When a student leaves

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It came without notice today, one of our students is leaving the school. What makes this more special than other times is that this students was let's say a star. But not in a great and brilliant shining way, more like he was the constant trouble maker. Indeed, last year he would use his physical self to hurt other students without much regret. This year he used words and threats more, which I guess was an improvement. But despite him being a bully, rude and just hard to manage I actually became fond of this kid. I think what happened was finding a way to manage him in class and also be his friend at the same time. Also when he was behaving well and giving constructive output in the class I enjoyed his participation.

So I was a bit sad getting the news today, which was delivered in a kind of awkward way. His father entered my room and asked me where were his books and told me about it. He thanked me for teaching him too. When he left I stood in my classroom a bit flustered knowing that the boy would be leaving and I didn't get to say goodbye. So I went and found him in his after-school class. I asked him, "I heard you are leaving our school?" He said yes and it's because his father is changing jobs and moving. I don't know what the truth is but I gave him a hug and said I will miss him, and goodbye. He seemed a little confused but he's just a boy anyways. He's the kind of student that needs a mentor in his life or adult figure who understands him and at the same time councils him on making right decisions.

It all makes me realize what can happen to you when you teach young students for an extended period of time. A part of your heart opens up to them and at some point they move on. I guess that's that.

**He just came in here to say goodbye. He looked a bit sad too. Oh man...the tears are behind my eyes. Well I tried my best for the boy.


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