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Since I moved back to Asia one of my major obsessions is tape.  Now I know that may sound as exciting as collecting lint, but it’s definitely cuter than it sounds.  I used fabric tape to make an awesome tree in my apartment.  After coming back from Japan my newest facet in this tape obsession is Washi tape.  I blame/thank my friend Seema for sparking the flames of the tape fire.

I may have went a little overboard on the tower of tape I bought in Japan, but I keep finding uses for it and ways to pretty things up.  I used it to mark pages in the Japan travel book I was borrowing-I loved it because I could color code things, but since the tape’s adhesive is pretty low, it wouldn’t damage any of the pages and could be removed or changed easily.

Even this past week for the film festival I used different tape patterns to identify my BIFF schedule book and the one I picked up for a friend so they wouldn’t get all my random notes and markings in their book.

Just the other day I was inspired to dress up my shelves.

The tape was the perfect width and I think it dressed it up nicely.

Plus if I get bored, I can take it off in a second or switch it out with a different pattern. Which is perfect for the girl who was bored and decided to dye some blue streaks in her hair this past Saturday night.

I really like this blog: Omiyage, they have a lot of great uses for washi tape, just in case I get bored.

Also I know this isn’t made of tape, but since I was talking about cute things from Japan, and it is held up by my washi tape tower-

I just love this pretty little umbrella I bought in a kitchen ware shop in Osaka.

Is anyone else obsessed with this stuff? If you are, what do you use it for?

From Busan with Washi Love,

P.S.  I am almost finished with my Christmas tree made of Washi tape on my wall, so photos will be up soon

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