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I love school supplies.  Call me a nerd if you want, but every year, even all through college, one of the things I most looked forward to before each school year was shopping for school supplies.

New pens and highlighters are fabulous, new binders and organizers leave me elated, and a fresh notebook full of clean pages almost makes me weak in the knees. Give me something cute and functional like a USB stick that looks like a Lego block, and I am over the moon. There have been years while during the “Back to School” season, I’m pretty sure I was more excited to shop for new supplies than new clothes.  I mean I did get a minor in List-Making  at University, and I have a notebook in my purse pretty much all of the time.

Late last week I saw an awesome notebook sitting on one of my Korean co-worker’s desk. Ever since I have been dropping not so subtle hints that if we had any extras, I really wanted one.  I  will say, I  don’t think my co-workers truly understood how much I wanted one of these bad boys until they saw how giddy getting one made me.

  We are having a few meetings and presentations right now for next year’s enrollment so there are lots of things stamped with the school’s logo floating around for perspective parents. For me, this one takes the cake. Who wouldn’t want one of these? Part of me now wants to fill up my current notebook faster, just so I can start using this one.

I love swag, especially swag of the nerdy variety, and I am going to utilize the crap out of this thing!

Now all I need is some awesomely nerdy things to fill it with.

From Busan with Nerdy Notebook Love,

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