Spring Blooms at Boramae Park 보라매공원 with Milk

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At long last the Cherry Blossoms 벚꽃 bloomed in Korea!  They came quite late this year because winter seemed to hang around forever! Korea has many places to view them, but one of our favorites is actually right next door to my apartment, Boramae Park 보라매공원!

The trees are not very thick here, but the crowds are a LOT easier to manage vs someplace like Yoeido park

This is also a nice park for spring picnics under the 벚꽃 blossoms! Weekdays are the best, weekends this park gets PACKED in the Spring and Summer!  Thankfully it is a huge clean park so finding a nice spot is not too hard.  I hear in Japan it is almost impossible this time of year to find space when the blossoms bloom if you want to sit out with a blanket at the park for Hanami.

Today was a special day because Nara wanted to take Milk out for some fresh air!  My apartment does not get any sunshine and I have a very small window, so he wanted him to enjoy the sun a little bit!  This was Milk’s 2nd visit to Borame park, we walked with his carrier open a little and let him sniff around to his hearts content~  he wanted to eat the flowers though ^^; no no no

First reaction~ “wut?”    Second reaction~ “mmmm dis nice”

Beautiful! ♥

In the back of the park up the hill you will find stone steps leading up to the Boramae Buddhist temple~

isn’t it beautiful? Korean temples are my favorite because they are so detailed and colorful!

All the lanterns were hung for Buddha’s Birthday 석가탄신일 , a really fun holiday here in Korea that happens in early may usually.  You can read all about the celebration HERE it is one of my favorite holidays in Korea ♥ the lanterns looked beautiful among the blossoms this weekend!

continuing uphill past the temple you will find small quiet walkways steadily taking you up the mountain

Up here is the area most of the Ajumma 아줌마 and Ajoshis 아저씨 like to hike and use the free equipment to work out haha.  Koreans love to hike, especially the senior citizens.

As you can see, up here the trees are so beautiful!!! Everyone crowded down on the main walkways of Boramae Park 보라매공원, but if you just walk a bit uphill the crowds are greatly reduced and the trees are even more lovely~  I think lots of people just do not realize this is up here!

Milk’s reaction to all the giant birds squawking in the trees

I had been locked in my room for a few days working on a project deadline, so it was nice to come up the hill and enjoy the air with Nara and Milk a bit + see the blossoms.  I adore cherry blossoms, I wish they bloomed year-round like this.

What do you think Milk? Would you like to come out?

As I have said in previous posts, since Milk was a baby I have tried to carry him outside a little bit to get him used to people and other spaces besides my apartment.  The reason behind this is because when we move back to America I want him to suffer as little stress as possible since he will have to come in and out of the carrier for many hours + stay in a hotel with us for a few weeks.  Also, since he can not walk very well (he has CH) I want him to never run off or freak out from people, he would just hurt himself if he panicked.

♥ ♥ ♥

Usually I just carry him to Nara’s house in my purse, but this is his 2nd time in the park which has a lot of smells and noises.  He handled it quite well!!  Having pampered pet cats is kind of a new thing here in Korea, so carrying one around like this was especially strange… it kinda is at home too I know.  When Nara and I return to the states we will have a nice patio for him to enjoy, but for now this was a nice experience for Milk!

We set him down for a bit with the leash to feel the earth and sniff around!  He seemed to enjoy it!

Family time haha! Milk is like “Get me outta here…”


Another flower that is iconic of Spring here in Korea~ 개나리!  You know it is truly spring here when the Cherry blossoms bloom and the hills turn yellow!  진달래꽃 and 개나리 are iconic spring flowers here for the Korean people, perhaps even more than cherry blossoms.

Really peaceful up the hill~ I wanted to lay down and take a nap.

After a little walk through the Cherry Blossoms we found a nice quiet place in the grass away from everyone to relax for a bit on our blanket.


Milk stayed close and just lounged with us or sniffed around.  As you can see I dressed appropriately for the occasion

Of course a stroll outside requires a little bit of Korean street food as a snack!  They have a guy at the Entrance of the park that makes really yummy Hotteok 호떡 , one of my faaaaaavorite treats


Thank you Boramae Park for yet another peaceful and enjoyable day!  Now that Spring is finally here I expect to be visiting a lot more often before the boiling hot summer begins ^^


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