the feet to enhance blood circulation and relieve fatigue from the body.
Jenny House Jenny House Jenny House

For travelers and tourists in Korea who wish to experience premium beauty services, try a visit to one of these beauty salons in South Korea! Here, you will rediscover yourself and redesign your self-image with the final look done by beauty professionals. And if you are struggling with arranging these beauty services, Korea’s #1 travel guide, Trazy.com will always be there for you to make your travel to South Korea the best! :)


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