South Korea Adventure #12- Jeju Island 제주도 Conclusion

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Well I made my goal of going around Jeju. Even if it meant getting completely soaked. I did miss out on some things that I would like to have seen because of the rain but am still glad I made the trip over. I had heard a lot of hype about Jeju before I went. I can't say it lived up to those expectations. It is definitely nice, but still very similar to most of Korea. There is an unusual amount of museums on Jeju. Almost one for anything you can think of. I checked out all the sex ones. They were definitely worth checking out. Seeing Jeju my motorcycle is definitely the way to go. It appears there are busses that go all the way around but it looks like you could spend a lot of time walking, as things can be a little ways from the bus stops. The traffic is also pretty light compared to bigger cities in Korea, which makes the riding enjoyable. Along the coast is pretty flat and the road is fairly straight most of the time. So I couldn't recommend Jeju just for the riding as it is not that exciting but the scenery along the coast is very beautiful.


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