What I ate in Thailand Part 1

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Wow! What an amazing trip! I was only gone 10 days and yet managed to cram in as much as possible! I traveled from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, stayed there for 2 nights, then up to Pai for 3 nights, back down through Bangkok to Ko Chang for 4 nights and then back to Bangkok and home! I made so many wonderful friends, enjoyed incredible experiences, saw all kinds of sites, had amazing food, and I challenged myself in new ways. I did everything from a cooking class, ziplining, jungle trekking (where we actually built our own bamboo shelter), city walking tours, night markets, street markets, scootering, hiking, swimming in waterfalls, snorkelling, elephant riding to massage and even more! I keep thinking it was my first solo adventure- but actually it wasn’t: I went to Korea on my own, have traveled quite a bit here and also did my own excursions in Quebec and Montreal and some more of the rural areas there.

Anyways, it was all amazing, and I am so happy that I went. I encourage everyone to get out there- once you start travelling, you really do get that bug, and want to just keep going. I was so sad my adventure was only 10 days, but I really made the most of it, so I’m more than happy with the result.

I wanted to share some of the food choices I made in Thailand. I apologize that the photos are not the best quality- I was so busy enjoying myself that I didn’t spend much time seeking good lighting or composure- not that there was time to anyways- the food was just too good not to eat!! Well- most of it :)

Also, because I have so many photos, I’m breaking this into 2 posts. I’d love to hear your comments! Any similar experiences or food choices?

baby bananas at a market grilled banana with coconut- street food grilled egg omelets in banana leaves chicken and basil dinner grilled baby octopus the pink egg actually the black egg oh yes it is cooked in horse piss. That's the smell I was looking for! delicious grilled street fish more grilled fish fresh fruit- jackfruit, pineapple, papaya, mango jackfruit jackfruit- very sweet and delicious! sticky rice with mango and coconut milk, street food sticky rice with mango and coconut milk, cooking class dish we made thai market thai rice at the market meat at the market sauces at the market curry pastes at the market look at those squashes!! green papaya salad at a restaurant grilled scorpions, Ko Shan Road, (way overpriced, so I actually didn't eat any) Chicken! street food street food market food Pumpkin in coconut milk- made in the cooking class Me grinding curry paste! green chicken curry- made at the class chicken and cashew nut- made at the class Coconut ice cream in a coconut- street food kabocha chips!!! yellow chicken curry, restaurant picnic dinner- rotisserie chicken, prawn skewers, fruit and veg


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