Tom's Furball News

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 Tom here! Meowwwww

I am herezz to talk about my Mummy Joy. Okay okay she said I should stop talking in catzz speak.

Joy seems to be doing well these days and not as stressed. I recall seeing her last week at the L-shaped box thingy with flashy-lights. Plus she kept on pushing me off the bed, but nowadays let's me rest on her chest. Well sort-of.

There is this guy who comes over and stares at the L-shaped thingy too, eats the food she cooks and then disappears again.

Mrawwweow..... Oh sorry I thought I heard something in the kitchen. Ah yes that was mom cleaning again.

She wants to remind you guys that she is past 900 posts on the blog and whenever it gets to a 1000 that will be a grand day.

Okay I better go before she sees me touching the all-important-L-shaped thingamabob.


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