What I ate in Thailand Part 2

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This is a continuation of some of the food I tried while I was on my recent Thailand adventure. Again, my apologies for the photo quality, hopefully you can overlook the blurry-ness of some and poor lighting of others, and just enjoy them anyways!

As you can see from this, and Part 1 of the post, I ate some rather adventurous foods. I think that when you go somewhere new, you should really take advantage of the new-ness of everything! So foods that maybe are strange or wierd to you back home, and are normal for the people here, are things you should try. So yes, I tried as many of the new-to-me foods as I could.

My observations:

  • any kind of insects deep fried just taste like deep fry. So although some people might like this flavour- I actually do not.
  • the texture of the insects was a lot like crunchy chips.
  • the thousand-year old egg: so this definitely smelled like urine. Not particularly appetizing. And actually I thought it tasted like hard boiled egg and urine and salt. Therefore no, I didn’t really like it.
  • the texture of the thousand year old egg was like jelly- so that was really cool.
  • the frogs were okay. They mostly just tasted like the soup they were cooked in. It was a little bit weird looking down at a very real-looking frog and just sticking it into your mouth, but I ate about three.
  • the texture of the frogs were chewy boney-ish. Not particularly pleasant.

So those are my observations on the more strange-type foods I tried. I guess no, none of them were particularly pleasant, but still, the experience of trying them and not knowing what to expect was really fun! When was the last time you tried something without any idea of how it might taste? And I don’t mean the new BBQ chicken flavoured potato chips.

meat wrapped in banana leaves and grilled, street food I loved how you could buy mini eggplants and mini cucumbers with sauces all ready to eat! many varieties of chocolate covered fruit I picked banana! summer rolls- from a restaurant more grilled omelets sticky rice in bamboo both white and brown rice breaking the bamboo container smashing the bamboo street food more sticky rice! purple wrapped in banana leaves all kinds of sticky rice! so delicious! sticky rice and banana on the outside sticky rice and banana on the inside grilled sticky rice with taro kabocha squash stuffed with custard! I actually didn't try this but wanted to! did I mention they have all kinds of insects? this is the same that they have in Korea- the silkworm pupae. Silkworms Grasshoppers bugs bugs2 I'm not sure My baggy. Grasshopper the size of my finger! grilled banana with coconut- street food Frogs being bbq'ed on the trekking adventure and also roasting sticky rice on a stick. Tom yam soup with frogs First bbq'ed then made into soup.


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