A Tree Grows in Kyungsung

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My last spin across the dance floor that is Korea, I was reluctant to make my apartment into a home.  I was only going to be there for a year so why buy much?  Well my return has hopefully made me a bit wiser, but only time will tell.

 Last year I put up a few posters up on the walls and a few drawings later in the year done by my students, but beyond that I didn't change much. 

This time, I started decorating early on.  My first major decorating project was inspired by this video I had found a month or so ago and showed to Seema- who is in love with all things washi-tape.

Although I didn't use washi-tape (it's really cool Japanese printed colorful paper tape), I used fabric tape which is similar but a bit thicker.

The first morning I woke up in my new apartment and looked up at the clear glass door that separates my 'bedroom' from my 'kitchen' and realized that when shut that door looks almost invisible, especially to a sleepy, half awake, klutz- I knew I had to do something to that door. 
While I was shopping for Seema's birthday card's and this super cute store called "Book" in my neighborhood, I found a bunch of different colors of fabric tape and so decided to make a tree.

I ended up using a whole roll of brown fabric tape for the trunk, and for a long while it just looked like a curvy road going down the middle of my door.  One of the great things about fabric tape on glass is that you can always take off a piece or move something around without it losing all of its tack. 
Thankfully once I added leaves and a few flowers it looked much more like a tree.  I ended up using two different colored greens- one to make it look more like a real tree, and also because they only had one roll of each shade. 

What's also nice is that the sticky part of fabric tape is clear so the back of the tree looks the same as the front. 

The 'tree' itself was easy to put up since they were straight lines, but the 'leaves' did require a lot of sitting on my floor cutting the tape into parallelograms.  But since it's supposed to look like nature not everything has to look perfect.  Which is great for me because when I try to be crafty it's pretty much always imperfect. 
So here is my fabulous, pretty, indoor tree, one of the newest additions to my apartment, along with some sock monkeys and a garbage pig that will make their debuts in the next post. 

From Busan with Crafty Love,

From Roam with Love




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