Visiting Yeosu World Expo 2012

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When education is combined with entertainment it’s often called, edutainment, but if you combine the best of both into an emotionally engaging and impactful experience it becomes something more, it becomes inspiration and that’s what you’ll find at the Yeosu World Expo of 2012. The event is meant to inspire, but you’ll have to hurry, because it’s only here for a season and then it will be gone forever. It ends on August 12.

Yes, this is the ancestor of the great world’s fair tradition that started in London in 1851 and introduced the great crystal palace. This is the same tradition that served as a platform to introduce us to the telephone, television, the statue of liberty, the Eiffel tower, motion pictures, the ferris wheel, escalators and disney’s, “It’s a Small World.” This year the event will be held in Korea and the theme will be “The Living Ocean and Coasts”.

Getting Tickets

The tickets are 30,000 won for an adult on a normal day and 40,000 for peak days. Go to this website: scroll down the page to a list of ticket prices and a “Book Now” button. It’s pretty easy to follow from there. Be sure to keep your confirmation number handy. Then it’s very easy to go up to the ticket window and get your physical pass on the day of the event. All you have to do is show them your confirmation number.

Getting There

The event entrance is just outside of Yeosu Expo KTX station. You don’t have to worry about finding the right exit number. It seems all exits lead to the park entrance. If you are coming from Seoul it’s a straight train ride. If you are coming from the southern part of south Korea, it’s not so convenient. Not many trains run along the southern coast, so you’re either very limited on time slots, or you may want to even route your trip through Daejeon. From Daejeon station you can take the subway to Seodaejeon and get a train to the Expo from there. If you’re in the southern parts you might be better off taking a bus.

On Arrival

I recommend checking out the schedule as soon as you get there. Lots of shows and performances will be held throughout the day. There’s a schedule kiosk in the international pavilion. If you are coming from the train station, the international pavilion will be straight in front of you. When you enter the space look up. There’s a magnificent ceiling that continually runs animations. Look up several times because there are very wide range of animations that are looped throughout the day, reflecting diverse styles and mostly depicting ocean scenes. Under the animated ceiling you will find a kiosk lisinting show times.

Check Major Facilities at Yeosu World Expo 2012 on the Korean Tourism website.

About the Author

wade-hawkinsProfessor Hawkins works at Hanny Daegu University teaching classes in various fields such as Story Arts, Drama, Business and English conversation. When he’s not teaching at Hanny Daegu, Wade Hawkins is busy making films, writing books, organizing events and developing websites. His most recent film was a scary version of Little Red Riding Hood. He’s currently developing a remake of the classic Shirley Temple film, “The Blue Bird” and developing a mind altering steampunk adventure series called, “The Toy Maker Adventures”. Wade is the organizer of the “Seoul Art Meetup group” and “Seoul Storytellers”. He was one of the leading organizers of “The Fantasy Fest” held in Seoul and is currently organizing the “Imagination Fest” scheduled to open in Seoul on August 25th of this year. He’s also developing the Camelot website. A social network educational site where users are able to create and share tutorials in various subjects. Wade holds collaboration sessions in Seoul on Saturdays every two weeks. They are open to the public as an opportunity to learn about and join in the various creative projects being developed in Korea.


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