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So, I asked one of my ESL students to keep a diary every day to help him practice his English. I told him he could email me the diaries, if he wanted to, and I will correct them the same day.  The other day, what he sent me was too hilarious not to share with the world:


I cooked curry.

I ate it.

It was very good.



Words of marriage proposal.



Today’s study of material is trying to this.


In japan.

Could you make me Miso soup every day.(standard)


Trying to get married.

Will you marry me.

We together forever.

I want you together forever.

It will become happy together.

Let the future together.

I protects you as long as my life.


Which do you prefer?


I forgot my word….



To die if you don’t me to marry.  ???


You would be look like sun smile ,When you heard one of  these word.

You return to the innocent feelings of childhood.

I remembered the smile of my bride and the smile of my wife gave birth to child.


It was very bright.


Jeepers creepers! Needless to say, I declined his request! I know he meant his marriage proposal as a joke, and the whole thing was written in good spirits. I’m not mad about it; I thought it was really funny. Nonetheless, his proposal reminded me how, in many cultures (including America), women quite simply are not held at the same esteem as their male counterparts. I can’t wait for the day when I have a job where people aren’t slapping my ass, calling me a dumb blonde, or proposing marriage to me. No exaggeration, every single job I’ve had, I’ve been objectified in some way, shape, or form just because I’m a young women.

do you do that to the guys


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