Sugar Cookie Coconut Pudding

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I have to say- I am in love with this pudding right now!


It’s just so sweet and delicious!


It has great texture- creamy pudding, cookie crumbly-ness from the coconut flour and delicious crunches from the coconut flakes.  And the possibilities to change it up are endless- any kind of dried fruit- from apricots to dates to prunes to apple chips- each will give you a new experience! As well as things like nuts- almond shavings would be tasty or cacao nibs or regular chocolate chips- yummmm!!


And of course you can change the tea flavours as well- I also have another Celestial Seasonings Holiday tea- the peppermint flavour that is going to be super tasty in pudding form! So don’t let your tea selection stop you from trying this out!

Sugar Cookie Coconut Pudding

4 cups brewed Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie tea (or tea of choice)
60 g (6 Tbsp) coconut flour
40 g dried coconut flakes (use unsweetened)
1 tsp guar gum (optional, but adds thickness to the pudding)
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
4 tsp stevia granular to taste (or preferred sugar substitute)
2 prunes, optional (or dried fruit of choice)
additional add ins (nuts, seeds, cacao nibs, real cookie crumbles etc)

1. Brew tea to desired strength. I used 2 bags to make 4 cups. Pour into a saucepan.
2. Chop fruit into small pieces and distribute evenly between 4 dishes.
3. Combine dry ingredients and whisk into tea. Bring to a boil, whisking as needed. Allow to thicken and reduce to desired consistency. Let cool.
4. Distribute evenly among 4 containers. Eat as is, or allow to cool in the fridge before eating.

Serves 4

*If you want a thicker pudding, you can allow it to reduce for a longer amount of time, or you can add in more guar gum. Personally, I like it less thick, so I didn’t reduce it for very long.
**Alternatively, you can use less liquid. Using an even smaller amount of liquid will actually give you a dough-like result- which is also delicious, and you don’t even need to cook it!
***Make this a protein pudding by simply adding a scoop of protein powder- either before you cook the pudding, or once the pudding has cooled. Note that because the whey cooks,  it will change the texture of the pudding, but will also be delicious!

I like to make puddings to take for snacks while I’m out- just make sure you use a leak-proof container!


Assemble your ingredients_MG_0370

Measure out your coconut_MG_0375

Chop your dried fruit and separate among your containers. _MG_0373

Put your tea in a saucepan_MG_0378

Add 1/2 your dry ingredients, after combining them._MG_0379

Whisk well and add the remaining. Bring to a boil, reduce and cool.


Pour into your containers and chill or enjoy warm!_MG_0382

_MG_0393_MG_0386_MG_0397_MG_0404What tea will you try? :)


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