Wait for Me Until I Become You

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Recently I’ve been giving my students mini essay assignments each week on various topics to improve their persuasive and creative writing. Below is the work of one of my strongest students. I asked him to write a letter to his future self in the year 2020. Check it out! It’s pretty great!


Dear myself in the future,

Hello, myself. I’m yourself. Precisely, I’m yourself in the past. I heard you’re 23 years old. Though you are older than me, I will not treat you politely. I have many questions. Most of all, what is your college? Seoul University? Really? You did a good job. And, did you go the army? Where? Katusa? Oh, I think you’re very good at English.

I think you’re on a good life tract. Then, last question: What is your dream? What do you want to be? Are you same to me now? Why do you tell nothing? I noticed your intention. You want to say to me: “Find your dream for yourself.” I know that your status is up to me. So, I try to my best for you. And for me. Don’t be sick and wait for me until I become you. Ok. See you then.

Yours sincerely,

Park Min-ha

Next I plan to have the kids type up their corrected/final drafts and actually send them to their 2020 selves using Futureme.org!

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