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Through my Twitter Lens~ February

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As I explore and play around Seoul, I like to share what’s going on through Caviar Creme’s Twitter. In case you have missed it, here is Seoul through my lens~

At Veggie Holic for some delicious vegan treats!

Korean ski resort Phoenix Park~ small but fun!

Chilly early spring day on the Yonsei campus~

A mustache grants instant cool factor! 가루소길 in Sinsa

Souvenir from the Seoul Design Expo at COEX, or exactly how I feel after a long day's work... ^^

Seoul hides some quirky gems in its ramdomest street~ lost between Sinchon and Hongdae

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Switzerland, Canada, Philippines, South Korea… I am world citizen enamored with traveling and exploring cultures!

With my passion for luxury and marketing I interned at Guerlain after getting my Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in Montreal. During my degree I studied Asian business and culture as well as costuming, bringing together my love for Asia and fashion.

Now starting a new adventure in Korea at Yonsei University for my Master in International Trade. Seoul is an incredible city, so energized and constantly changing! I’ll be sharing with you some of my observations of the luxury and cosmetics markets, Korean culture and Seoul life.

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Manouchka Elefant founder / editor in chief of

Manouchka Elefant
founder / editor in chief

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Re: Through my Twitter Lens~ February


I was keen to see your pictures but they don't seem to be loading properly.

Please fix.

A savvy vegan in South Korea
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jeff's picture
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Re: Through my Twitter Lens~ February

Hmmm, I'm able to see photos on the post above.  Not sure why you aren't.  To help troubleshoot, do you see them on the original post at:

Btw VU, tried making your Salt & Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas last night.  Wasn't able to get the crunch cooked in consistently, but a promising veggie munchie. 

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