Subversive AND Skeptical in the South

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Just when I get frustrated with the expat blogosphere – which seems utterly ridiculous with conservatives who trust implicitly that the voices in their head spewing out invective are more convincing than facts – students give me hope. I’m not working today, but the BBC picks up the load. Sungsoo Ji in Masan and I would probably agree.

I’ve done my national service and I’ve still got friends in the army. They’re saying that soldiers are getting more training and that things are getting serious.

Our president could be overreacting though – North Korea doesn’t want war.

To be honest, I’m not sure I trust the information given to us about the Cheonan sinking. It could be a trick because it’s election period at the moment, so it could be some kind of strategy.

If North Korea did sink the ship, it’s a really serious situation.

And then, there’s Hyobin, with some election day humor, for those who thought Grannies didn’t have any.

Thank you, Grannies, for saving the country that is ruined by me

A couple of jokes are going around. One, some posts titled “click to see hot sexy North Korean girls”, which connect you to some pictures of hot white/latina pictures with “number 1″ in Korean on their skin just like the evidence torpedo clearly had it.

Another one is actually a talk that someone heard over at one of the voting sites in Korea today. One grandma goes “Just stamp at number one”. Then the second grandma goes, “No, my grand son told me I have to vote for number two if I do not want war.” Then the first grandma says, “number two is all red partisans (meaning North Korea or sometimes lefties, people just do not understand the difference).” Then this third grandma goes, “then let’s stamp at the second one because the red partisans that we elect will not fight their own kind (“red partisan” = North Korea according to her logic). So all three grandmas agree to vote for number two party, which is comparatively progressive than the number one, which have the current President. Well, grandmas, that works for me. =)

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So now, I have some hope, that President Lee Myung-bak will get a nasty little wake-up call in his election results tonight. But, damn, my wife just called to tell me she had voted – she’s a GNP supporter!

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