There’s a cat cafe in Cheonan, Korea. It’s called...

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Names of all the cats!

Cleaning station

Nice slippers

Kitten cuddles

The weird ones like to sit in Rowan's lap. Always the weird ones.


The cats were incredibly sleepy. Something about the place...

Even the cafe employee had to get a few zzzs

There’s a cat cafe in Cheonan, Korea. It’s called The Cat. Sure, 5,000₩ just to hang out with some cats may seem steep, but it’s less work than having your own in your pint-sized room. No complimentary beverages, by the way. (Insert sad face here.) Also, the drinks suck. Instant coffee is served instead of the fancy lattes I’m used to at most cat cafes in Korea.

You can find it in downtown Cheonan, in the Yawoori area. Off of the main street, opposite Shinsegae, go up the street between Baskin Robbins and the Olleh store. It’ll be on the right, near the church at the top of the hill.

Some quick, helpful tips for you if you visit this particular cat cafe, which may or may not be applicable to other cat cafes:

  • Drink your coffee, tea, or other beverage of choice right when you arrive. Take your time to observe the cats. Basically, check their temperament from a distance, so you don’t get your face scratched off later.
  • When you’re ready to enter the cat room, put your bag in a locker, switch your shoes for slippers, and use some hand sanitizer.
  • The cat room has heated seats and cushions for the cats to enjoy. You might as well enjoy them too. At first, I like the cats to come to me. Then, I aggressively pursue the sleepy kittens so I can take selfies (aka selcas) with them.
  • After cat time, clean yourself up. Sanitize your hands again, and use Febreeze and a lint-roller on your clothes, if you’d like.
  • Don’t wake up the employee before you leave. The place has magical sleeping powers which most of the cats were under. The employee will become very disgruntled if you wake him to say good bye.


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