Teaching 2nd Grade Math: Some materials

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 Before I leave I am making sure I document all the materials I have made over the past several years. Most of which were made for teaching first and second grade EFL Math. The above is a set of telephone game cards. Each student is given the above sheet and can "call" another student in the classroom. I used toy phones and also they would get flashcards of fractions. They would practice target language and it was quite successful, although a lot to manage.

That is the same thing just in a more condensed format. Below we have a set of board games.

There were two styles of board games, one just on an A4 size paper and another quite larger. The kids enjoyed playing these games and I would make sure they were speaking English. One of the rules I reinforced was that if a member landed on a square and didn't speak it in English then that player would have to go all the way back to the start. This helped a lot as they could self-manage their own groups.

I found the above shape posters online and found them fun for English learners. Each one has a cute little poem with reference to what the shape is in real life. They currently are up on the walls around my classroom.

I used a lot of manipulative cards such as the shape cards above. Mostly for introductions and having students come up and do the work themselves in front of everyone. This allowed for vocabulary games and activities, too. I don't know how I could have gotten by without sets of shapes, coins and other various picture cards. Just writing the words on the board wasn't enough for me, I guess!

There is a lot more, so much that it fills up 26 pages in a Word document. If you would be interested in getting this document let me know, as I am very open to sharing. I'll see about adding more on a blog post another time, if it suits me. ;)


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