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By Fiona Van Tyne


2013-01-10 12.34.43

Exceptional sushi in Busan is easy to come by. I cannot count the number of rolls and pieces of raw fish that I have enjoyed here. For me, living somewhere completely landlocked, sushi was something that was terribly expensive and only good half the time. I have been lucky in Busan to find a place that does rolls for a decent price that are truly heavenly.


For the first few time I have been here I had no idea what the name was. Come to find out it was Sushi and Roll. The sign was in Korean and the only indication that they had Japanese food was the case outside (that and the English letters below the Koreans ones saying Sushi and Roll). I am not one to usually go for a restaurant whose best ploy to get me in the door is the plastic food adorned in a dimly lit case.

Above mentioned plastic food case

Above mentioned plastic food case



Granted, it was raining, and I was cold, and this place had maybe something that possibly looked like something I could want. So I braved the plastic case and took a risk.


When I walked in side I found a busy but not over crowed restaurant that looked familiar to many sushi and roll restaurants back home. Seeing as I had just come from the gym and was dripping wet, the host took one look at me and said “take out?” I smiled because I had no idea how they knew!


I graciously took the menu and to some relief there were pictures, some English and absolutely no descriptions.

Lucky for me my stomach guided me to a roll called the “Denver” roll. Being my hometown I immediately ordered it.

The first time I had this place I was so happy to find a place close to me that did decent sushi, but what is truly amazing is that it has become a staple in my take out routine.

I have not actually gone there for sit down, but every time I go in there are always friends meeting and dates being had. Its truly laid back and popular with 20-30 something’s.

2013-01-10 20.29.07

I have tried many different rolls and can say that each one has been wonderful. The rice falls apart in your mouth and flavors are blended well. This place is perfect for those who may be new to sushi and would recommend it to anyone looking for a sushi adventure in PNU. Though they do not have the Denver roll any more the Alaska is the perfect substitute.


How to get to there

From the PNU station on the Orange line take exit 1. There will be a busy street right when you get out lined with cell phone stores shops and street food vendors. Go up the street.

This place is about 3 blocks up from there. If you keep walking past the big street (need to go across the cross walk) and then keep going. Up that block on what is known as Chicken and Beer Street. Take a right and it is one of the first shops on your left.  You will see a case in the window with noodles and sushi. 



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