Some fun time around Konkuk University

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Even though my time is ticking away here in Korea I still hope to spend it with friends and exploring around town. I met up with a new friend last Sunday to enjoy an early movie, lunch and just looking around the Konkuk University area.

At the small independent theater run on the campus we saw "First Position", a documentary about young talent making it into the the dance world. It was a good movie and it flowed well as sometimes documentaries can get stuffy. For the most part I became inspired by the stories and also ignited my feeling to return to America. The tales of some immigrants who are trying to make it in America, makes me want to jump over and help them. I don't think you need to see this movie in the theater and can easily watch it at home and still enjoy it.

After the movie we headed across the street to 우마이도, which was an amazing and splendidly delicious Japanese ramen restaurant. The menu was by far the most simplest of things I have ever seen, with just two main choices and side dishes. I ordered the "regular" one where you could have ordered the "spicy" version.

What you see here is, and sorry the color isn't just right, a bowl full of fresh noodles, pork slices, hard boiled egg and green onion seasonings. The broth is what makes Japanese ramen unique and they did a really great job. For a cool end-of-fall day this hit the spot!

Next my friend suggested we wander around the Konkuk University campus and so I enjoyed the peaceful scenery. I didn't even know there was a small lake on the premises.

The lake came complete with geese who were eager to get some crackers or something off the visitors.

Sharing time with friends in Seoul is timeless and the walk around the lake quite memorable. But things were starting to get cooler and so we headed towards the downtown area, where I knew of a cat cafe.

This was my friend's first time to a cat cafe and I enjoyed watching his reaction. As for me I've been to many and so sized up the place.

The ...

고양이다락방 건대점

was a good cat cafe as it had many cats who were friendly and playful. Also the owners of the place weren't too strict on people and politely corrected where needed. It was a nice balance of sleeping cats vs. playful ones. 

I even managed to get one to sit on my lap and get a photo taken.

We stayed in this warm and cozy environment for a good amount of time, soaking up the sights of cats and people interacting with them. It came time to leave and on the way out I spotted the door covered in cat drawings, which was awesome. 

The rest of the evening was having pizza at a place nearby and then heading home to rest before starting the work week. It's great how there is still many places to discover here in Seoul before I leave. I certainly feel like I fit into this city and country and leaving is going to be quite an adjustment. But I'm confident the transition won't be too difficult. ;)


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